Mrs. Khadoos v/s Mrs. Malhotra (plot)

Hi guys!? This is Otakustuff. It would be my first fanfic on this site. Please review! Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.
I wanna first share my basic idea about the story, test the waters and see if it would be worth writing complete story. If it is received well enough I will definitely write the story. So please give me your honest feedback and also any suggestions you might have. Constructive criticism is also welcome anytime. Though I wont be revealing the whole plot so as to keep some suspense.?
Another thing I would like to tell you is that though this a kaanchi story , it wont be focused on just two of them all the time. Other characters will also make comebacks through chapters to give clues about the main plot.
So the bottom line is it wont be just Kaanchi romance story but also of suspense genre.

Mrs.Khadoos v/s Mrs.Malhotra :
Kaanchi get married because Jaya doesnt want her to get recognised. Also she fears that some people might recognise her being sunil’s daughter and take revenge on her by destroying her careet. Jaya and Kusum know each other. Veer will play cupid sometimes and is like Mr.Khadoos’s younger brother and loves Kusum like his own mother. Kusum doesnt like annad but tolerates him for sake of Riya Veer and Priya. Riya is not that bad just a bit foolish. Though she still dreams of being Kusum’s daughter in law.

So what do you think?

If you are interested in the story please read further:

Also i need you guys’ opinion about something. Should kaanchi’s marriage remain a secret to people in hospital or be known by everyone? And why?( If u have any particular reasons or ideas about it ) In case of jeeping marriage a secret it will be still known by Malhotra family( or maybe some members of Malhotras ). The updates might not be regular ones since i have exams coming up in mid august( I couldnt wait till then to share this idea??) and also i don’t wanna update just for the sake of it and compromise the quality of the story…rest assured i will try my best to update asap.

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  1. Hey! Nice plot, I think kanchi marriage should be secret for sometime for maintaining professional relationships comfortably but it should be exposed after some time. Love your story please keep updating soon. Thanks

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq for bing te first one to review my story plot..I’ll try to update asap. Be sure of that! I hope you will love the story as well!?

  2. Storyline is good.

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq for reviewing the post! Hope you keep doing so?

  3. Aleenaiscool

    U should continue love the plot

    1. Otakustuff

      Glad to know you loved it Aleena…Hope my story continues to be loved by you dear!?

  4. Trisha139

    You can continue this is super cool …and yes I guess marriage must be hidden for sometime and then known by everyone …

    1. Otakustuff

      Great! Thnx a lot Trisha!

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    The plot itself already got me ready in the seat.. Woow, veer a cupid, Riya a foolish.. Its going to really in interesting. I think their marriage shouldn’t remain a secret.. Jaya doesn’t want her recognised that means she needs Kabir’s surname or identity and Thats not possible without the marriage being revealed.. So its basically Saanchi has to be known as Kabir’s wife to conceal her Mishra identity. Plus it would be soo cute to watch them try to be a couple.. And ur comments and fav ideas everyday made me feel u should be writing an ff.. U have an awesome set of ideas.. And a potential person like u would make any story interesting.. So , my vote is obviously continue asap.. And a big hug on starting a ff!!! Congrats..???

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnx a lot Annie. If their marriage is secret she won’t be known as kabir’s wife but someone who is married and just has the same surname as him and malhotras will know about it and if it is public then everyone will know who she married but her status wont be unmarried inany of the conditions.

      1. Otakustuff

        And your review made my day Annie…thnx a lot

  6. Swetatitli

    Ur story plot awesome. Plz keep on writing. Fabulous ????

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq dear? i will try my best!

  7. Continue

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnx Arjun!

  8. Very nice story line . I think it would be better if the marriage remains a secret.

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnx dear. Stay tuned for chapters to know what happens!

  9. nice plot and interesting..continue the story..
    I think marriage should remain secret

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq for your opinion…hope that you remain interested throughout the story!?

  10. Abhilasha

    It seems really interesting…….. Eagerly waiting for this….. Continue soon!!

    1. Otakustuff

      M so happy you liked it. Will post the first chapter soon. Stay tuned?

  11. It was better story, than the other author story please update soon

    1. Otakustuff

      Glad to know you liked it. Keep reviewing what u liked and didn’t like so that I can improve

  12. Richa1496

    Nice plot.. I think for some time marriage should be secret.. Because then only we can see jealous and caring kabir…

    1. Otakustuff

      True?? And jealous and possessive kabir is something we all enjoy seeing after all??

  13. it is just a request we are not a author but we are bit nice reader and dear author we know without are opinion u can do the best but main thing is post regularly and start the ff as soon as possible

    1. Otakustuff

      I will try my best to post regularly but since my exams are approaching in 2 weeks…there will be a bit delay at that time..plz be patient with me then….maybe i’ll write chapters inadvance and post later…

  14. awesome waiting for next

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq Alia….will post the first chapter soon?

  15. sorry for late comments dear……..btw the plot is good, continue writing……… my opinion the marriage should remain a secret, anything when revealed, loses its essence & if it remains a secret, we r going to hv an amazing story line,like if malhotra would try to offend sanchi i any way, kabir could (secretly) help her & since kabir is in anand’s good books, he won’t doubt on him………its completely my opinion, u may take the plot as u desire……….eagerly waiting for ur next update………….

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnx a lot Riya…ur review made my day…so happy to know that u believe in me…..I agree with your opinion…stay tuned to find out what happens…I will post the first chapter soon!?

  16. The story line is very nice and u should continue it and i think the marriage should be a secret as like this we would see a jealous kabir but plz make him understanding and caring

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnx for reviewing Amnaa.. seems like everyone wants to see a jealous kabir??? yes yes you will see him and of course his caring side will come out…but you will have to wait for that moment? i will post first chapter soon….lets see what happens!

  17. VINAL

    Nice story line & I also think marriage should be secret
    Continue soon

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnx for your feedback Vinal…will post the first chapter soon?

  18. all the best dear for ur exams………seems like everyone’s having exams within this time period, i too have my exams next week……..hope it goes well………..

    1. Otakustuff

      All the best to you too!?

  19. I liked the storyline…I love ffs and movies with suspense…cuz what is anything without a suspence…would be waiting for ur ff..Yeah I too have exams?…Best wishes dr?

    1. Otakustuff

      I share your opinion Isha…suspense adds to the story…will post the first chapter soon…all the best to you too!?

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