why so much pain in your love? (part 17)

fล•iend…sona is not immature..she gave second chance to jay coz nw they r not strangers at all..now days jay is behaving normal..sona always thinks abt others more than her self..she dont knw anythng abt alan’s love..he never confessed his feelings to her..alan is just like appu..they both care and love her..so hw can she think that alan lives her….

Jay’s maa did my arti..she introduce me to jay’s papa and didi…i took blessing frm papa and maa..
maa:u r looking good in sari
me;thnx maa
maa:roopa(jay’s di) show her our home
jay:maa i will show her
maa:okey. go with him beta
i nods my head

jay took me to his room first
jay:this is our room
me:nt nw jay…aftr 7 years..
me:ya..u forgot wht did u say..u r only 23..u cant marry me nw na
jay:hmmm u said right
he gave me a red rose
i said that i dnt like red roses
jay:evry girl likes
me:bt am nt in that girls..am unique
(jay was coming towards sona..she was moving backward..suddenly her leg hits the bed..she sits on the bed)
jay:do u get hurt?
sona:ya its paining..bt am ok
jay:hw can u be ok..let me check
sona:u r nt a doctor jay ๐Ÿ˜€
jay:for u am doctor too my shona
sona:hmm..i think we have to go..
jay:ok..give me ur hand
sona:i can walk jay
jay:oh realy…then come am gng
(sona got up frm bed and tried to move bt she slips..jay holds her frm her waist(there is no eye lock in between them ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) she feel awkard..she remove jay’s hand)
jay:nw atleast give ur hand
i gave my hand to him and we went hall..pooja starts..i was watching all this frst..

pooja done..

jay’s maa thanked me for cmng..
maa:drop her in her home
jay:ok mom..come sona
i took blessing frm maa and papa..

jay:can we go in bike?
me : sure

he droped me in my appartment..i ask him to come home..he told that nxt time and waved by to me..even now i didnt tell him that i want to give him a second chance..coz am nt sure with my dicision..i was thinking abt my family..if my dad come to knw abt this he will kill me..my family reputation will ruined also robert uncle’s..

it was night..i couldn’t sleep..i was disturbed..so i started to work on a painting..i dnt knw whts the theme of it till am finished..
the painting was an empty sky..why i made this jesus? i dnt knw..may be my life is like this empty sky..i slept with holding my brush in my hand..

one day i told jay that am engaged..he waz shocked and angry..he held my hands tightly..
jay: when sona?why didnt u tell me? and who’s that bl***y?
me:jay just leave my hand.i will tell everythng
he hold more tightly..it was too paining bt he didnt loosen his hand..
me::jay its hurting..pls leave my hand..
i tried to release my hand frm his clutch..bt i couldnt..he pulled me to him and caught my waist..
jay:tell me who is that guy?
he was hurting me..i feel more pain in my body..i said in a stammering voice..
me:it…it..is al…ALAN
i nods yes ans said nw leave me
he tightened his clutch more..i tries to push him..bt i was tired..ciz my hands are hurting…
jay:so u were acting…u and him…fooled me..
water flows frm my eyes..my sight was blurring..i couldnt see his face..even i couldnt here him clearly due to pain my hand and waist..
jay:why did u do this to me sona?if u dnt lv me then y u acted liked lke u lv me

i was silent..my lips were shivering due to pain..i feel am panicking..he pushed me away..i fell down on floor..i couldnt get up..my body was paining and my head hit the ciment bench(we were in a park)..i feel some fluid is flowing frm my forhead..he was still asking me the same qstn..he didnt notice that am on the floor and i was hurted..he was yelling at me..my phn rang..it was appu..
appu:whr r u sonu??
i couldnt say anything..i went unconsious…(jay left in angry without noticing me)

appu traced my number and come to the park..she called alan amd he came..they both took me hospital..i was still unconsious..appu and alan was confused..

precap:Jay and alan’s fight

sorry for mistakes..
lv u buddies

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Vivi

    Thanx 4 d update…c jay doesn’t care 4 sona..he jest left her & didn’t give her a chance 2 explain…..
    Plz sona…open ur eyes…see wot is infront of you…

  2. Superb di..i don’t want Jay pls..If he had loved her na then he would have understood her..how can he behave like this..
    I am waiting for next part..Two Prince are fighting for a Princess..i am excited..pls update soon..take care ? di..

  3. Kirti

    Interesting……now this jay should get a good dose from alan….he is such a moron left her like that ….devil…..

  4. Roma

    Hi ruby dear, I commented on last page epi16, I like sona’s decision to give Jay second chance, since she loves him but Alan didn’t tell her about his feelings, so she see him as a good caring friend only… this 2nd chance will explore some more things about Jay. But I like Alan better than jay, Alan is very caring and understaning, also he knows everything between Jay and sona still he’s supporting her and he’s engaged with her but doesn’t have any possessiveness when she talks to jay, in fact he told her that there is no force on her for this engagement and she can break it whenever she wants…I loved Alan’s character very very much, what else a girl find in her partner…Alan is perfect for her…ruby thx for updating regularly…. let’s see what happens next…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.