why so much pain in your love? (part 28)

sorry for the late update. .I was busy with some works. .

Appu’s home:
appu&sid were watching tv..amma came with snacks..

appu:movie (angry face)
sid snatched remote. .appu and sid start fight..sid runs with remote appu runs after him.

appu:sid..give it
sid:I won’t. ..
she tries to snatch..sid pushes her..appu was about to fall but sid holds her hand and pulls her to him.. (eye lock) appu separate her from him.
sid:am sorry kanthari
appu:what sorry. .
she starts scolding him.sid puts his hand on her mouth.
sid:srry appu..I dnt want to hurt u..I can’t hurt u kanthari.
she removes his hand.
appu:why can’t u??
sid:I just can’t
he was about to go.appu hold his hand..
appu:say sid why can’t u?
sid:I said I just can’t
he goes angrily. .appu looks on..


sona, alan and emran come to their flat..they three talked for hours.emran was alan and sid’s clg frnd.he is working in U.A.E ..

me:u both talk..am gng to make dinner
Emmy; bhabhi we will help u
Alan:yes sona

we made dinner and ate together. .
Emmy:omg..it is too late..nw I have to go
Alan:okey bro…
they hugs each other
sona:by emmy
Emmy:by bhabhi.
Emmy left..

Alan:sona u go and change ur clothes
I nodes yes.I change in to nighty.when I came to hall, alan was sleeping on sofa.
me:get up and change ur clothes
me:alan dnt behave like kids..
Alan:okey..am gng..

he changed his clothes. I lie down on bed..he lie down on bed’s other side..we talked..talked…and slept. .

sid and appu were having dinner. they both r silent. appu’s parents looked at them surprisingly. .they always fights with each other nw what happened? ??
achan:what happened both of u
sid&appu same time:I have a li’l headache acha..
they both looks at each other
amma:same time u both have headache?
appu:amma I feel sleepy. ..am gng
sid:me too
achan and amma looks on

sid can’t sleep.he was disturbed with appu’s question. .
sid:why I told her that I can’t hurt her???

appu too can’t sleep..she was thinking that why he said like that if he don’t like me???

appu came to sid’s room

appu:do u hate me?
sid:of course I hate u
appu:thn u like to hurt me na
sid:what r u talking abt??
appu:if u hate me u didn’t hold my hand
sid:I hold ur hand coz I need an enemy always
appu:oh really
sid:yes kanthari..nw go and sleep
appu: bad night
sid:u too..



Credit to: Ruby


    • Ruby

      it was not an important work dr..I was just practicing drawing. .coz of my stories I left my two sketches incomplete. today I completed it 🙂

  1. Vivi

    @ last u updated..i terribly missed it…keep writing….i thnk appu n sid luv each other..but can’t realize it…hope 2 c dem 2gthr soon…another luv story in d air…

  2. This Appu and Sid fights r always too Good and cute..i like ? them..Waiting for ur next update..Thank u and take care ? and love ❤ u loads di..

  3. Roma

    It’s soooooooo cute epi, loved it very much, sid n appu chooooooo chweeeet, love their fights sooo much. Keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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