Mrs.Khadoos v/s Mrs.Malhotra ( Episode 2 )

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And the chapters will get longer as the story progresses as right now many characters are yet to make their entries. As i told before since this story is going to have suspense as well…you won’t get only Kaanchi scenes…They will be there of course but story won’t be focused completely on them. So please be patient. There are many surprises and twists to come.??

Now here we go with the 2nd chapter.

———- Episode 2 ———-


Here Jaya wakes up at night due to her nightmare and is disturbed throughout night. In her dream she saw Dr.Anand Malhotra cancelling Saanchi’s name from the list because she was Sunil’s daughter. Though it was just a dream she knew it is not far from reality since Anand hated her husband with a passion especially after that incident.

To distract herself, next day she goes for grocery shopping. And as fated she hears a familiar voice calling her.


“Kusum?! Tum yahaan?”

“We need to talk par yahaan nahi …”

After reaching Kusum’s home they chitchatted a bit and then came to centres of their world- Saanchi, Sunny and Kabir.
Jaya was relieved to talk to someone who knew Anand’s other face. Kusum too shared her worries regarding her son.

“He won’t believe me Jaya. He practically worships the ground Anand walks on. Though he doesn’t like Gayatri much but tolerates her just becaude she is Anand’s wife.”

“If Savitri were here….”

“I know…I miss her as well. Frankly speaking I wanted to run away from those bitter memories. The ghosts of the past haunt me even today. But I waited just for the sake of Savitri’s kids. Also I can’t deny, however bad Anand might be he sees kabir like his own son.”

“You have a point. Even I am worried about Saanchi. ”

Jaya tells about her dream. She also tells how she wants Saanchi to study only in SDCH since it is the top most medical college in India.

And suddenly Kusum is struck with an idea.

” Your problem is that she would get recognised by her name and you don’t want her to do something illegal just for the sake of her admission right?”

“Yes.Why? You have anything in mind? Please tell me.”

“Actually I do. Though I admit I am being selfish as well, for my son. I am worried that he may get trapped by Gayatri into marrying her daughter Riya. She’s not a bad girl but just not the right one for my son. So would you give me a chance to become your daughter’s second mom? I would like her to be my daughter-in-law. She would get Kabir’s name and will learn under his careful watch and protection in SDCH and she will do what I couldn’t-Show him Anand’s real face.”

” I don’t mind but don’t you want to meet her first?”

“She is your and Sunil bhai’s daughter
Jaya and that’s enough for me.”

And the two mothers parted ways smiling after so many years.

Later that evening Kabir returned home. Seeing the constant smile on his mother’s face he knew something fishy was going on. As she gave him tea and sat near him, he asked her,
” Kya hua Maa? Why are you so happy? ”

“Woh toh mai hu~! Meri sabse badi chinta jo dur ho gayi beta!”

“Maa~! Aap toh aise bol rahi ho jaise apko apni serial wali aurton ki tarah koi bahu mil gayi ho!”????

“Bilkul sahi jawaab!”??


And just like that Kabir choked on his tea!

———- PRECAP———-

Jaya informs Saanchi about her upcoming marriage. Kaanchi get ready for future challenges.

So what do you guys think about this episode? What do you think will be kabir’s reaction? Are you ready for our favourite Kaanchi’s wedding? Will Jaya and Kusum’s dreams finally turn into reality?

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  1. Richa1496

    Nice one dear…… Pls update next ff…. Eagerly wating for it….. ?

    1. Richa1496

      Nice one dear… Pls update next ff soon…. Eagerly wating for it…… ?

    2. Otakustuff

      Thnq so much Richa…glad to know u liked it…and the next update will be on thursday…you will have to wait till then?

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  3. It is really good one .. expression is A1 but please write a little longer

    1. Otakustuff

      Glad to know u liked it Nkh?….and as i said in the beginning of this episode…chapters will get longer as the story goes further…keep reviewing!

  4. Kabir mehra, kabir mehta, kabir sinha don’t know u like or not. But by the way u r ff was awesome please update soon . Already u r late? plss update it soon please please plss??

