Mrs.Khadoos v/s Mrs.Malhotra ( Episode 1 )

Hi guys! This is Otakustuff. It is my first fanfic on this site. Please review! Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome. Negative feedback is also welcome. Please tell me which parts parts you liked, did not like and what would you like to read in further chapters. I will try my best to incorporate those ideas into my plot but they may not necessarily appear in the next immediate chapter.
Also I am so happy to see so many people liked my idea. Thank you everyone! So here we go with the first chapter.

“Saanchi” will be dialogues
‘Saanchi’ will be thoughts
Italics will be flashbacks or emphasis on specific words

———-Episode 1———-

Gayatri called nurse and told her to give the list of new interns coming in this year. She fumes after seeing the first name on the list.

“I wont let his daughter study in Savitri devi college and hospital. I can’t let anyone ruin my plan. I would have had this hospital under control by now if not for her.

Savitri devi….alive or not…she still proves to be an obstacle in my path one that i can’t seem to get rid of no matter what.”

Gritting her teeth in anger, she realizes too late that she crumpled the interns’ list in her hand. But then she gets an idea.

She cuts the topper Sanchi Mishra’s name from the list and asks the nurse to get the correction done and make a new list and send it to her husband.

‘I just knew it when I saw the name Mishra. After marrying Anand I had enough money in my hands for hiring someone to find out about her. I have been keeping watch on that Mishra’s wife Jaya and their children for years now.

The son seems harmless but the daughter proved to be a problem even more so since she too followed in her father’s footsteps of becoming a doctor. Of course I knew that Jaya won’t stay quiet, she would send her daughter in this hospital and make her study right under my nose so as to mock me. But you don’t know me Jaya.

I won’t let you live in peace or my name won’t be Mrs.Gayatri Anand Malhotra.’

———- PRECAP ———-

Jaya meets her old friend Kusum. Both talk about their children.
What do you think will happen next? How was it so far? Dont forget to review even if it’s negative …it will help me improve. Dont forget to share your ideas or suggestions.

To find out more stay tuned for next episode!

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  1. Write a long episode I think u must add Sanchi kabir and veer scene more in episode but coming to episode as it is starting one it’s nice .plzz try to update episode as soon as possible

    1. Otakustuff

      First few chapters will be short as I am setting the background for suspense…but later updates will be longer I assure you. There are to be entries of many characters yet?…So please be patient Veer’s entry will have to wait..Sanchi and Kabir will enter soon…Also since my exams are approaching i might be a little late but i will try to update as regularly as possible…that is the first thing I thought about before even posting the plot?

      1. Best of luck for your exam .we will waiting for next episode when u r free .no pressure to update asap .?

    2. Otakustuff

      Thnq so much neera for being understanding…wil post next update soon..?

  2. Nice but write longer update .

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq alia …i know this one is short…but for first few chapters updates will be shorter as a requirement…the updates will become longer after marriage where romance will come into play? also my exams are nearing…so i can manage only this much write now..sorry

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Otaku I saw ur comment on my ff.. Unfortunately, TU doesn’t let us use italics or bold. Sometime they make the precap bold. I putting italics on my stories but they came as normal letters on the page.. But an amazing start.. What else can be better then villains.. I think villains and vamps are essential in any love story.. And precap.. Wuuu I can hear wedding bells.. Can’t wait to read more. Since ur exams are starting no pressure.. Keep going and love u..?

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq Annie for understanding me..luv u??returns hug( i forgot to thank u last time? sorry ) true annie…a hero can’t be hero without a villain…its like “nothing’s good if all is good”…as for wedding bells…lets see what happens? and keep reviewing! Though i know…i dont need to tell you that but still

  4. Nice story.
    Loved it.

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq so much…hope u love upciming chapters as well! Also don’t forget to share your ideas if u have any?

  5. Trisha139

    This was a nice start keep writing

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq Trisha…Stay tuned to find out more?

  6. dear write lit bit longer but ya I luv it

    1. Otakustuff

      Hi Shreya…thnx for reviewing…as i told Alia and Neera….first few updates will be shorter as I am setting the background but after marriage ..updates will be definitely longer as they will have Kaanchi scenes as well along with scenes for main plot…so plz be patient till then?… i am glad you liked the episode…keep reviewing!

  7. It was amazing pliz continue and post asap and sorry for late reply

    1. Otakustuff

      No problem aboutbeing late dear…What’s important is that u took time to review?…will post next update soon!

  8. Nice but update a little longer one.

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq for reviewing Sandhya?…i guess shorter update seems to be a problem for every one?but as I told others before…first few chapters are going to be short..but plz patient with me till then…after marriage when romance comes into play and other characters get introduced chapters will be longer I promise! Thnx for telling me

  9. nice start otaku……. eagerly waiting to see what comes out of ur secret box as the story unfolds…… episode was osm………plz post ur nxt update asap………

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq means a lot..will post next update soon…hold on thight till then?

    2. Otakustuff

      I like the term secret box???

    3. Otakustuff

      Btw I really liked the term secret box???

  10. Swetatitli

    Awesome ch yaar. Keep going ???

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq Swetatitli…Glad to know you liked it?

  11. Amnaa

    Nice story but it was short plzz make the next part longer

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq so much Amnaa…and yes chapters will be longer as story progresses..but first few chapters will be a bit shorter..byt after marriage ….chapters will be defunitely longer than this?

  12. Good but too short

    1. Otakustuff

      Actually i have already decided how much development each chapter will first chapters might be a little short…and also my exams are approaching…but after marriage chapters will be longer i promise…Plz be patient till then…and thnx for reviewing Cocoa#love

  13. Abhilasha

    Very very nice start….. So here we go for Mrs malhotra v/s Mrs. Khadoos…. Title is perfect and so is ur start just counting to read next part….!!!

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq Abhilasha…. I was thinking about the title for a week now… That was the reason i didnt post it till now?…Glad to know you are so eager…will post the second chapter tomorrow u will see it on Tuesday I guess.? ur review made my day

  14. Nice story I love it

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq so much for reviewing Kitty!

  15. thnx dear & keep updating…………..luv u a lot……………

    1. Otakustuff

      Yes yes I will

  16. Nice episode…. Bt plz say one thing.. Who will be the pair??

    1. Otakustuff

      Hi Nandini…I think u haven’t read the plot yet…i posted it before this…You can check it out here
      You will get a general idea…the pair will be everyone’s favourite..Kaanchi…and thnx for reviewing dear?

  17. awesome start..amazing precap.
    but to short..
    any ways its ok..
    all the best for ur exam
    waiting for next one

    1. Otakustuff

      Thnq Sundari! Chapters will get longer as the story proggresses when romance scenes will be added…Till then plz be patient…As for next update it will be submiyyed by me tomorrow evening…So u will see it on Tuesday mostly …Hope u keep enjoying the story

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