Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 25th July 2013 Written Update

Minty requests Rahul to adopt Rowdy. Rahul is stumped. He in turn tells Minty to adopt Rowdy. Minty is like Rahul is very rude. Minty’s mom gets hyper again and says that Pammi loves Rowdy and she wants to be a mother. Jailer daadi tells her to chill. Minty’s mother decides to take Noodle baba’s advice’s advice.
She goes to Noodle Baba and tells him that she wants a kid. Noodle baba snaps at her that she wants a kid at this age. She then tells Noodle baba that she wants Pammi to have a kid. Noodle baba gives her a magic apple and tells her to feed it to Pammi and she will be a mother within 9 months. Minty’s mother goes home and happily feeds Pammi the apple. Pammi happily gorges on the apple, even teases Rahul because he isn’t eating any. Minty’s mother now tells

Pammi that the apple will now make her pregnant. Pammi is aghast upon hearing this and gets very upset. Minty’s mother leaves and Pammi runs towards the washroom to spit out the apple, while Rahul have a hearty laugh. Pammi is worried that now he will become pregnant because the babas aren’t trustworthy and they know enough magic. Rahul reminds him that he is a man and he cannot be pregnant. Pammi is still nervous.While the gods above find this very amusing.

Minty’s mother tells everything to Jailer daadi, who gets annoyed at her. Jailer daadi suggests that Pammi should consult a gynecologist, which everyone in the Fauzdar family except Ranjit approves. Jailer daadi advises Pammi about meeting a gynecologist. Pammi is shocked and runs to his room. Rahul gets angry upon hearing this and decides to refuse jailer daadi on her face. So they go downstairs, only to find jailer daadi thrashing up a watchman because the latter lied to her. Rahul is scared on seeing this and runs away to his room. Pammi follows him.

Rahul now requests Pammi to fake being a woman this time as well.. Pammi reminds him that he is a man and this time, he cannot fake and will be caught at once Rahul then decides to take Pandeyji’s advice
They go to meet Pandeyji in his set. Param calls out Pandeyji in Pammi voice. Rahul reminds him that he is Param at the moment and not Pammi. Param calls out Pandeyji again, this time in his own voice They request Pandeyji to lend them a woman for a few hours Pandeyji is stumped and is about to thrash Param, when Rahul tells him that they don’t want a woman to have s*x, but to make her pregnant. Pandey ji is shocked beyond words and orders them to get lost, when Param tells Pandeyji the entire turth about this dual identity. Rahul requests Pandeyji to help them out or else they will be jailed and Param’s OTT mother and sister will die instantly. Both Param and Pandeyji have flash-forwards of Param’s dead mother and suicidal sister and they are scared. Rahul requests Pandey ji to lend them a woman who can fake as Pammi for a few hours. Pandey ji reluctantly agrees.

Precap: Pandeyji, Param and Rahul go house to house searching for a woman and get rejected everywhere for multiple reasons.

Update Credit to: Sayaani

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