why so much pain in your love? (part 16)

Why is she a strong girl?
Because she walk around every day on the verge of tears,and you don’t even have the slightest clue that she is not ok…..

i went to meet jay in hospital again..his maa was there..when i get into the room she smiled at me..
maa:come beta..
i took bless frm her..
i asked jay hw is he..he said that he is ok and tomorrow he can go home..his mom gave me prasad then said that..it is prasad.i knw u dnt have habit of this..i told maa that my bst frnd appu is a hindu..i went several times temple..she told that u r a south indian bt ur hindi is too good..i smiled at her..
jay:maa she knw everythng abt our rituals too
maa:thats gd..beta am gng to make discharge papers. can u take care of jay?
me:ji maa..i will take care of him..

maa went..

jay:sona thnx for cmng
me:i came here for my frnd
jay:hmmm..bt u care for me so much
me:its nt like that
jay:can i ask u one thing?
jay:can u give me a second chance to prove my love?
i was silent..i dnt knw wht will i say..meanwhile jay’s mom come..
me:maa nw i have to go..by..take care jay..
jay was silent..his maa came with me and said
maa:beta. i knw u both lv each other..bt he didnt did good with u..bt he is not bad..so pls accept him for me..coz i want u as my bahu..
i just smiled at her and hugged her..
me:maa am gng
maa:beta one day come to our home
me:sure maa.u take care

i was thinking abt our convo..i told appu that my and maa’s convo
appu:do u want to give him a second chance sonu?
i:i dnt knw
appu:dnt do this..dnt give him a second chance..
i:bt appu his mom
appu:whtrver…u r nt gng to give him a second chance..

i thought abt jay’s maa’s sayings. .

nxt day i told alan that i want to give a second chance to jay..
alan: r u sure?
alan:ok…i am with u in ur evry dicision.. 🙂
i:thnq so much alan..

bt appu was afraid that again i get hurt…i told her this time evrythng will be fine..maa is with me naa..she nods..

jay’s mom invite me to a pooja…i said i will come.

(pooja day)

appoo…hey appooo…whr is this appu?? “am coming” she came frm kitchen..she widened her eyes and open het mouth when she saw me…i was holding a kerala sari…
appu:wht hppnd?
i: today is pooja at jay’s home
appu:why r u holding this sari?
i:i want to wear it..pls make me to wear..
appu: u and sari??? 😮 nt possible..
i:make me wear it daa
appu:ok ok
she helped me in get ready..

appu: u r looking so beautiful in sari..
i:thnq ma’m
i wore butterfly ear ring which alan gave me..
alan came to our home
alan:wow…looking awesome…
i:u both lying..
they laughed..

alan dropped me in jay’s home..when i get dwn frm car he said thnq for wearing thr earing.i waved by to him…

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Hayathi

    Sona u r very confused girl yaar why she is always behave like this i think she is immatured girl ruby……

  2. Ruby

    thnx hayathi,nitesh,aparna,zayn and vivi..

    dnt wrry guys sona will be paired with alan soon..keep reading and give ur valiable comments buddies

  3. Roma

    I like sona’s decision to give 2nd chance to jay, it will make her know more about jay and she can compare his and Alan’s feelings for her. Since Alan didn’t tell her about his feelings for her then it is obvious she see only Jay with love and Alan only as her friend. But this 2nd chance will explore some more things which will show Alan as better life partner than Jay. Hope for good, fingers crossed. ..thx ruby for updating regularly, ,,I really love you soooooooo much, take care

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.