Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (SwaSan Reunion) Only Mine Part 10 by Marsuu

Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari
SwaSan Reunion(SwaSan)
Her Confession — Part 10:

Recap: swasan left for maheshwari house as sanskar’s dadi is coming and she want whole family’s presence.

Sanskar stop the car in maheshwari mansion. He look at swara to know she is okay or not and she nodded in assurance.
” let’s go” she said coming out of the car. Sanskar took out their bag and they went inside.
” swara sanskar you came ” sujata excitedly shouted and ran to them. Swara bend and took her blessing and she hug her. They enter inside, swara was confused to see so many people as last time she met only ragini, ap and sujata but now all are present.
Swara greeted all as sanskar introduce them to her.
” hello swara” ragini hesitantly said as swara got scared previous time.
” hi” swara slightly smile.
” there is one good news, ragini and laksh are going to be parents” ap told them.
” congrats lucky” sanskar hug laksh.
” thanks bhai” laksh back hug him.
” congratulations ragini” swara said.
” thank you” ragini felt nice as swara is behaving normally with her.
They all talk for sometime and swara got mingle with them. Later swasan went to their room.
SwaSan Room:
Swara look around the royal blue room. She saw their marriage pic which is hanging above their bed. She saw her photo frame on the table.
” this is our room ” sanskar said coming closer.
” it’s beautiful ” swara said.
” you have arranged everything ” sanskar wrap his arms around her neck.
” so sad i don’t remember” swara pout.
“Never mind now get ready” Sanskar smile and peck her lips.
Swara nodded and went to washroom.

SwaSan came down and all are present in the hall. They are waiting for dadi, soon dp came with dadi and all took her blessings. Parineeta is not living in maheshwari house and she is with her mother. So only swara and ragini are there as daughter in laws.
Swara went to kitchen to bring tea and snacks. While all men are sitting in the living room.
” she is sanskar’s wife, swara” sujata said as swara came out. Swara smile at dadi.
” Swara, you are elder daughter in law??” Dadi asked.
Swara look at sanskar then nodded her head.
” then why you didn’t gave good news before ragini ?” dadi strictly said. Ap told her about ragini’s pregnancy.
Swara got nervous as she don’t know what to say. She look at sanskar and he smile back that he will handle her.
” dadi swara is not fine she met with an accident and lost her memory” sanskar explained.
“she don’t even remember her marriage and sanskar” sujata said making sad face.
” so what they are still husband wife” dadi said.
” i want good news soon” dadi further said. Swara nodded slowly. Sanskar signed at her dadi’s narrow mindedness.
Swara went to kitchen to escape the situation.
” swara you don’t mind dadi’s words they are our elders so we should follow their orders” ragini gave her advice.
” hmm” swara give her a fake smile. Only she know what is going in her mind. She got busy in preparing for dinner so she didn’t got chance to meet sanskar.

After finishing all the work, swara enter in her room and saw sanskar busy on call. She silently went to washroom to change. Later she came out and sanskar is still on call. Swara went and sat on her side of the bed.
Sanskar cut the call and came to swara.
” swara tomorrow i have to go to delhi for a contract” sanskar said sitting beside swara.
” for how much time??” Swara asked as she will be all alone.
” just two days” sanskar wrap his hand around her shoulder. Swara lie on his chest hugging him. Her mind is clouded with so many things, dadi’s words about good news, sujata and all others are sad bcoz she don’t remember anything. Now she have to live alone without sanskar for two days.
” swara” sanskar called as he sensed her silence.
“Hmm” she look at him still hugging him.
” don’t think about what dadi said” he said as he is well aware what’s going in her head.
” they expect so much from us” swara whisper.
” i know but for me now your health is more important” sanskar kiss her forehead.
” i’ll miss you” swara mumble.
” i will come soon” sanskar made her lie on the bed.
” give rest to your mind and sleep” sanskar took her in his embrace. Swara closed her eyes and slept.

A girl is standing on the cliff in the clutches of a man. She is revealed to be swara. Man is rajat who is dragging her towards the edge of the cliff. Sanskar is standing in front of her pleading to the man to leave her. Rajat pulled the trigger and the bullet directly hit sanskar’s chest.
” Sanskarrrr” swara shouted at the peak.
” swara” sanskar jerk her as she shouted in her sleep. She is sweating profusely and crying.
” swara open your eyes” sanskar quickly on the light cups her wet face. She is not ready to open her eyes.
” it was a bad dream swara look at me” sanskar said rubbing her back. Swara slowly open her eyes and saw sanskar.
” y..ou ar..e” swara stammer as she touch his cheeks. She hastily saw his chest and there is no bullet or blood. She signed in relief. Swara hug him tightly and started crying.
” sshh swara relax it was bad dream” Sanskar tried to relax her. Swara clutch her head which is paining like hell.
“Your head is paining??” Sanskar asked touching it.
” hmm” swara fist his shirt.
” let me call doctor” sanskar said.
” no please ” swara held his hand. Sanskar made her lie and kiss her forehead. Swara relaxed a bit. She stare sanskar and the fear to lose him is clearly visible in her eyes.
” i love you sanskar ” swara confessed dizzily. Her eyes are red puffy. Sanskar got surprised with her sudden confession. He felt so happy to know she also love him.
” love you more” sanskar whisper leaning on her against her lips. Swara place her lips on his and close her eyes. Sanskar first got shocked as she started kissing but soon got lost in her essence. He wrap his arms around her waist pulling her closer. He deepen the kiss. They shared a passionate kiss. Unwillingly they broke to take in air. Swara move back and lie on his chest. Her eyes are closed and sanskar kiss her head. He too slept talking her in his embrace.
To be continued….

Precap: Epilogue

So this was last part and will end it in epilogue.
Thank you to all those who comment and silent readers please do leave your views, you can criticise, atleast react on the update.
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