Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 31st July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Minty trying to click pictures of a mosquito and at the same moment Param’s mother and sister enter the Faujdar villa , asking for Param.
Everyone comes out appeasing to the commotion ,
where Dadi tells that theres no Param living in their house but a Rahul with his wife.

Param’s mother asks for Rahul and he and Param come out.
The 4 are shocked seeing each other.

Param’s mother asks him of why he is dressed as a woman
and Dadi tells her that “he is a she” and is named Pammi
and is married to Rahul and also with that Dadi tells that Pammi is pregnant.

A whole filmy drama breaks out with dramatic head turns and shocked faces.
In the whole commotion Param reveals that he is a man by taking off

his wig.

More shocked faces and heres when Param rises up from his nightmare.
Rahul consoles him and they go back to sleep.

Minty’s mother goes to noodle baba to thank him for his virtues
as Pammi is now pregnant.
Noodle baba hands her another prashad for Rahul so that the
coming baby has great values.

And also with this the father should hold a 24 hours fast.
She immediately lets the family know about this at home and
everyone agrees to keep an eye on Rahul so that he completes his fast.
Rahul is horrified and Param is enjoying.

On one side Rajveer holds him off from eating laddoos from the mandir , on the other his wife gives him her usual dramatic full length dialogue delivery for peas.
Rahul gets hold of some food from Randhir but it had not struck 9′o’clock so here as well his dream of plate full of food get destroyed.

Rahul’s hunger has no bound and Param finds him in the kitchen eating raw vegetables.
Param consoles him that its just some hours more
and then Noodle baba will come and he can break his fast.

But there they hear Minty’s mother talking on phone
that the hill top on which Noodle baba went had a landslide and they cant find him.

Rahul is happy that now his fast will be broken but
she says to herself that till Noodle baba doesnt returns Rahul’s fast will not be broken ,
whether it takes a week , month or even a year.
Rahul is shocked to the roots of his stomach.

The End

Precap: Rahul is agitated , irritated and down right fed-up with the
family and tells Param that he is leaving this mad house.

Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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