How much you love me? (Episode 3) Shakti (SOUMYA KIDNAPPED!!)

Hello all. I’m very disappointed. Did you really not like my FF? I also wrote “sau tarah ke..taud de..ishq ka harz kya hai?” with my friend Halima di..But still didn’t got an active response. Why?? Don’t you all want a FF on shakti too?? I’ve decided I’ll be going too fast now and will end as soon as possible.


The episode starts with Varun asking Soumya..

“Soumya what colour you like?” He asks her.

“Umm, you can take any colour for me, I won’t mind.” She says.

“Okay” he says and then he gets a good saree..

“Madam what’s its cost?” He asks her.

“One thousand” She says.

“Okay. Pack this saree.” He says and gives the money.

“Thank you sir.” She says.

They then go outside. (sorry I forgot to say that Varun doesn’t have a car so he came from auto.) They don’t see any auto coming..So they talk and tell each other about their likes and dislikes. 

“Engagment is after 3 days.” He says.

“Yes I know. That’s too fast……..” She says..

“Aren’t you happy with this marriage?” He asks her.

“No, I’m happy.” She says..

He sees a auto and says “Soumya, I have an urgent work . So I’ve called my friend and he has arrived. So you go with him and I’ll go by this auto.

“But…” He interrupts.

“Don’t worry Soumya, he’s my friend. He won’t do anything.” He says.

After much convincing, she agrees.

So, Soumya goes with Varun’s friend. She was going to sit in back seat when his friend tells her to sit with him, she disagrees and feels uncomfortable.

“So ma’am are you Soumya? My friends fiancée?” He asks her.

“Oh yes I’m.” She says..

And they were talking so she didn’t know where they’re going. She takes her to some isolated place..

“Why have we came here?” She asks being scared..

But he remains silent.

“Why have we came here?” She again asks but no response.

He takes her to a home and ties her. She shouts but he doesn’t listen.

Precap- Soumya kidnapped! Who is the kidnapper?

To know who is the kidnapper, keep reading “how much you love me?” by Shrinjal.

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  1. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear??culdnt cmmnt ystrdy coz netwrk ws week…waitng fr soon..

  2. Love it yar but just didn’t got time to comment sorry coz I am not really I to commenting and not really good at ir so I will just say that continue writing and ease do another ff on shakti with harman and soumya as a couple

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