why so much pain in your love? (part 2)

The next day i didn’t talk to anyone..i was infront of the mirror and checking my wound on cheek..there is a black mark on my brown skin..i smiled at me..i turned to my bed and took my phone..i opened my facebook account…there my name was “Sona Ryan”..oops Ryan is my ex boy friend’s surname 😉 ..i made it when i was in love with him..but he betrayed me..he said that he can’t marry me because his parents wants beautiful and rich girl..i am not rich and not beautiful..he asked me that “can we will be in a relationship until my mrg?”…i was shocked to hear that..what he think of me?am i a toy or a sl*t???how can he say like this??? i said to him that am not that much bad to date with some1 and marry another…i said “no,i can’t”..he replied “yeah..u said right..u r not bad…then we have to stop all this”..i asked “pur frndshp too?”…he said yes..i was shattered..but i didn’t cry..we were bst frnds since 2 and half years..he took a step frwrd saying that he feels more than that…he make me fall for him and now he is the one who broked our relationship…i fell easily for him because he was my bst frnd and we knw each other vry well and he is just like me…bt i was wrong he only used me for his benefits..its 1 yr for our break up and why i am remembering this thing now???i dnt knw…oh i forgot that what i want to do now…i just opened my account and goes to settings and changed my name frm ‘Sona Ryan’ to ‘Sona’….yeah now am done..this is what i am..i dnt want any1s surname..even that lion’s(dad).

there is fb page which names ‘laughing colours’.i used to read their posts and always laugh out loud :D..i saw a post which is written hindi..i was about to comment bt i saw some1s comment and i thought to reply..the cmnt said that the man who cmntd he dnt knw hindi coz he is tamil. so he is rqsting sm1 to translate it…a girl translate it bt other guys are yelling at him like that’shame on u man u r an indian and u dnt knw hindi bt u knw english’ .i knw that in tamilnadu it is not possible to learn hindi..i came to rescue the man 😉 .i took the man’s side,then a boy commented that “tell LC to translate jokes into tamil..otherwise will throw idli on them” . i got angry on that boy..he is making fun of southindians uff..his name was JAY..:) and a another guy came and laugh at jay’s comment…his name was NITESH…i got super angry and a replied that “talk with tameez..if he dnt hindi so what :/” aftr sometime jay asked me “sona do u have passport?” i said “no”..he:go and make 1..i dnt why he asked me my passport lol :D…we chatted in comment box..it was too funny and i frgt everythng which hpnd to me..i sent repst to them(they can’g send me coz i made privacy)

i made a group and nitesh name it ‘we r idiota’ :D..we chatted there for a while..aftr that jay and i chated in personaly(dnt misunderstand us guys 😉 )it was funny to chat with jay..he asked “do u have bf?” i said”no..am ok that am single”.he:bt i am nt ok because of u..i take all his words in a joke…i chated with nitesh.he is so funny…he called me kamini..lol i too called him kamine…

precape:frndship bond between Nitesh and Sona and love hatred relation between Jay and Sona

thnx all buddies..keep reading and give ur precious feedbacks…lv u lots..

ignore typos and grammatical mistakes 🙂

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Nice epi di..Y always Girls have to go through this..I completely hated that Boyfriend scene..wat he wants?. Every Girl is Beautiful on her own way..i just hate People with this Thoughts.. Sorry di if it hurts I said my view to these type of People..
    Waiting for next part..y love hate relationship between Jay and Sona?.. Waiting for next part..update soon..
    Take care ?..

  2. Roma

    It’s really interesting story, something different, I like it, ,,eagerly waiting for the next episode, keep it up buddyyy

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.