Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 30th July 2013 Written Update

sorry guyz missed a little starting part so soy…

Pandeyji proposes sona after learning that she iss pregnant
Rahul is very feared frm daddi as well pammi (param) learning that they thinks that she izz pregmant according ti daddi
Param calls her mom and sis to feel better they tells them they r going to steal some vegetables
Param asks her sis to steal carefull ( wht??? Steal but carefully
Param ends the call
Daadi talks with pammi but pammi izz freakin hell feared with daadi daadi izz trying too feel her good but itz more looking like she iss scolding her (aisa lag raha param ko kisi ne shock par rakha hoon lol )
Daadi asks.pammi that where iss karahul he wantz to talk to him param fearfully replies she dont knoe lol
Daadi he will

search him
Daadi sees rahul and asks him to come with him in his room Rahul ferarfully gies with her
Where their r many pics daadi beathing some criminal the room izzz full of hunters and chains too beat
Rahul adks seeing one pic is that a you fearfully daadi asks wat do you think who izz in yhat pix m only the ine naa
She tortures him holdi.g his ears and asks soo u want a lid na he frst replies MO
DADDI TORTURES and he says no no he wants he wants then she tortures him with taking a hunter in his hand saying thiz izz real gabbars hunters rahul iss damm feared
Back in params sis iss asking her mother today see got tinda , karela like vegetables but her mother izz more tensed saying frst tym param didnt talkec to him
Param sis says yeah his voice had fear in it !!!
Nack at faujdar house MINTI IZZ CLICKING pic of a FEMALE mosquito (wht female )
Her sis [sorry dint remrber het name but that urdu girl ] asks wht izz she doing and how see knows that itz a female mosquito
minti replys u dint know wildlife photography when hurts herself frm a pillar when her sis catches her
At that tym only params mother and sis comes thr the urdu girls asks how r beggar came in thr house I m sure they have came for money she will call daadi
When minti says no she wamts to of yhem they looks soo realasitc beggars
She izz clicking pics when daadi comes and saus whts going on and asks beggars why r they here
Params mom asks they have came to meet param
Daadi says thr izz no param in thr home
Params mom asks no but my child param stays here only with his frd rahul

Screen freezes their only all of them shocked

Update Credit to: NaughtyRa

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  1. Pammi calls Pandeyji and informs him that Mona is pregnant. The next scene shows ”after 9 months” and Minty and Gayatri brings a baby to Pammi and says that Pammi has bore a baby boy. When Pammi sees the baby it’s Param’s face who calls pammi-mummy. Param wakes up and is horrified with his nightmare. Rahul tries to pacify Param and they go to sleep.
    Next morning,
    Amrita comes with a plate full of tamarinds and force feeds Pammi. Then Mohini had arranged a fitness trainer for Pammi. Minty and Gayatri gets a susu-doll and asks Pammi to get trained. Gayatri arrives with raw mangoes and feeds Pammi. Kamini Fauzdaar comes and sees that Rahul and Pammi is watching some crime thriller. She scolds Rahul and changes the channel showing a kid singing. Amrita now comes with turmeric milk and Pammi has to drink that. Kamini makes Rahul read holy scriptures and Pammi listens that.
    Param/Pammi realises what a tough job is to become a mother. He gives his salute to all mothers and calls his mother. His mother and sister were planning to steal brinjals from a neighbour who had not paid dues. Param self-talks after disconnecting the phone and Kamini enters and glares at her.
    Rahul whistles and enters house. It was late. Kamini shows him photos and her objects of punishment and scolds him and asks to take care of Pammi.
    Next day Minty does wildlife photography by chasing a female mosquito. Param’s mother and sister arrives. Kamini and her grand-daughters think they are beggars. They ask for Param and when they denies Param’s mother mentions that Rahul and his friend who lives here in rent.
    Precap- Amrita’s visit to noodle baba and Rahul had to fast for 24 hours.

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