Ms drama queen and mr duffer ( A_SwaSan_OS) part 1


Hey guys sriya here I am with SwaSan OS part 1 …!!



‘I am all alone…. Now no one is there for me …. Everyone thrown out of me the home …. I don’t know what to do and where to go ?? …. No one is there for me no one! Said swara with tearful eyes.

A car comes in the same direction! He horns the car but she doesn’t listen his car was going to dash her but at the nick of time he applied a sudden break. He get up from the car.

‘Hey you mad girl?? Are you deaf you can’t listen to horn sound. Unbelievable.’ Said the boy with unbelievable look.

‘Hey mr mind your tongue! I thought to say sorry but no you don’t deserve for that now get out of my way.’ Said swara with anger.

‘Oh wow you should join in movies you will get best actress award. What a drama queen!’ Said the boy.

‘Hey mr duffer look I have no time to argue with so for god sake get out of my way!’ Said swara.

Suddenly it started raining.

‘Hey drama queen wait it is raining if u want I will drop you in your home!’ Said the boy.

‘No need duffer anyway thanks! And my family thrown me out of the house so I would stay in my friend home!’ Said Swara.

‘Drama queen stop your acting seat on my car now I have no time to waste I will drop you in your friend house by the way can I ask you something??’ Said the boy opening the car door for her.

She sat down and he too sat. He started driving.

‘You can ask duffer’ said swara.

‘Drama queen Why you are family thrown you out of the house??’ Said the boy.

‘Due to misunderstandings and your name??’ Said swara.

‘Drama queen my name is sm Sanskar maheshwari!’ Said Sanskar.

‘Hi my name is swara! Said swara.

‘Swara cool name but I will call you drama queen only it suits you better. Said Sanskar

‘I thought you will pity me like others for being thrown out by family!’ Said swara.

‘Why will I…?? I am not like others its their fault they have left a gem like you I pity them seriously how could someone be so cruel!’ Said Sanskar.

‘Duffer I like your way of thinking your different from others not that bad as I thought it was my bad luck that no one believed me!’ Said swara.

‘Welcome drama queen! Anyways we reached your friends house bye it was nice meeting you! Said Sanskar.

‘Same here bye gn!’ Said swara.

The episode ends on their smiling faces.

Precap : second meeting of SwaSan and Gadodia family.


So guys how was it? Do tell your reviews I’d be waiting. Guys do you like my way of writing or not please tell me so I can improve. Love you all ??? take care bye swasanians!

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  1. Mica

    awesome part

  2. SNY

    Amazing dr….
    Nxt one soon….

  3. Awesome start… d rain was 1st Cupid of our heavenly couple SwaSan… yeeiii… God bless u Rain…
    Love it Sreya.. continue soon dear.. Thnk u.. ;-*

  4. Pooja26

    interesting dear……..
    post asap……..

  5. Rabia

    Wow dear awesome ??

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    Nice….liked it

  7. Nyc I just love our Ms drama queen amd mr duffer post nxt part asap

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  10. Vyshu10

    nice….interesting. Frienship in first meeting….nice. Hope they bcm lovers soon

  11. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Interesting concept dear.. Plz continue.. Rainn, you are the cupid between them,love you??..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  12. Awesome

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