why so much pain in your love? (part 13)

it was morning..i waked up..appu was sleeping beside me..her hand is on my waist..i looked at her with smile.i took her hand placed it on bed..i kissed her on her forhead..i went to hall..there was some1 is sleeping on sofa..it was alan..did he slept here yesterday??i was looking at him..he wore a t shirt and a three fourth…just then he woke up and smiled at me
alan: huaaaaa….gd mng princess
i:gd mng prince πŸ™‚
alan:oh.prince??? hmm it sounds good…bt whr r u gng
i:to kitchen
alan:frst go to bathroom plzssss
i:hw do u knw that i didnt go bathroom?
alan:ma’m its ALAN FERNANDES nt Sona Rosario
i gave an angry look to him
alan:nw go i will make green tea for u…and pls wake up appu…
sona:done my cook πŸ˜‰
he laughed..i fresh n up..appu was still sleeping..i waked her up..
appu:gd mng
i:gd mng…get up
appu:yeah..is alan went?
i:he is in kitchen..u cm fast

i was standing in kitchen’s door..alan was busy in making breakfast..i

i:alan…u have to go to office too
alan:yeah..bt if i get late no 1 will scold me baby
alan:nw cm and have brkfst
appu came and sat near me..we 3 had brkfst
alan:by guys..will meat u at evng..take care sona
appu:only sona???u didnt mention my name
alan:u remember once u said if u said yes or she said yes..its same..its like that..if i said take care to her it means u also take care
appu:hmm mmmm i can understand evrythng

meanwhile some1 rang the bell

alan:sona just look at door..who is that
i looked at both of them..suddenly both of them behving weird..i went to open the door…


bunny:hai di…
he hugged me..i was shocked..so it was the surprise..i thanked alan..he just smiled and waved by to us…

i knw why alan bring bunny here…he wants me to be happy..he is just like appu…caring me a lot…nt the other hand jay is hurting…

i chatted with nitesh..he was disturbed with his works..i said that am enjoying my leave…
nitesh:kamini..ur boss is ur frnd thats y u got leave for 1 week..
nitesh:do u want to give jay a second chance?
i:may be
nitesh:in my opinion u have to move on..
nitesh:just be happy my super woman
i:hahaha u r with me na..thn i will be happy always
nitesh:aww cho cute..by kamini..will talk to u later
i:by tc


i was thinking that wht happend to evry1??why they r behaving weird?appu bunny alan no 1 is talking to me…oh god whts the prblm…
i shouted whts gng on?????
3 of them looked at me and went back to their work.i was totaly pissed off..alan went to office..appu and bunny is busy in cleaning home..wht hpnd to both..appu said me to make lunch..i prepared somthng..bt they r still nt talking to me even mt looking at me..alan came so early..wht happend him too..i tried to talk with alan..bt he just talked abt office thinks..

it was night..we had dinner at 8’o clock the frst time!!!! am sure somethng is fishy..bunny said he is gng to sleep in alan’s flat..he didnt say gdnt!!! appu said that she feels sleepy so lets sleep..
i asked sleep,?at 9??, whts happening here??before answering me she slept…i too slept..

i was in someone’s arm..the person who took me..he is walking..i tried to open my sleepy eyes..

Credit to: Ruby


  1. NiTesh

    I’m also thinking what happen to every1.. shayad sona ka b’day hai…
    But.. last mei kya likkhi ho yr.. firse twistΒΏ?

  2. Nice epi di..i think,it’s Alan who took her in Arms..ya I too think that Its Sona’s birthday..thats y every one behaving weird..
    Sorry for not commenting on previous epi as I am busy..and My Semester exams are on next week..so Sorry I will read ur stories..i will comment if i find time..Sorry and Take care ?..

    • Ruby

      aree its ok. study well dr..cmnt when u get time..u r reading my story na vohi kanfi hai mere lie…tc dr πŸ™‚

    • Hayathi

      Hi my sweet princess… how r u dr…. miss u dr…. all the best for ur exams ra…. keep smile and be happy

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.