Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 18th July 2013 Written Update

Ranjit comes in with his script. Pammi’s stomach gets upset again and he runs inside the bathroom, and in hurry leaves his wig behind. Ranjit realizes that someone is inside his bathroom and he shouts in his usual melodramatic way. Pammi gets nervous and realizes that he doesn’t have his wig. He tells Ranjit that he is suffering from food poisoning. Ranjit starts swooning and jumps on his bed, thus lying above his wig.

Pammi calls Rahul and asks him to rescue him. Rahul goes to Ranjit’s room and manages to hoodwink him while Pammi wears his wig (a really hilarious scene!). Pammi and Rahul leave while Ranjit keeps on swooning.

The next morning, jailer dadi goes to every room to give the morning aarti to all the housemates. She goes to the older son’s room where

the man is talking on his Bluetooth, much to the dadi’s annoyance. Then she heads to Mohini’s room, where Mohini puts on 2 different face packs to test the difference between the two, thus scaring off daadi. Then she goes to Ranjit’s room who is still busy drooling. Then finally she goes to Rahul’s room, where Rahul and Param are deep in slumber. Rahul drowsily open the door and gets scared when he sees daadi. He immediately shuts the door so that Param can hide in the bathroom. Rahul then opens the door and daadi gives him the aarti and refuses to go until Pammi to receives the aarti.

Pamim then cleverly smears his face with shaving cream and partly opens the door to give impression that he isn’t wearing anything. Daadi then gives him the aarti and tells him to to accompany Mohini for shopping Daadi leaves. Param gets upset but Rahul requests him to be keep calm and continue with the drama.

Pammi and Mohini go to a mall for shopping. Unfortuantely, Pandeyji is in the same mall and he spots Pammi and Mohini and starts suspecting Pammi. Pandeyji starts stalking them and Pammi becomes extremely worried. Meanwhile, Mohini thinks that Pandeyji is one fan of hers and is following her because he is crazily in love with her. Pammi and Mohini manage to escape Pandeyji. Pandeyji also starts believing that he was hallucinating. Pammi excuses himself from Mohini and moves to a distant spot (a few steps away from Pandeyji, though Pandeyji doesn’t notice him), when he receives a call from Pandeyji. Pammi answers the call and at the same time, a child starts playing with a noisy toy. Pandeyji hears the noise on the phone and looks behind and spots the child, while Pammi hides behind a pillar, thinking that his end is near.

Precap: Mohini wants to swim in a pool but she doesn’t know how to swim. She asks Pammi to teach her swimming, and has even bought a swim-suit for Pammi. Pammi is shocked beyond words

Update Credit to: Sayaani

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