Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Pammi is behind new girlll! Rahul catch her..! Pammi tells him that he got rishta from rabdi…daughter of ram lal but he rejected it..!

becoz he got in love with this girl minty(i dont know her name!) on first sight! then we see both playing badminton on songs…

Param says he will make minty his girlfriend!

then at morning, Rahul finding pammi…he asks uncle ji…he says bhaag gayi…
rahul get tensed…he asks again…uncle clears his doubt that he was talking on phone and his friend’s wige bhaag agyi…

Suddenly…Pammi came with coffee…,…gives to minty…and do chats..!

after that Pammi tries to help Aunty ji…with kitchen chores but alot of comedy happens there!

then pammi make her and bhabhi learn yoga…

then she and aunty do chatting!

Pammi asks about minty’s likes- she tells that minty likes classical dance…then we see of param’s sister and param, maa and minty watching her

Aunty makes breakfast for minty , Pammi takes it to her…they both do some chatings about it…Pammi makes her eat it by her own hands…pammi tells her to call her pammi only instead of bhabhi

Minty tells that she was out with her Boyfriend…Pammi is shocked!

Minty tells that she was kidding and Pammi becomes Happy…! Pammi is dancing on Lalalaala lalalaa with round and round into circles…! and Bhaijaan catch Pammi into his arms! and Pammi gets shocked…! She somehow runs from there!

In room ,Pammi again dancing and Rahul stops Param and makes him remember that she is Pammi and Pammi cant marry Minty!. Param cries…and becomes tensed.

PRECAP – Aunty comes running down and tells everyone that Pammi and Rahul were fighting as Pammi’s reports told that she cannot be a mother and hence Rahul is leaving Pammi.All shocked. .

Update Credit to: Dev

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