why so much pain in your love? (part 11)

my buddies hw r u all???
i need ur suggestions..whether i continue sona’s relation with jay or not??

i was in my cabin..i was disturbed,i was restless.. crap…he is here!!!!
i called to appu..i said appu that i met jay..
appu:hw?u r in office na
i:he is in my office
appu:wht!!!!! why he is there
i:he is too working here
appu:dnt talk to him and keep distance frm him..got it?
i:yeah..ok by will meet evng
appu:by take care

“why are u here?” some1 shouted at me..i turned my eyes frm phn to that person..it was JAY !!!
i asked him who the hell r u to ask me such qstn?is this ur company? he fumes and said..no,bt y r u here?
i:excuse me mr….whtever..y r u asking this qstn to me? am i knw u?
jay:dnt pretend..i knw u r acting..u knw that am the same jay whom u chated in fb
i:sorry i dnt remember
jay:u.. ..
i:mr. jay am here to working nt to fight..so better is u go and do ur works..
he was abt to go..again i said nxt time,knock the door
he angirily pull the door i said close the door pls…he shut the door and went to his cabin..his cabin was just opposite to me..we can see each other..coz every cabin made up of glass..he was staring at me bt i avoid him..

lunch time..

alan came to me..
alan:sona am gng to pick appu..we will have lunch together
jay was still looking at me
i went to maira’s cabin
i:excuse me ma’m
maira:hey come…dnt call me ma’m..call me maira only
i:ok done πŸ™‚ i want to ask u one think
maira:ask πŸ™‚
i:when is jay singhania joined here?
maira:abt 5 mnth ago..do u knw him?
i:no,bt i thnk i saw someone like him..thts y i asked..
maira:i am gng to have lunch..would u like to join with me?
i:am srry,actualy alan went to pick up my frnd..so we will have together..if u want to join with us..u can
maira:no dear…i cant wait that much time..am too hungry πŸ™‚
i:ok u have..by
maira:u and alan sir is family frnds na?

alan and appu came..we all sat in alan’s cabin..jay was watching all this..his face turned red..i smiled to my self..

aftr lunch appu saw jay..
appu:is that person is jay?
i node yes
appu:he is looking angry
i:yeah he is..
i told evrythng.

we all came back to our wotk..office time end..i took my bag and lap…i signed alan that am in car parking. he nods yes..i was standing in car park..jay come there..i avoided him
jay:why r u avoiding me?
i:coz i dnt want to talk to u
jay:oh u have only prblm with me na
jay:whats cooking between u and alan??

i got angry..my face turned to red..i thought nw whts his prblm..why is he dragging alan too…
i gave him a solid rply “rajma chaval” lol it was his fvrt πŸ˜€
jay:go to the hell
i:srry i can’t come along with u to hell..so i definitly go to heaven..

he angrily goes frm there..i and alan picked appu frm her channel..we reach home…

i called nitesh

i:hey kamine
nitesh:dnt talk to me kamini..u r so busy
i:srry paglu…guess whr am i?
nitesh:in ur home
nitesh:with jay?
i:no(angry)am in mumbai..i got a job here
nitesh:kamini thts y asked with jay
i:nt living with him…bt my fate is too bad so we r working in same company
nitesh:oye hoye
we talked some more time..then i and appu made dinner..we fresh n up..alan came to have dinner..
alan:frm today u both have to make food for me
i and appu in unity: yes boss
we all laughed..
alan:hw was the day guys
i:its gd
i:hw is ur office
appu:it was vry nice..they all vry frndly..
i:hmm thats gd
alan:anyways..sona do u like our office?
i:yes alan and maira is too good..
alan:yeah she is..ok buddies gdnt c u..
we said gdnt to him..i was thinking abt jay..why he came to talk to me???

precape:Sona behaves rudly with Jay

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Hayathi

    I like to behave rudely with guys wow soba u r awesome…. plz ruby i want alan and soba he cares so much plzzzz

  2. NiTesh

    Jiyo beta Alan.. Good boy.
    I think Jay is confused about his life..
    Sona is going good..
    Abhi 2h masala lag gya.. ?

  3. Roma

    Getting interesting… well I like to find more about Jay and his behavior. ..was he just flirting with Sona or serious? First he desperate to make sona to be his gf but when she confessed then he backed off and stopped talking to her and got rude with her…want to know the reason behind it.
    Alan seems very nice guy. Also like to know Alan’s pov for sona. Then it will be clear enough for me to decide who is better for sona…
    Just my thoughts. ..hope for good, love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.