why so much pain in your love? (part 1)

i was imfront of my dad and holding an application form for ‘Art school’.i knw that he is not gonna allow me to joing there..because he thinks that pencil’s can’t make my future..i am just a girl so i have to make my own family this is what his thought.he want me to get marry someone in this tender age ( lol i am 22 and i am saying that this is tender age)

i fold my hand infront of him and i started to act like am crying(i will get oscar for sure :p ) and i said ‘dad pls give me 1 chance to prove my self.i want to be an artist’.he said ‘sona i told u 1000 of times u can’t do this course..i want u to get married like ur sister..u knw that ur frnds r mrd and they have kids too..
i said ‘this is nt matter to me..i want to go to ‘Art school’ thats all i wanted..again he start ‘why dont u thnk abt ur sister..nw she is 17 nxt yr she will be 18..and u knw that she is beautiful..bt u r nt..so better is u have to tell yes for mrg..
this time i was super angry and i shouted ‘i said i can’t…i just want to be…..i couldn’t complete my words..i felt a pain my left cheek..for a while i couldn’t understand anything..then i got it..omg he slapped me!!!!
i didn’t touch my cheek i was looking at him..no i was staring at him…he shouted at me and said ‘don’t raise ur voice high and i told u dont stare at me’ ..my mom held his hand and sai “leave her she is a call what people will say..i said in my mind…oh mom dnt say that i am just a girl..am i just a girl? this time my dad raised his hand to slap my mom and he did!!! i couldn’t do anuthing..i screamed “dont dare to touch my mom..else i will kill u..he came to me bt i dnt stop screaming “i am not going to bear all this”.

i rushed to my room and locked it i was saying “what to do what to do” in a low voice.mmy eyes are stucked on my computer key board..i picked it and tied its wire on my neck(realy i dnt want die..i wish ftr this smthing hpn to me and he will take me to hospital and dr will say she is in coma…i was dreaming all this while tying wire in my neck) just then my di came and peek through window and she got scared because my mouth was opened and my eyes turned to red and my lips turned to white..but still i can breath lol ๐Ÿ˜€ ..i thought that time how can someone do suicied so easily..coz after 5 min of tying wire i breathed so easily..di ran to dad and said “dad do somyhng she tied wire in her neck”. my mom started to crying…finally i get tired of doing this drama i went to open my door…my mom was at door..she was weeping like a kid….i said “mom dont cry..am ok..i was acting while this saying i too cried and hugged her..i consoled her and promise that i wont do this again..slowly she calm down…after some hour everythng got normal..

i was cursing that moment when i asked my biological dad for permission for joinging ‘Art school’..i teared my application form…”no i dnt want to be an artist..i just want to be ur daughter mom ๐Ÿ™ ” i cried and cried…

sorry for typos and grammatical mistakes….guys give me ur feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

lv u evryone

this is time for saying gdnt swties

Credit to: Ruby


  1. Y did this things always happens to Girls?..y can’t we complete our dream ?..I am shocked on that Slap scene..Really cried..u made me emotional di..
    Nicely Written..waiting for next part..take care ? di..

    • Ruby

      don’t worry my little doll.sona is a brave girl..she will acheive her dream and she will prove that only pencils and brushes can make her future ๐Ÿ™‚ ….keep reading and take care

  2. Hayathi

    Ya you are absolutly right dr.but remember one thing guys agar kisi ne hum se sache dill se pyar kiya na toh usko kuch kehne ki jarrorat nahi like mein tumhare liye oh karthi hu yeah karthi hu usse dekhte hi patha chalta hain….. haa bahut bol diya na ha ha ha sorru guys…

  3. pragna

    di..is this story really happend???…anyways its a different story di..all the best and keep going di..eagerly waiting for next part โ™กโ™ฅ

  4. Manha

    Girls hav to realy struggle hard for their dreams to be true. Ruby u were realy awesome dear. U made a serious situation into some funny talk with ur narration but the essence remained in it. Update fast.

  5. richa

    nycoooooo nycooo rubyyy nd i want oscar 4 acting as i m best at it ๐Ÿ˜› justt kidding

  6. NiTesh

    Emotional story.. some litl bit drops comes from my eyes.. don’t know why.. if this was happened with a girl. Must say brave girl she is.. and you too .. become a new fan of you.. keep it up.. ?

  7. aruna

    y always girls are restricted from what they think? this is unfair and unjust. impossible to change old thoughts.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.