why so much pain in your love? (part 22)

(appu&sid’s part)

appu:am gng to sleep. u stay here
sid:am nt getting sleep..so u cant sleep
appu:whts thiz nonesense..if u dnt get sleep dnt sleep..bt let me sleep
sid:no kanthari..i wont..am here to disturb u
appu:oh god!!!!
sid:we will watch movie..
sid switched on tv..appu sits on sofa with angry..sid was singing a song..
appu:r u watching tv or singing??
sid:r u blind? am watching tv while singing
appu:no one sings when watchng tv
sid:bt i do
appu:thts y am telling u go to mental hospital
sid:i will go..bt u shoul come with me. u can meet ur frnds there na
sid:hahaha kanthariiiiii

appu went kitchen to make pop cornes..sid too went with her
appu:why r u following me
sid: am nt following u..am just here to check that u didnt mixed poison in this pop corne
appu:thn u make
sid:okey.. i will mix poison
appu:whatever…if i died u will be in jail

they watched tv..ate pop corne..fought with each other. finally both slept on sofa. they were in sitting position.appu’s head was on sid’s shoulder.sid’s was on appu’s head..
it was morning..i opened my eyes..alan was not there..i sat on sofa..alan came with 2 cup of coffee..he forwarded one to me.
alan:gd mng princess
sona:gm..sid came?
alan:no..i think they r still sleeping
sona:hmmm..wht u want for brkfst?
alan::O dnt behave like house wife
sona:stupid..u have to go to office and it is 7:30
alan:ok..thn we will make together..
(sorry frnds i dnt knw anythng abt cooking..so am nt writing abt hw they made breakfast)
sona:we will make roti
we made roti and curry..alan told me he will come to eat aftr fresh n up..i said i will wait for u..
i was watching tv..bt my thoughts are abt sid’s word..wht is the secret…i went to alan’s room..he was in wash room..wow!! his diary was on the table..i opened it..his mom’s phto was in it..i turned the pages..i saw our engagement pic..i was abt to read..suddenly his phn rang..i took his phn..it was felix..i smiled and picked up the call..
sona:hey kochuz..hw r u??
felix:diiii…am fyn di…wht abt u
sona:am gd
felix:i knew
felix:coz u r with my chetayi(elder bro)
i smiled..
sona:nw say why u called
felix:di..my phn broke..i need new one
sona:we will think abt it πŸ˜‰
felix:di pls say to chetayi
sona:okey okey..i will tell him
meanwhile alan came frm wash room..he was only in bath towel..:o
omg..i turned back..i gulped hard..
alan:who is on phn
alan:put on loud speaker
i put on loud speaker.alan was drying his hair with towel..
alan:yaa kochu say
felix:chetayi..i need a phn
alan:need or want
alan:okey i wi send
felix:thnx chetayi..lv u..
alan:lv u too
felix:lv u di
sona:lv u too
i turned to alan..i forgot that he is half naked πŸ˜›
alan:why r u behaving weired??u saw me so many times in this look

yeah,it was true..i saw his swimming several times..bt i never feel shy..bt nw wht hpnd to me why am behaving like this..

alan:wht hpnd
i noded no..he came closer to me..jesus..butterflies r running in my stomach..i gulped hard..(i was standing infront of the table)
he forwarded his hand to my waist..i shut my eyes hard..when i opened my eyes alan was laughing at me..he just placed his phn on table..lol πŸ˜‰ i threw his diary on to him..he catched diary..bt all phtos fell down..we both looked at the photos..i bent down to pick up the photos
alan:sonaaa..i will do it..u go
sona:i will do it alan
alan:i said i will do it
sona:okey then do it…why r u angry at me for this li’l thing
alan:am srry princess..bt i will do it my self
sona:no…nw i will do it..coz u got angry on me..so am taking revenge
alan:sona pls
i picked up all photos..i started to see pix one by one..alan snatched it frm me..
sona:alan..give me…i want to see whose phto this
alan:its our family phto sona
sona:it is nt thts y u r nt showing..
we both fight for the photos..one photo fell down..omg it was me ..i looked at alan..he grabbed the photo frm floor..

sona:that was me
alan:no..its another grl
sona:wht u mean by another girl? give it to me
alan:no sona dnt be stubborn
sona:u r stubborn..
while running alan’s leg hit the table and he fell down..i was running behind him..i too fell down..bt i fell on him!!!!my head hits his lip..omg it was bleeding..i forgot that am on him.i wash off his blood with my duppatta..his was holding my hand..
while wiping out his blood frm his lip i apologize to him
sona:am srry alan..
alan:dnt be srry u didnt do this intentionally na..we both looked in each others eyes..

some1 rang the bell..then i remember that i was on the top of alan..i got up..he too got up.i avoid eye contact and went to open the door..it was appu and sid..

lolzzz i forgot that hw she has a duppatta when she was wearing night dress πŸ˜‰ am mad na guys..

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Amazing epi and Funny too.. Sid and Appu’s part was so Funny ?..lol..i think Sid fell in love ❀ with Appu..i hope Appu too.. Alan and Sona r too cute pair..
    Waiting for next part..Thank u and take care ?..di

  2. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby, loving it sooo much. .keep it up. ..lovely cute nok-jhok of sid n appu…sona n Alan pair is awesome. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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