why so much pain in your love? (part 19)

same night in alan’s appartment

sid:why didnt u tell her that u loves her?
alan:i want her to feel my love without my confession
sid:dnt wrry bro..sid is here..i will make her realize ur love
alan:thnx bro
they hug each other

some1 rang the door bell..appu opened it..it was sid.
sid:haah kaanthari…hw r u?
appu:am nt gd coz i saw a monkey in early morning
sid:OMG…Miss.kanthari dnt look at mirror at morning..okey
appu:huh…nee poda minkey(get off u monkey)
appu shuts the door at sid’s face
sid:ouch!!! my nose
alan’s apartment

alan:wht hpnd bro??why r u holding ur nose?
sid:nthng bro..
sid in his mind nw i wont leave u kanthari..
appu and alan went for their work..alan told sid to take care of sona..he nods..
sona’s flat

sid:u knw sona wht alan did with jay.
sona:no..wht he did?
sid:he beated up jay
sona:oh no…why he did this?
sid:coz jay hurt u..he can’t see u in pain
sona:i knw
sid:there is somthng which u dnt knw..
sona:whts that
sid:i wont tell u..u have to find ur self
sid:i woul like to say one thing…

sid:alan is perfect guy for u..hecare for u so much..so i think u should think abt him..u should accept him as ur fiance..
sona:bt i dnt knw wht alan thinks abt our relation..this dicision was made by elders..
sid:yeah..bt u knw alan always want a grl like u..u like his family and care for them..i think he is happy with this aliance
sid:am nt forcing u to stay in this relation..
sona:i can understand..
it was eavening..we both r watching cartoon 😉 i laughed a lot..sid is realy funny..

some1 at the door..sid opened the door..it was jay’s mom

maa:hw r u beta
sona:am fyn maa
maa:am srry beta i raised a son like jay..am realy srry
sona:maa wht r u dng???dnt do this maa..
maa:i always wanted u as my daughter in law..bt he dnt deserves u..
sona:maa..i thought that am ur daughter…:(
maa:pagli..u r my daughter..u like roopa for me..nw i have two betiya
i hugged her..she kissed me on my forhead.
maa:look i brought kheer for u
sona:thnx maa
maa:where is kitchen?
sid:do u want water?
maa:no..just show me kitchen
sid:come aunty
she came with 2 bowl..she gave kheer to us..
sona:maa its superb
maa:nw i have to go
sona:sid will drop u
maa:no beta i will go..tc
sona:by maa
i and sid accompany her to door

sid:she is so nice
sid:am sure jay is nt her son 😀

appu and alan came back frm office..appu was angry
sona:wht hpnd appu
appu:my wrking schedule is changed.
(appu is a news reader in 9tv channel)
sona:which time?
appu:u knw na my schedul was at 11,1and 4 respectively..nw they changed into 4,7&9
sid was laughing..we three looked at him surprisingly..
sid:hahaha i like it kanthari
appu:u monkey
she threw her hand bag on him..sid took it and opened..
sid:wht is in it??make up products
appu grabed her bag frm his .
appu:i dnt use any make up products
he came near to appu and wash off her lip stick with his hand..she widened her eye..
sid:then whts it??
he showed his finger..appu got angry and started to beat him..i and alan was laughing while watching them…realy…am vry happy girl coz i have such frnds 🙂 i came to sid and appu..i hugged each other..they both surprised..smiled and hugged me back..alan too came and hugged…i said i love u idiots..we said back we love u idiot…we all laughed….

sorry for grammar mistakes. .thnx for supporting me..am so happy that i have u all..lv u evry1…muahhhh 🙂

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Awww…so cute friends yaar..Mind-blowing epi di…I totally love ❤ it..Sid and Appu r so funny..
    Sona pls accept Alan yaar..he is totally Perfect for you..pls accept soon..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..thank u di and take care ?…

  2. Roma

    Awesome episode ruby, sid and appu nok jhok is very cute…Alan is perfect for sona…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.