How much you love me? (Episode 1) Shakti

Hey shakti members, I’m here with a FF. Hope you like at. Actually I already wrote intro 2 months back but got only a comment so stopped. But if now I get a good response I’ll continue. If you wanna read intro, link: intro

The episode starts with Nimmi going to a girl’s room..She sees two girls sleeping together holding hands..

“Arre, itni der ho gaye and Soumya and Surbhi didn’t wake up..They are the first one to wake up but today…..How?” Nimmi wonders. .

“Koi baat nahi, this happens.Let me wake then up.” She says to herself.

“Soumya and Surbhi, wake up..” She says..

The two girls are revealed to be Soumya and Surbhi..

“Whats the time maa?” Surbhi asks.

“See yourself..” Nimmi says..

She sees the time and is shocked..

“What happened choti?” Soumya asks..

“Di, today we are very late!! The time is 8:10 am….” She says..

“What!!” Soumya gets shocked..

They both runs somewhere and then Soumya gets in the washroom fast so that she isn’t late!

It seems that Surbhi and Soumya were running to go to the washroom so they didn’t get late and…..Soumya went!?

“Dii!! Come fast!” Surbhi says..

“Choti, ruk ja..I’m coming..” Soumya says..

Soumya then comes out of washroom, then she gets ready and Surbhi goes inside the washroom..Soumya reaches down and takes the blessings of Mahender, Bebe, Beeji and Nimmi..

“Be happy always. .” They all says and blesses her.

Surbhi comes and she does the same thing Soumya did. They bless her to..

“Let’s do one thing, today we will spend our whole day with Surbhi and Soumya as they will be leaving us soon…” Beeji says..

“Beeji!! Don’t say that! I’ll come to meet you always..” They both says..

Precap- Harman and Varun..

Hey guys! I know the episode is so short, sorry!! I hope everyone reads my FF and comment..

Bye! Have a great day!

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  1. Wow, Amazing Shrinju…Loved it yaar…But tell the pairs yaar….????

    1. Shrinjal

      Thanks dear??
      I’ll msg u the pairs..don’t worry

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