Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 29th July 2013 Written Update
Daadi questions about Mona and Rahul-Param (Pahul) get away saying she is assistant doctor. Mrs Kamini fauzdaar is real fauzdaar ( cop) so she asks rahul to take her contact number for emergency. Daadi leaves with mohini and Pahul thanks mona for her help.

Pahul at Pandey-Mona’s home ( Mondey) breathing sign of relief for getting saved from daadi. Rahul teases Pandey saying how on earth a Monkey got married to beauty aka pandey weds mona. Pandey is annoyed, param tries to calm him down but rahul keeps on teasing him. Rahul asks pandey to check how did mohini’s audition go, on his refusal rahul himself calls mohini. Mohini being muskaan pretends to be not interested and slowly tells she would be fine doing hollywood movies. RAhul tells he will have role for her in kingkong

( bhaiyye rahul uske liye toh daadi fit hai). Pahul are relieved finally dr Kedia’s matter has solved.
Right then we are shown ward boy givin Pammi’s report to Dr kedia.
Scene shifts to Jhukta arts where param is going to give his audition for the role. PAndey encourages him. he gives a shot in which he calls out names of all the prime time shows on color channel ( oye teri kya promotion apni hi channel pe apna hi)D’oh. Director happy with his performance and tells him he would launch him to become super star. ( ab channel ke show ke naam bolein tab bhi role nahi mila toh channle ki insult nahi hogi)LOL Pandey-rahul are happy and starts boosting him.
Randir wants to have his medicin beofre he forgets who is he. He gets the call from Dr Kedia, who informs him that Pammi is pregnant. Randir calls out for everyone to share the good news but right then he forgets who is he and whom he made pregnant. Mohini comes, he does not recognizes her. She forces him to take medicine when he tells her that he has cheated on her and made Pammi pregnant. Mohini takes his cell and sees Dr Kedia’s call. She calls back and mystry solve that Pammi is pregnant. She does arobic dance to gather all in the hall. After lot of screaming and dancing finally she says Pammi is pregnant. All are happy and waiting for PAhul to get back ( babaji bachho ko bachaana). Pahul get home with box of sweets. minti runs towards pammi happily. PAmmi offers sweets to daadi, as miracle has happened in her life toda. Daadi talk about miracle happening her life and pammi gets a shock of pregnancy. Hearing her report param daytmare that he is all over the news for being pregnant, pandey is chiding him, director firing him, reporter following etc. He comes back in present calls MOm and faints.
Ranjit starts crying thinking pammi is dead. Randvir brings him back on his senses. Pammi finally is up, Mohini fights with her sister in law who should get the credit whether noodle baba or Dr kedia. Daadi finally sends every one out of the room and she too tkaes leave asking rahul to take care of pammi ( take care my foot daadi. abhi mukka mukki suru hogi dekhna).
Rahul demands to know when mona had gone to get check up done how come param is pregnant. Param denies about it and it occurs to him that means mona is pregnant. Rahul blames Pandeyji. Param blames rahul he says you said pammi banana hai you did say pammi ko mummu banana hai. He frustrated and tells to rahul congratulations your are going to be father, he returns his wishes saying your are gonna to be mother, Screen freezes on pammi’s frowning face.

Precap: Minti comes to pammi’s room, wakes pammi up daying congratulation you have become mother of baby boy.( I guess it is pammi’s another daymare)

Update Credit to: md410

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