why so much pain in your love? (part 15)

sorry buddies. part 14 was incomplete..i mistakenly sent it to TU..here is the next part..

alan take jay to his cabin..
alan:dont try to hurt her again..she may tolerate u bt i wont..
jay nods..bt he was angry..jay said in his mind who the hell r u to come in between us??she is my gf..i can say anythng to her..
alan:nw go and concentrate on ur work..
jay went to his cabin..he looked at sona’s cabin..she was busy with her work.she didnt notice him..

days passed…jay start to talk nicely..bt sona said to him that we can be frnds bt i dnt want to patch up with u..jay agreed..

ALAN’S P.O.V(for u Roma dr 🙂 )

i get a call frm sona..
sona:i want to knw one thng
i:yeah say princess
sona:i thought my birthday party was appu and bunny’s plan..appu told me u planed it..is it?
sona:why r u caring for me so much alan?
i:coz we r frnds..i knw u never celebrat ur birthday this way so i thought u will be happy
sona:hmmm..thnx for that ear ring
i:i gave u that to wear..nt to keep in cupboard
sona:actualy i dnt wear those type ear rings..u knw
i:i knw..bt u r beautiful when u wore it
sona:ok gdnt c u
i:gdnt dear

(sona didnt like to wear heavy accessories..she likes simple accessories..she alway wear a watch and a stud)

i knw sona u dnt like those type ear rings. bt u knw when u wore it u r like a princess..yeah its true that u always look like a princess..i want to be ur prince bt not forcefully. i lv u sona frm my childhood..i lv u the way u r..i always noticed that u care for my dad and my bro..i dnt knw whts jay’s intention..bt i nvr let him to hurt sona..i have to knw abt jay’s background..i will find out everythng..i always make u happy sona..which happiness u deserves u…

Alan told us he booked ticket to kerala..robert uncle told to him that they decided our engagement to nxt sunday..sunday is coming after 2 days…
alan come to me and said dnt wrry sona..we have to do this for our family sake..bt i never force u to stay in this relation..when u want to break this u can…so be cool..i smiled at him. he said”thts like my girl”..

we reached kerala…my dad was happy..he was behaving nicely with mom and me…bunny,siya and mia(didi) was vry happy..we went for shopping..i was just roaming with them..i didnt buy anythng..mia asked me to buy engagement dress.i told her thT i brought it frm mumbai..
mia:bt u didnt show us
i:i forgot
mia:then buy some matching accessories
i:no need di .i have
mia:ok thn..

it was our engagement day..we went to church..only our 3 families are there..it was alan’s dicision..i was wearing my pink gown which alan gave me on my birthday..
father said to start rituals..alan make me wear engagement ring..i did it too..engagment was done..

i and alan talked at night..evry1 was teasing me..i locked my room..
alan:i told u dnt wrry…no one can force u to stay in this relation..u can break this aliance when u want
sona:thnx alan..thnq so much for understanding me..anyway u were looking handsm today
alan:thnq thnq.. frst time u compliment abt me 🙂
sona:hmmm gdnt. we have to go tomorrow..so sleep well
alan:gdnt princess


in office no one no that we got engaged..only maira knws..even i didnt tell to jay.. he talked me frndly..alan asked me that wht happened to jay?nw days he is so frndly. i told that yeah nw he is that old jay..

we reached our flat. appu was opening door..meanwhile my phn ramg..it was frm jay. i picked up the call.bt it wasnt jay..it was his frnd..frnd said that “Jay met with an accident..he is in city hoslital”..
i told alan that i want to meet jay right nw..i was crying..he told ok dnt cry..am taking u to hospital..come..i appu and alan went to hospital..i called to jay’s number..his frnd told me that he is in room no 404. we went there..we went to his room..jay was lying on bed..he had only miner injuries..omg..my soul came back to my body..he was sleeping..there was a woman sat near jay..when we came..she asked who??i told that we r frnds of jay..i asked her who is she..she said that she is jay’s mother..i take blessings frm her..she was surprised..appu and alan too..
i:jay kaisa hai ab?(hw is jay nw)
jay’s maa:thik hai(he is ok)

jay woked up..he saw me.he was surprised..
jay:hey sona…u here??? am so happy
i smiled at him..his mom was like whts gng on..
jay:sir u too..maa this is my boss Alan..sona is my….my co worker and frnd. this is her frnd aparna..

appu and alan said namaste to maa..
i:maa…we have to go..by
she was surprised that i called her maa..jay too surprised.
i take blessing frm maa
maa:jite raho beta(she blessed long live)

when we reached home appu asked me why r u behaving weird..i asked her what.
appu:why u called jay’s mom maa
i:i am calling ur mom amma..thn y cant i call jay’s mom
appu:its nt that sona
i:appu..he is also my frnd
appu:ok then..
in hospital
jay’s mom:sona is a good girl
jay:yes maa
maa:she called me maa
jay:am her frnd thats y she called u maa
maa:she is a religious girl
jay:yeah bt she is christian
maa:oh christian…non veg?
jay:she is poor vegetarian maa..


thnx a lot buddies..am nt good in grammar and vocabulary.. sorry for the mistakes guys..if any silent reader for this story..pls do cmnts..it encourages me a lot..

love u dearies..

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Vivi

    Nice 1..plz pair sona wid alan…ohh alan is so caring he is ready 2 sacrifice his luv 4 her..happiness….plz make sona undrstand alan’s love…!

  2. Hayathi

    Yaar i am getting so much confusion why sona loves jay seriously he is a stranger for her before joining to the office…… and alan he is so nice and caring ek baat mujhe samaz me aya girls ko na pyaar karne wale nahi fight karne wala pasand hai….. ha ha ha

  3. I too want Alan with Sona..not jay di pls..he is caring her so much….he understands her too..I like ? that..
    Engagement scene was cute..and convo too.?..precap pls….
    Waiting for next update eagerly,update soon..Take care ? di..
    Di u r from Kerala right?.. Then pls tell me how to say hello and how r u in Malayalam..pls..thank u..

  4. kriti

    Alan is the apt one for sona. I am sure she will understand that. Jay is selfish and possessive. Possessiveness looks good when in start of relationship. But its not a good thing. It suffocates. I can feel that sona will know what her heart wants gradually. Ruby u r just fab. The story is portrayed so naturally that I get to feel each scene. Thanq for this gift.kollam anende sthalam.rubyde evda

  5. Ruby

    i will make sona and alan’s pair buddies…

    hayathi u said right dr..girls likes boys who fight with them 😉

    @kriti..njan perinthalmanna(malappuram)..evde poyalum oru malayaliye engilum kitadirikilla 😀

    thnx vivi,kriti,hayathi,nitesh and aliya..

    @aliya..malayalam is like tamil dr..hw r u in malayalam “sugamano”

  6. Roma

    Thx youuuuuuuuu soooooooo muchhhhhh ruby. Now I can clearly see that Alan is much better than Jay for sona… she deserves Alan’s care and love and he also understands her feelings and ready to sacrifice his childhood love for her happiness. This care and understaning sona always missed from her dad…Jay is not that bad either but I like Alan better… thx again ruby…Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Love you loads and very very tight warm hug

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