    1. Otakustuff

      I was supposed to update this tmrw…but got finished with chapter today itself so i updated it today….As i have said before there won’t be updates everyday…As i am a last year clg student my quite packed…so updates will be mostly on alternate days ….Glad to know u liked it?..Next update will be on thursday

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      Thnq so much Kasturi? hope u like upcoming chapters as well? Next episode will be posted on thursday

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      Thnq Ashnita! Hope u like upcoming chapters as well?

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    Wow osm start soon this is awesome

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      Thnx a lot Mannu!

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    Outstanding….. Can’t wait for next part dear…… I m already having butterflies running in my stomach to see how they will agree!!!

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      Thnq so much Abhilasha…ur comment made my day..really! Next update will be on thursday and its gonna be a longer one!?

  10. awesome update..
    waiting for next one.
    next time i want long update

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq Sundari….The length of the updates will vary according to how much development each chapter will have which i have already decided…Also as i told before some updates are gonna be shorter coz i can’t help it…M in my last year of college…so with a really busy schedule it is hard to write such long updates everytime…Please understand…but next update is gonna be longer for sure…Hope u’ll ne satisfied with it!

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  12. Awesome episode

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  13. I guess kabir singhania will be fine …

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  14. Sandra19

    It was nice yar…..And plz make it a little bit long…… I’m eagerly waiting for the next ff….soo update soon yar….

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq so much Sandra…it means a lot..….The length of the updates will vary according to how much development each chapter will have which i have already decided…Also as i told before some updates are gonna be shorter coz i can’t help it…M in my last year of college…so with a really busy schedule it is hard to write such long updates everytime…Please understand…but next update is gonna be longer for sure…and it wil be on thursday…enjoy!?

  15. Swetatitli

    Really very interesting story. Waiting for the next one ???

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      Thnq Swetatitli….ur encouragement keeps me going! Next update will be on thursday!?? Hold on tight for the next chapter…If u liked this chapter…next chapter is gonna be a treat as well…and m hoping u will love it even more!

  16. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow nice convo between the to be relatives.. And Kabir’s dialogues were cute.. Serial waali bahu. I had a little trouble first getting it properly but I did. Yes!!!! I am learning hindi. Now seeing Kabir choke on his tea was super cute. I can imagine the look on his face.. Can’t wait for more. Since u have studies no pressure.. Since I feel you.. Woow college!!! I still have 3 more years before high school graduation.. But anyways loving how u are emphasising on the story. I am already ur biggest fan..??for surnames Sinha, Goenka, Agnihotri, Mathur, Mehra.. Sorry but I am really good with Indian surnames.. But it was worth a shot.

    1. Otakustuff

      If u liked this episode that much then the next update is definitely gonna be a treat for u?? lets just say u will see Mr. khadoos ka new avtar…i havent written english translations purposely because if translations are there ppl wnt read the actual dialogue and then it would lose its charm…evry language is different and literal translation cant done no matter how high vocabulary one has…but if u still dnt get it ….u can ask…i will tell u in comments..i hope that is ok…I am flattered yaar??…and honoured to such a great fan??hope u enjoy the next update even more…we are getting closer to beginning of Kaanchi…so get ready for riding the roller coaster of emotions?

  17. U won’t believe otaku but it’s true…i exactly had this same plot in my mind….& as far as their fathers r concerned i thought that they would also be bffs but with their own perceptions in life…sunil focused more in helping the poor…anand & kabir’s father whose name was raj singhania were after name & fame…for this reason raj went abroad to fulfil his dreams…& left kabir & kusum alone & this was the reason for kabir’s hatred towards his dad…..this was my thought…..

    1. Otakustuff

      Holy shit Riya…but I can assure u except for the reason for marriage…nothing is common in our plot! I have very much different plans for each of the i said before…ni my story lot of other characyers gonna get the limelight and not just Kaanchi….soon the roller coaster ride will begin…so hold on tight…Journey’s gonna start soon!?? Btw i liked ur plot…why not post it as a story?

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      Oh god thats horrible ….i totally feel u yaar…all the best!??? I agree…thinking about the plot and penning them down are very different…i hope my updates will provide u the enjoyment break u need!

  20. Where r u dear?missing u a lot ? & eagerly waiting for ur next update ☺☺☺

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      3rd chapter got updated long back Riya…and i have not been feeling well for days now…with busy scgedule n all u know..m really sorry..but dnt wry.
      4th chapter will be up soon..I promise

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