Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 22nd July 2013 Written Update

A guy comes running to tell ammaji (I will know aunty kaa naam soon, but pata hai I do know her real name). that he heard everything. Param and Rahul ( I guess yeh name theek hi samjhi mein, if wrong koi correct kardo please) think he has heard about param and now he might have to leave, but they guy tell amma that he has heard how last night coconut Anna got drunk and hit his wife. Amma get maha angry and ask him to go and get anna in her court aka get him there. He makes an excuse and tells amma that he would send randhir. Randhir turns out more scared than his bro and calls ranveer ( poor three musketeers) Ranveer denies too and starts making excuses. Finally amma tells all three of them to go and to tell anna that ” amma calling anna”

Anna is shown big fan of Rajnikanth.

Anna is drinking coconut water ( wait a minute, does he drink coconut water in the day and daroo in the night? is that why his name is coconut anna) He calls three bro “3 idiots” they start sayin all is well. Finally they manage to tell him amma calling anna. Anna is tense but goes to amma.

Param and rahul are in the room. PAram says he will get released soon from wearing lady cloths, when they heard slapping sound. They both decide to go and watch, they are shocked to see that it is actually amma who is hitting anna for hitting his wife. Anna apologizes to amma and leaves from there. Rahul and param are scared to death. rahul ask param to pick sarre and go, when amma scolds them for listening her secretly. Rahul some how manages to tell that they are scared seeing her so angry. She replies she was not going to bite them and the person who lies should be scared not them. now param is scared. She tells they know she hates lie and liar and put liar behind the bar. She asks them to come down, but rahul makes an excuse that pammi is tired. Daadi let them go back

We wre shown that pammi has sent in the jail for 2 yrs for cheating and lying to Kamini Fauzdaar’s family ( whopieee amma ka naam hai Kaamini pata chal gaya). Param’s mom comes to jail and chides him, he asks forgiveness, she asks his sister bubbly to leave him and go but she wants to stay in the jail with pammi as jail does not leak and it is nice. Mom forcefully takes bubbly with her, right then param wakes up from the dream I knew it was dream, as it was so was not in the flow of the story). He pushes rahul off the bed because he is the one who made him to lie.

New day, rahul wakes up to see param packing his bags. He thinks pammi is going to shift to ranvir’s room. he gets 440 Watt current when param tells him he is goint to accept that he is not girl and he has lied. Rahul and param bicker but param is adament to tell daadi the truth nothing but the truth, when mohini knocks on the door. SHe wants rahul to come for the swimming so that she can reduce her weight. Param shouts from in side that she will never become slim. Rahul some how manages to mohini send away by saying that he need to attent pammi who has caught the cold.

Rahul tries to calm param down right then another knock on the door and this time it is Gayatri, who comes to check on pammi as she has come to know that Pammi has caught the cold. Rahul again tries to make her go but ammi comes instead who starts counting all the symptoms of the cold. Pammi is annoyed. Gaytri tells them she is coming in, rahul tries to cover pammi with blanket as she is wearing short and Tees, but in order to do that he ends up falling top of him and covers them. Gaytri misunderstands them, apologizes and runs away taking ammi with her. ( too funny must watch). Param thinks now they will think he has no character.

Now it is the turn of ranjit to knock the door. Rahul locks param in the rest room and lies down on the bed covering himself with the blanket. Rajit tries to flirt with her. PAmmi tells him that she has a type of cold in which she coughs like dog and it is very infectious. ( Ranjit reluctantly goes away leaving watermelon for her ( boy that water melon looks too yummy).

Rahul gets param out who still is hyper. Finally rahul asks what has changed over night. Pammi cries that he can not wear saree as it hurts his waste. ( bechaara. I feel for him lekin jara sab saree baandhne vaali ladkiyo ka socho???). PAram tells him that’s it enough of it and it should end now. Rahul asks how, param replies it was his plan so he should come up with the solution. Rahul tells let’s teel daadi, that uncle has passed away and we need money to attend the funeral and get the deposit back. He begs param to be pammi last time.

Rahul-param comes to talk to kamini. Rahul tells daadi param wants to talk to her. Pammi is annoyed. PAmmi is about to tell the news of uncle but has interrupted with female voice. She turns to see and is shocked, she keeps on staring the girl who just has entered in the house ( hmm the expression of pammi tells she knows her) . Pammi is flat on the girl and jeene laga hu song plays when ammi calls her as minti. She runs and hugs her saying aunty. Screen freezes on pammi’s shiny face.

Tomorrow: Pammi ko mili minti
PAram tells rahul he has seen minti 2 yrs before in the college sports day and had fallen for her. He tells rahul you must have heard the phrase you get what you want if you want it with whole heart.

Update Credit to: md410

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