Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 24th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Param immersed in his crush on Minty when Rahul reminds him of why he had come to Mumbai and if he continued to roam around Minty and family , then his dream of becoming an actor wouldn’t come true.

Rahul convinces Param to go with him for selling “Ghiso detergent powder” and again the powder fails and they both disappear from there.
Pandeyji calls Param to reach a film set where he introduces him to a renowned director.

But when the director sees Param , he insults his looks and personality.
Param , Pandeyji and Rahul are leaving when Param suddenly gets furious and delivers and emotional scene about how for his family and friends he is the best.
Everyone is shocked by his outburst when he says that he was


Everyone is impressed , including the director and he calls him in for an audition later and hands him the script of “Mujhe Garbhvati Banado(make me pregnant).”

At the Faujdar Villa Param(Pammi) requests Rahul to rehearse scenes with him from the script.
Rahul plays the wife and Param(Pammi) the husband , where the wife wants a baby but the husband lets her know that she can never be a mother and they are fighting.
The eldest bahu(the chatter box) hears all this and thinks that Pammi cannot conceive and Rahul is divorcing her.

She tells this to Mrs.Faujdar and the rest of the women of the house.
When they are thinking of what to do with Pammi , Randhir comes in saying to put her in the garage but he is actually on Bluetooth.
Then Ranjeet comes and says that they should get Pammi marry a 2nd time to a good fellow , pointing to himself.

Mrs.Faujdar thinks about a plan and says that they should let Rahul and Pammi sought it out , but if things get out of hand then they will intervene.

Param(Pammi) is ironing clothes when Ranjeet enters the room and starts flattering her and badmouthing Rahul about the whole baby issue.
Param is clueless and Ranjeet’s extra focus sends him in his daydream where Ranjeet is all villainous like a Hindi movie villain and is taking advantage of Pammi.
Param burns Ranjeet’s hand with iron and gets free of him.

Minty and her sister(the Urdu dictionary) are roaming around in markets ,
where Minty is super excited and clicking photographs when they meet an “illiterate English speaking” little kid and Minty is very taken by him.

They get him well fed with his favorite dishes.
Minty tells her sister that if a good family adopts this boy then his talents
will evolve and decides to take him home.

They introduce him the whole family and Minty names him Rowdy.
Minty tells him to show his talents to the family and the kid dances.
Later he starts singing an emotional song , “Meri Maa” and everyone is teary eyed.

Param starts missing his mother and goes to hug the boy and then runs away.
Rahul is confused and the whole family looks at Rahul furious.

Rahul explains that whenever Pammi hears the word “maa” she reacts this way.
And thus Minty suggests that Rahul and Pammi should adopt Rowdy.
Everyone seems happy with the idea but Rahul is shocked and horrified of becoming an unmarried father.


Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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