Why so much pain in your love? (part 24)

I know Alan loves me..then why he supported me in jay’s matter???I was crying. .appu came to me.
Appu:sona…accept Alan..he is perfect for u..he loves u frm childhood
Sona:why dnt he told appu???and he supported me when I was wrong..
Appu:he loves u pagal..thats y he supported u..he always stood for u..he always gave strength to u..even he fulfilled your dream..

Sona:but appu…he didnt tell that he loves me
Appu:it is not needed..u knw that he loves u then whts the need of his confession..
Appu:look sonu…he is not like jay..he sacrificed his love for ur happiness..but what jay did?he always hurt u..he doubted on u..but alan never hurt u never doubted..coz all he wanted is ur happiness..he knw abt ur past and he is supporting u in ur present and he will be with u always..pls accept him..
Sona:I have to talk to him..

I went to Alan..he was sitting on bed..I sat beside him..I hold his face in my hand..
He looked at me with a teary smile..
Sona:I was angry coz u supported me in my wrong love..am sorry..
Alan:no sona…if I told u that….

Alan:that…I….I love u..then it will never happened..
Sona:and I never realised that ur care was ur love…am so stupid na
Alan:no u r not..stupid is am…I fell for u the first time when my mom left us..u took care of kochu..I fell for u again when u argued with ur dad for taking care of my dad when he was ill..I fell for u again when u suggest my mom’s name for my fashion house..
I hugged him tight..he hugged me back.we both start crying…

Alan:I love you princess..I love you so much
Alan looked at me and asked
Alan:what hmmm
I didnt tell anythng..I was blushing 🙂 I stand up and turned to walk..he hold my hand..
Alan:u didnt tell
Alan:what what sona…u didnt tell
Sona:what I didnt tell
Alan:that 3 magical words
Sona:I will think abt it
I smiles and ran frm there..he ran behind me.he collide with sid..
Sid:hey…bro..whts this???
Alan:when u came??
Sid:when I went??? Lord!!!nw I seen people got mad in love..u even didnt see me…wht a frnd u r
Alan:its not like that sid
Sid hugs him
Sid:congrats bro..am so happy for u bro…today we will celebrate
Alan:bt she didnt tell anythng

Appu:sonu…he told??
Appu:what did u say?
Sona:I will tell bt not now
Appu:okey baby
They both hugged each other..

A good relationship is
When someone accepts
Your past,supports you
Present and encourages
Your future. …

So buddies Alan is perfect for sona..because he accepted her past,he 8s supporting in her present and always encourages her future…


Buddies please check my new story intro THE VIRGIN MOTHER..and suggest me good ideas..and tell me whether I change its title or not…thanx a lot my buddies..lots of love :*

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Superb epi di..Finally Princess Sona accepted and realised the love ❤of Prince Alan..i am happy for that..Pls make d love ❤ confession of Sona too in a unique way..
    Waiting for next epi..
    U r superb di..love ❤ u loads..take care ? a tight hug too..

  2. Liya

    Wow, dat was a cute confesn frm alan. Nw its turn for sona. . . Waitng to hear her reply, though it wil b YES, bt stil eager to knw how she expres it. . . Updt nxt part soon sweetieee. . . 🙂

    • Hayathi

      Hem manha dr aise log hotha hein… mere life ko dekho mere mangethar always support me caring….. always there for me hamesha kehta hein be an independent dont spoil ur dreams because of some one he loves me so much….. so be possitive dr…… keep smile buddy

  3. Vivi

    Don’t knw wot to say Rub’s…i’m really happy 4 alan n sona dey r prfct 4 each odr…plz update soon..!!

  4. Roma

    Wowwww awesome episode ruby, I love Alan and sona pair very much and Alan’s confession was tooo good…very sweet convo between friends. ..keep it up… I also read your other story intro, it’s really nice, plzzzz continue dear, all the best sweetie, love you loads and take care

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.