why so much pain in love? (part 10)


i got a letter from LAIRA FASHIONS..i knw its alan who sent this.i called him
alan:yes sweety
i:whts this?
alan:wht?u r on voice call babe. i cant see wht s that
i:why u sent join letter?
alan:coz i need u……as my designer
i:u knw abt my dad..then y?
alan:i knw that he never allow u to come mumbai. nt i will make him say yes
i:u r mad
alan:nt am..u r mad..evry grl want this opportunity bt u r refusing
alan:oye dnt be angry. we r coming to ur home today
i:dnt come. am nt gng to join
alan:we will see
i:ok..by then
alan:by angry bird

i went to appu’s home and gave her that letter…she jumped in happy and hugged me..
appu:proud of u my girl..nw u can earn money so u can buy good colours and pencils
i:am nt gng anywhr
appu:dnt thnk abt dad. alan told that he will make dad understand na..thn whts the prblm?
i:prblm is nt that appu
appu:thn what princess
i:i cant go alone
appu:u r gng with alan
i:am nt saying abt him..i cant stay there without u
appu:so thats the matter…hmm.we will thnk abt it. ok?

at evng…robert uncle and alan came to my home

bunny:sir u r here…come sir have tea
robert uncle:stop acting bunny..u calls me sir in home and uncle in school..this too much

i gave an angry look to bunny
he said sry to uncle and called him uncle .

robert uncle:roshan am here to say somethng
dad:rob u can say anythng to me then y this formality?
robert uncle:alan wants sona to join his office
dad:bt rob his office is in mumbai..
rob uncle:so what..it is in india na.. we can go there whenever we want
dad:bt rob i am thinking abt her mrg..u knw she is 22
rob:i knw that…
alan:uncle i need her..she is very talented.pls give her a chance
dad:i cant rob..if she go to mumbai whr she will stay..i cant let her stay alone
alan;who said she is going alone.she is coming with me
dad:wht people will say
rob uncle:dnt think abt people.think abt ur daughers happiness
dad:bt rob…
rob uncle:if u r thinking abt her mrg then my son Alan will marry her..

i widened my eyes and open my mouth a little jesus whts going on!!!!!!

alan:yes i uncle if u r ready then i will marry sona..bt frst u have to give permission for her job..

dad looked at rob uncle he nods and smiled..they hugged each other..

i was shocked wht the….wht alan just said…he will marry me..he never thought abt me and my feelings..god why r u dng all this with me…i heard again alan’s voice..

alan:appu is also coming with us..she got a job in 9tv.

ente daivame(oh my god) appu didnt told me abt this..

alan and his dad went ..aftr some time i heared my parents convo..it was like..

dad:rob told engagement will be in one mnth
mom:oh we have much time to invite relatives. ..

again i get shock..what????in 1 mnth our engagement!!!!!!!
i knw alan frm childhood..he is handsm and good..bt i cant think a mrg with him..

i called to appu and started to scold her. bt she didnt knw anything abt her job..the wht alan lied??? i called alan..i was abt to start bt. .

alan:hai swt heart
i:alan whts all this..i just said to make dad understand bt wht u did?
alan;hey calm dwn angry bird calm dwn..it was a trick to trap ur dad
alan:i dnt knw abt my dad’s dicision..bt support him coz u can join my office..am nt gng to marry u against ur wish..dnt be sad
i:bt u said appu got job in mumbai..when i asked abt this..she dnt knw anythng
alan:it was a surprise for her..oh shit..u spoiled angry bird..
i:its k..bt tell her
alan:ok i will…now smile
i:hw can u see..we r in voice call
alan:i can see ur smile without seeing u
i:ok by tc

nw i can breathe..thnx god..thnq so much..i was so happy…aftr 2 days i will go to mumbai..mumbai…whr jay lives 🙂

frm the day bunny stopped talking to me…i asked him sever times wht happened bt he just ignored me..siya told that he is angry coz u r going to mumbai..so thats the matter..

i:bunny look at me
he looked at me..his eyes are filled with water
i:hey…my superman is crying..dnt do this my kid
i hugged him..he hugged me back and started to crying..tears rolled down frm my eyes too..i couldnt handle him..i too cried..i wiped his tears..u can come there whenever u want..ok mandoos(idiot)he nods
aftr 2 days..we all at airport..bunny and siya hugged me and cried like children..i jugged mom,dad and didi..kissed my niece and nephew..appu also crying..lol it was like a movie…

alan:omg whts this..appu sona we r gng to mumbai nt usa…idiots
we waved by to them..

hours of teaveling we reached mumbai..alan gave us our flat’s key..our flat is just oposite to his..
alan:frst come to my home..we will have somethng then u both go to ur home and take rest
i&appu said ok to him
it was night..we had somethng lite..and went to our flat…it was beautiful flat with a hall ,a bedroom and a kitchen..alan setted all furnitures..the room’s wall were decorated with butterfly..i lv butterflies..
we both fell dwn to the bed and slept..


alan droped appu in her channel..i wished her best of luck..i and alan reached office…alan take me to his cabin..he called some1..a beatiful lady came..she is around the age of 25..
alan:maira this is Sona Rosario
i said to hi her..she smiled and gave me a hand and said am maira khan..
alan:frm nw sona will assist u.
maira:ok sir..come sona i will introduce you to every one..

i looked at alan he nods..i went with maira..she introduced me to 3 or 4 person thn she turned to account section..
maira:meet mister Shiv narayan..he is our chief accountant..he is frm chennai..
we both said hai..
then maira turned to a man..i think i saw him somewhere..bt i dnt knw where..
maira:this our assistant accountant JAY SINGHANIA
i was shocked…i just stared at him..my mind was nt work..am like gng to faint..bt some how i handled my self.

maira introduced ne to jay..
maira:jay meat our new designer SONA ROSARIO
he is like he got electric shock..

we both stared each other didmt utter a word..
maira:u both knw each other??
i&jay said no the same time..maira was confused with our behaviour..she lead me to my cabin….

precape:Again fight start between Jay and Sona

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  1. Nice and i am totally shocked dr….

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  2. Woo…!! Good turning ?

    1. tu thik hai na?? mujhe tujhse baat krni thi

  3. hahaha what a surprise……………loved it…

    1. thnx kirti 🙂

  4. Wowwww, nice episode, keep it up buddyyy

  5. Omg.. wt a coincidence

    It’s just like a movie. ..

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