why so much pain in your love? (part 26)

Alan was busy with his works. I went to sleep without saying good night. thank god now I can sleep on my bed and he will sleep on sofa πŸ˜› I slept with a smile.

it was morning. .sun rays are falls on my face.I woke up.and sat on the bed.I turned my head to right side of my bed where appu used to sleep.OMG!!! ALAN!!! he was there.it means previous night we both slept on bed!!!! when he did he came? I shook his shoulder..
Alan:don’t disturb me..am sleeping. .
he was in sleep
me:what are you doin in my bed?
me:you could sleep on sofa
Alan:if I sleep on sofa I will get back pain..
Lord. .he is lying. .
me:liar.nu slept once on sofa..then when start this pain?
Alan:yesterday baby πŸ™‚
I throw pillow on him.he threw back..we fought with pillow.meanwhile Alan slipped from bed and he fell down.I get down from bed and forward my hand to him..what he did then?????

he pulled me to him.now I am on the top of him!!! his hands arr around my waist.
me:what are you doing Alan. .leave me
he pulled me more.there was only an inch gap.I can feel his heartbeats..
Alan:I won’t leave you until I hear 3 magical words
I tried to push him.but I couldn’t.
Alan:no sona..I won’t
me:okey…don’t leave me.I am not going to say any magical words

hia face come more close to me.
Alan: if u didn’t tell then I will kiss you
butterflies are start to running in my stomach. .
me:no..no no no Alan…you can’t do that
Alan:I can
his lips are about to touch my lips.I stopped him from hand
me:okey…I will tell when u leave me..
my hand was on his mouth.he kissed in my palm
I beated him
Alan:just tell na…I knew u love me..but I want to hear from your mouth
me: Alan…
me: I…I love you
he smiled..he lightly kissed on my lips.we both got up from floor.I feel shy..I didn’t looked at him..
Alan:lioness scared of kisses πŸ˜›
I made an angry face
Alan:you are looking so beautiful while you got angry
I beated in his chest..
Alan:don’t dare to touch there.there is my princess
me:then who am I??
Alan:who are you?? I don’t know. .
i started to beat him.he hold my hands.
Alan:relax baby relax
I smiled at him..
me:now go and fresh n up
Alan:you go first. .I want to sleep more.today is sunday.
I went for fresh n up. when I came from bathroom Alan was not in the room. I peaked into hall.he is not there too.I heared some noise from kitchen. I went there..
me:what are you doing here??
Alan:making breakfast for my sweetheart
he made sandwich and coffee. .
me:now go and take bath
he went for take bath..I was remembering morning incident and smiling like mad.

after few minutes…

I went to my room..lol again he was half naked..
me:why are you shouting? ?
Alan:where is my stuffs?? what did u do with my clothes? ?
me:I ate all your clothes..stupid it is in wardrobe
I opened wardrobe and gave him a white T-shirt.
Alan:Thnx πŸ™‚
I turned to go..he hold my hand and pulled me close..he placed his both hand on my each shoulders.
me:now what??
Alan:nothing. .
me:can I say something? ?
Alan:ofcourse princess
me: you know Alan. ..YOU MAKE ME FEEL BEAUTIFUL..
I hugged him tight.he hugged me back..
Alan:I love you
me:I love you too

Relationships are always stronger,
when you are friends first,
and a couple second…


How was it buddies??? do comment πŸ™‚ sorry for grammatiΔ‡al mistakes. .

love u all…Nitesh, aliya, chinnu, mansi, hayathi, roma, manha, liya, aparna, kirti, zayn, vivi, noor and all my silent readers..

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Finally Sona confessed her love..Aww..so cute…
    Waiting for next part…Amazing di..thank u ? and take care ? di..love ❀ u loads and a tight hug..

  2. manha

    Uff how romantic. It can happen in real life. Thats a bigquestion mark?? No answer for it. May be who experienced their true love will know.

  3. Kirti

    Finally she accepted….loved it ruby…..alan is so nice its difficult to find such guys in todays world I hope u get someone like alan in ur life who will love u like him……..nd before him I love u so dont forget me….hehehe take care god bless u…

    • Ruby

      thnq so much for the blessing dr πŸ™‚ I love you too…no dr I never forget u..I never forget my tu friends. ..

  4. Hey yaar ruby so ur story can b so much romantic huh !!!!

    Hey no words yaar !! I was jus blushing when I read d story !!

    Hey jus love words yaar friendship n couple its so true !!!

  5. Roma

    Awwww, awesome, marvellous episode, finally sona confessed her love to alan…it was soooooooo cute…keep it up buddyyy, waiting for appu and sid romance too…love you loads and very tight hug. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.