Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update


Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Rahul is talking to his old college friend on the phone when Minty n Gayatri over hear him and suspect Rahul of Adultery ….

Amrita their mother is informed .. And she accuses Rahul of leaving his ghar ki daal for bahar ki murgi ….LOLs

Minty n Gayatri plan to follow Rahul and collect info about his affair … Then Rajbir offers to do the job for the girls … He too was interested to prove Rahul adulterous( so that he could marry Pammi …)ROFL …

Rajbir follows Rahul the next day and meets the girl he suspects was having an affair with Rahul .. And what follows is hilarious and a case of mistaken identity .. He gets beaten up black n blue

In their room Rahul n Pammi discuss about gifting his friend …Honey his old friend from college …..
They first think of gifting teddy bear .. Then think of jewellery .. …but discard both ideas .. Rahul thinks of consulting Gayatri …..

Rahul enters Gayatri’s room inspite of her unwelcoming attitude … He asks her about what he could gift his friend .. Gayatri thinks of his extramarital affair …. And tells him to gift her a water melon … She praises the kalinger … As all girls loved that fruit because it improves complexion .
Rahul accepts although he is not convinced … Gayatri is sure that lady would throw that water melon back on his face… And they would break up …

Rahul gets a water melon gift wrapped for Gayatri … As there was ….One for one free scheme in the market …

He even offers her Chinese knife for easy cutting the water melon ….

Rahul discusses the Chinese knife that he was going to sell … With Honey his friend … And the Faujdar family Misunderstand that he was going to murder Pammi to get rid of her …..” Raastey se hataney ke liye ” …

They think of it as his khooni khanjar ….. And are shocked ..

Precap was joking with Pammi in their room about his new sample chinese knife .. Pammi gets scared .. And yells .. The entire faijdar family gathers there .. Rahul is shocked …

Update Credit to: sumana13

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