why so much pain in your love? (part 20)

sid was alan’s best frnd frm std 7.when alan’s mom expired his dad admitted him in a convent school..and he became frnd with sid.sid’s parents died in a car accident..his uncle sent him to orphanage..but alan did BBA frm our city college with mia(sona’s sis).that time sid was in his uncle’s place..his uncle dnt want him to study bt he did BBA with his own money..he did part time job and completed his graduation frm an open university..aftr graduation ala called him to mumbai for pursuing MBA..they both again came together..alan is like a bro for him..sid will do anythng for alan.

we four went to watch a movie..movie was okey..bt we four irritated all viewers with our naughtiness..i was happy after a long time..
after movie appu and sid went to buy ice cream.

alan:u remember ur annual day in school
alan:some1 stole appu’s Mohiniyattam(a dance form) costume and she couldnt perform
sona:haa bt why r u saying all this now?
alan:that ‘some1’is our sid
sona:OMG :O that day she arguide with some1 thats too sid na

meanwhile appu and sid came with ice cream..they again started fighting.we were in a park..i and alan was enjoy their fight..suddenly i feel someone’s hand on my shoulder..it was jay…i was shocked..bt i didnt show that..i made a qstnable face and said “excuse me”
jay:sona…i…i am sorry
every1 shocked to see him..alan was angry.he was abt to stand up bt i stopped him..
sona:do i knw u mr.??? whts ur name?
he grabbed my hand
jay:hey sona why r u acting..its me ur jay
sona:am srry i dnt remember u
jay:i said am sorry…am srry for evrythng..it was my fault..i always tried to hurt u..am srry sona…pls forgive me
sona:alan..pls said him to go frm here..i dnt knw who is he…
alan:hey man…get out off frm here..
jay angrily goes frm there..
sid:why did u ignored him?
sona:he should knw that hw it hurts when some1 ignores us
alan:well done princess..:)
sona:thnq prince
appu:guys we have to go nw

jay was looking at me frm far. i hold alan’s hand. we walked to our car..

alan:sona..my hand..
sona:oh sorry..i forgot
i was holding his hand and i forgot that!!!!appu and sid smiled at me

it was sunday

alan came to our appartment and asked sona hw much paintings r here? appu answered 10..
alan:hmmm….may be it is enough
sona:for what??
alan:can u give ur paintings..i have some work with it
sona:yeah sure
i gave him my paintings.he went.
aftr few days alan told us to get ready we r gng somewhere..we all gathered to knw whr we r gng..bt he didnt tell..

we reached the place..it was a huge building..we entered inside.m..OMG!!!!!!!


Credit to: Ruby


  1. Hey ruby dis chap was quite funny n very thrilly !!
    Hey but wat was d OMG abt ??
    Pls rite nxt chap soon yaar cant wait !!

    N hws ur frd Nitesh !! Hope he is still in TU !!!

  2. Superb epi…Good job Princess Sona..well done..Alan u r a very good person man and I am sure he is going to bring her for an Painting exhibition..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..update soon di..take care ?..

  3. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby…I’m sure it’ll be sona’s painting exibition…Alan is so sweet and caring. ..good job sona, Jay deserved a tight slap also on his face…keep it up buddyyy…eagerly waiting for the next episode, thx a lot for updating regularly. ..love you loads. ..take care deariiiiiiieeess

  4. Ruby

    thnx a lot buddies..ur cmnts means a lot to me..i will update next part soon.am writing a new story..pls support me frnds..lv u all

  5. Liya

    I Luvd sona’s rn 2wards jay . Sona holdng alan’s hand, callng eachother prince n princess, its damn cute n romantic :-):-);-)

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.