Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 20th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 20th July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 20th July 2013 Written Update

Pammi is in a swimming suit and all the men are going ga-ga over her. Mohini misunderstands and says that all the attention is on her. She has put on a few inches, and swimming will help with that.

Then they swim for a while, the whole time Pammi teaching Mohini.

When they get out, Mohini says that Pammi is such a good teacher, she feels she has already lost 2 inches. Pammi takes cue and says that she feels so too. And there is no need to come swimming again.

A bald man is staring at Pammi, and Pammi asks him that hasn’t he ever seen a boy swim. To that, the man replies that he has, but has for the first time seen a boy in bikini!

Mohini says that since Pammi helped her, she has a surprise gift for her. Pammi gets excited.

Scene cuts to Rahul selling

Ghissu washing powder to some company executive. As soon as he pulls the shirt out of the washing bucket, it comes out squeaky clean. But in mere seconds, it shrinks.

The executive screams at Rahul and tells him to get out.

The scene shifts to the Bluetooth guy coming in his room and his urdu speaking daughter speaks non-stop jibberish, asking why he is in such foul mood screaming at his clients on phone.
To that her father replies that he didn’t understand one bit. Why doesn’t she speak Hindi?
Then, his wife eneters, saying that at the time of their daughter’s birth, they used to reside in Lucknow. When she has grown up in such an environment, she is bound to speak Urdu (God that lady talks nonstop.. I could only understand half of her stuff. Its like she doesn’t even breath when delivering dialogues. ]

Scene cuts to Rahul getting an SMS in which he has been warned to return the money he took from the lender or else he’ll break his bones. Rahul gets worried that how he’ll arrange. Then suddenly he spots the Bhulakkad Doctor on the road. Doctor is talking to Mohini on the phone where she is telling him to take his medicines as its going to be 3. Rahul takes advantage of the time and calls Doctor from a PCO, and then when Doc forgets who he is, he goes up to him, and loots him of his money, saying that he took loan from him for Mohini’s second marriage.

Doc believes him and gives his chain, wallet everything.

Next Doctor is at home and Hitler dadi is asking how did he get mugged? Rahul overhears the convo and comes inside, asking what happened. Hitler dadi retorts saying everyone is alive, stop overreacting.

Dadi tells Rahul that Doc got mugged. To that Rahul says that it must be an insider job. Someone who knew Docs weakness.

Dadi threatens saying she’ll find that insider and put him in such a jail that he’ll never see the OUTSIDE world again.

Rahul gulps and gets scared. He then says that don’t do that. Doing that will expose Doc’s weakness to the thieves friends as well and then he’ll get mugged all the time.

Rahul then asks where is his Pammi? Everyone praises Pammi and said she is tired as she was teaching Mohini how to swim.

When Rahul enters his room, hes sees Pammi sitting on the bed wrapped in blanket buzzing strangely. He calls out to her sweetly, but Param replies that he is furious. When asked why, didn’t he go to the audition today, he shows his hands. His hands have Mehndi/Henna on them, and seeing that Rahul laughs madly. Param says that even this was not enough for that”Daaku Raani Dhanno” (Mohini)… She made him wear a swimsuit, and recalls his horrifying experience. Rahul is in splits at that. Then Param shows that even his legs have Henna on them. Plus, she even made him get Rahul’s tattoo on his back.

He was glad that atleast she didn’t make him get a permanent one. Then he says that how could he go to the audition then. To that Rahul replies that atleast he would have gotten the Heroine’s role. To that Param starts screaming that he’s a guy for gods sake.. not a girl..

Rahul warns him that someone can listen, calm down, the door isn’t even locked.

When they both look at the door, they see the Bluetooth guy standing there.. They both are shocked and scared. The bluetooth guy says that he HEARD EVERYTHING.

Precap: Param chakki peesing in Jail. And his mom and Bubbly come and say that he means nothing to them. He is Qaidi no. 1!!!

Update Credit to: Anky

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