How much you love me? ( Intro) Shakti


Hello. Shrinjal here. Yes, I think you all know me? Here with a new story. So without wasting any further time I start.

Harman – A handsome boy. A big business tycoon. Financee of Surbhi. Fun loving boy.
Thinks he is blessed to have such a good parents. He loves Surbhi. But somehow thinks she is not made for him.

Varun- Fiancee of Soumya. Not at all like his brother. Always fights with everyone. He doesn’t loves Soumya at all! He thinks marriage is a time pass.

Soumya – A fun loving girl. Fiancee of Varun. Loves him a lot.

Note- She is not a kinner and is loved by everyone.

Surbhi – Fiancee of Harman. Love’s him a lot but she is a bit sanskari. So sometimes Harman
gets irrated of her.

Other characters will be introduced while story goes on n sorry for so short update I am in a hurry so once again sorry bye.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey shrinjal ur ff is amazing and woah what a twist :O soumya-varun and surbhi-harman omg cant wait for the next part

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