why so much pain in your love? (part 27)

sorry for late update buddies. .my mind was totally disturbed and I couldn’t write a word..sorry buddies. here is 27th part..

someone rang the door bell.we realised that we are hugging still πŸ˜‰ I went to open the door. it was our neighbour’s son aarav.
aarav:hai didi gm
me:gm aarav..what’s up buddy?
aarav:today is my birthday.mamma told to invite u and appu di
me:appu went our home town.I will come
aarav:is alan bhaiya and sid bhaiya is not there?
me:sid also went with appu.alan is here
aarav came inside..
aarav:alan bhai..
alan:hey superman
aarav:dude today is my birthday. .come with your girlfriend
alan:yes boss..but she is my would-be wife
aarav:ohhh..then why are you staying with didi before marriage??
aarav asked in a taunting voice
Alan:she said she is scared so I came here
aarav:is it didi?
me:your bhai is lying. .am nt scared of anything
Alan:hey wait..wait..what u called her?
Alan:what’s our relationship then?
aarav:we r bhai bhai
Alan:then call her bhabhi

aarav laughed at alan and said
aarav:okey I will think about it…am gng both come on time..by

we both waved by
I looked at Alan with angry face

me:am scared???
Alan:yeah u r
me:am not
I started to beat him..he hold my hands and pulled me to him.he placed his hands around my waist.his forehead was touching my forhead. my heart start beating fast..
Alan:u scared na???
I hit him in his belly
me:am nt..
Alan:why r u lying?? whenever I get close to u u r scared.
I seperated me frm him
me:come we will have break fast..it is almost 10:15 we ha e to go for aarav’s birthday party

we had our breakfast together. I called appu
appu:hey u confessed?
appu:ur love budhu..
me:hw u knw
appu: I knew….hihi .we lied to u srry sonu
me; what r u talking appu..I cnt get u
appu:I lied that amma is ill..she is ok
appu:hahaha..okey enjoy u both..we will reach tomorrow. .
me:ok by


Alan gave me a pack..I opened it.it was a sky blue colored simple work sari..
Alan:wear it for birthday party
me:I dnt knw hw to wear sari
me:yeah..always appu helps me in wearing sari
Alan:today I will help u princess
me:no need..I will wear my self

I went to my room..half hour I struggled with the sari bt I couldn’t. .Alan knocked the door..
me:2 min
Alan:sona u r 2 minutes are hours..am opening the door
he opened the door..I looked him sadly
Alan:I told u I will help you

he helped me in making pleats.I was blushing. my face turned to pink..

Alan:its done
Alan:only thnx
me:then wht u want?
Alan:a kiss priness
me:not now prince.first u go and get ready
Alan:hmmm okey
I do a little make up and wore matched accessories too..

Alan:I am ready
he was wearing a sky blue shirt and denim jeans.he was looking so handsome. his blue eyes are more bluish today.

me:nw I got why u gifted this sari
he smiled widely
Alan:now my kiss?
me:we r too late.let’s go
Alan:am nt coming. .u go
I knw why he is acting. I went him and kissed his cheek
me:can we go now?
Alan:yeah..let’s go.

we went to aarav’s flat..

we enjoyed the party.aarav’s mom forced us to dance..we danced together. I was blushing all the time..
after the party Alan asked me
Alan:can we go for a walk?
it was evening. .we walked and talked lot of thinks..

Alan:u r looking gorgeous in sari
I was blushing. .

“hey Alan. .” someone called Alan. .we turned back..a man coming towards us.Alan was smiling at him.
man:hey bro…aftr a long time..what’s up buddy
they both hugged each other. I was looking them surprisingly. .
emmy:who is this bro? ?? hmmm
Alan:oh I forgot. .this is ur bhabhi (sis in law)..sona this is my college frnd emran
Emmy:kamine u got married and didn’t inform me
Alan; nop yaar..we got engaged..mrg is after 2 mnths
Emmy:hw u got a desi girl?
alan laughed..
me:wht u mean Emmy?
Emmy:actually bhabhi. .because of his blue eyes and his angrezi (English) look we used to call him angrezi. we all says that he will marry an English woman like his father. .
I laughed. ..we invite Emmy to our appartment..we 3 walked to our appartment. .

precape:Appu&Sid part

hope u like it..pls comment buddies. .let me know that am I gng in right track or not..

love u all

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Hayathi

    What happend ruby…..is there any tensions….. keep smile buddy…. u kniw actually i am waiting for appu and sid part

  2. Roma

    Hi ruby, its superb, awesome episode, waiting for appu and sid part…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Roma

    Just curious to know, where did Jay go? I hope he doesn’t do something bad to this lovely pair….plzzzz continue dear

    • Ruby

      I removed him frm story. .actually I don’t like villains. .no villain in this story. ..if u all want jay as villain. .I will make him villain πŸ˜‰

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