why so much pain in your love? (part 21)

OMG!!!! it was an Art Gallery..my painting’s exhibition was going there!!!! am so excited..i looked at alan..he was smiling at me..i hugged him and started to crying.. :'(
i:tha..thank..thank u…so..so much
alan:i did all this for bringing smile on ur face and u r crying..
he wiped my teares with his hand..
i:stupid..this tears are happiness
i punched in his chest..his shirt wsre wet coz of my tears..

alan:u r impossible
i smiled fully
alan:thts like my girl πŸ™‚
appu:hey alan..u did well haa..thnx yaar
sid:hey kanthari why r u thanking him? this idea was mine
appu:i knw..u nvr get this idea dumbo
sid:oh realy..

a man came to alan..alan introduced me to him.
alan:mr.joshi this is sona
joshi:miss.rosario hai
alan:sona he conducted this exhibition..and….
the man interfeares..
joshi:actualy..alan was behind me for this exhibition frm last month
sona:thnx mr.joshi
joshi:sona pls come. people r waiting for u
sona:ok lets go..
i turned to alan he nod his head in go..
exhibition ended..

joshi:miss.rosario..ur all paintings sold out..here is the check of 4 lack..
sona:mr.joshi..if u dnt mind pls give it to alan

joshi gave the check to alan..alan looked at me in surprise..
sona:it belongs to u..coz u r the 1 who fulfilled my dream
alan:but sona..this is ur money..u did all this paintings.nt me
sona:yeah..bt this money is nt belongs to me..if u aren’t do this my painting become useless.i knw hw much u tried for this exhibition..U R MY STRENGTH ALAN..
we looked at each other. today i saw some special spark in his blue eyes..
sid break the silence
sid:hey whts going on…eyes to eyes πŸ˜‰
appu:wht abt me sona?? am i nt ur strength?
sid:u r my strength kanthari
appu: wht u mean? (in anger)
sid:enimies r always my strength πŸ˜€
we 3 laughed..appu gets angry..
appu:if ur lecture is done,shall we go now?
alan:lets go
we had our dinner in a hotel..

infrnt of our appartment

sid:gdnt sona..gdnt kanthari..
appu:gdnt alan..bad night monkey
sid:dnt say like this yaar.yeaterday i couldnt sleep coz of ur wish..if i cant sleep today too i will spoil ur sleep..
appu made a face and went in..sid too went their appartment..i and alan left..
alan:nw only concentrate on ur drawing..
sona:wht abt my job
alan:ur job is painting..nt dng office works..
sona:bt alan..hw can u manage?
alan:i got new assistant for maira
sona:thnx alan..so u brought me here to acheive my dreams..not for ur job
alan:hmmn…gdnt princess

at 2’o clock some 1 rang the door bell..i called alan..
alan:wht hpnd sona
sona:some1 is in main door
alan:what,?wait i will check..dnt open

appu;wht alan said?
sona:he said he will check

alan called
alan:sona open the door
sona:yeah am coming

appu:who is there sonu?,
sona:alan told to open the door..

i opened the door .there was only sid and alan..
alan:it was sid
appu:monkey why r u come ?
sid:my sleep was spoiled so i came here
appu:nw u spoiled eveyone’s sleep
sid:sirry sona and alan..u both go and sleep..bt appu i wont let u sleep
alan:sona..i think they will fight untill morning..u come to my appartment..
sona:we r gng..u both fight..

i weng to alan’s appartment..i was too sleepy..i lied dwn on sofa and fell asleep..
Alan was looking at sona..he sat on the single sofa .and slept..

thnx a lot buddies MANSI,NITESH,ALIYA,HAYATHI,MANHA,ROMA,KIRTI,ZAYN,VIVI,LIYA,APARNA and all silent readers (i dnt knw whethr i have silent readers or not πŸ˜€ )

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Hayathi

    Atlast our sona try to forget jay and feel for alan….. sid and appu so cool…… i like ur cover page dr

  2. Superb di..Day by day its getting more interesting to read…I like ? Alan yaar..he is so understanding and what a good Person..Sid and Appu fights r very Funny…
    Waiting for next epi eagerly…pls post soon…can’t wait for next..update soon di..Take care ?..thank u..
    Di were Is ur New Story..waiting for that too…

  3. Kirti

    Ruby love you……atlast alan and sona I want them together and kick that dumb jay he is a devil…..love u muuaaahhhh….

  4. Roma

    Hi ruby dear, very cute and lovely episode, as I thought it was sona’s painting exibition. ..Alan is really very sweeeeeet…sona also start feeling his love…sid and appu are amazing, always make me laugh with their convo…one question ruby, what does kanthari means…love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.