Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 8th January 2013 Written Update

-Using his power Komila’s father finds out that Billo took Radhe to a ghost place. They decide to go there as well. Karthik and Lovely also go with them, despite Komila’s father warning them that it might be risky.
-In ghosts place, Ghosts’ leader asks Billo for ghosts tax (screams that they collect by scaring people). Billo says that she will pay tax which no one has paid ever. She tells him that Radhe wants to turn into ghost.
-When they are about to make Radhe ghost by throwing hell water on him, Billo decides to leave and returns to Kaushik home before Komila’s parents find out about her plan.
-She leaves and Komila, her parents, and Lovely-Karthik enter. Lovely stops ghosts leader from making Radhe ghost. Lovely starts her bluffing and says that Radhe is a man of God, and if they turn him into a ghost, then they will be destroyed.
-Ghosts leader decides not to turn Radhe into a ghost and send him back to the earth, but leader’s daughter comes there and says that he must turn Radhe into ghost as she has started liking him and wants to marry him.
-Because of this Komila starts fighting with leader’s daughter. Leader then says that the solution of this is a competition. Whoever wins the competition will marry with Radhe.
-Competition starts and it’s about dance. Both Komila and leader’s daughter dance. It’s clear that Komila would win that, and therefore, leader’s daughter goes to him and tells him that no matter what Radhe must marry her.
-Being her father, leader’s decides to take her side. On the other side, Billo reaches Kaushik house and finds out that Komila’s parents found out about her plan. She decides to go back to ghosts place. Komila wins the competition, but ghosts leader deny to send Radhe back. He says, whoever wants him alive.. will keep dancing. Komila decides that she won’t stop dancing. Only few minutes are left till morning, and Komila’s family must take Radhe out of that place, else he’ll be never able to get out from there read updates with pictures daily only at Komila’s father adds bhangh in laddus and tells Lovely to distribute laddus in everyone. so when they eat, they will be like drunk and then they can go out from there easily.
-Lovely does it and everyone is drunk. A ghost gives it to Karthik as well, and he’s drunk as well.
-Komila’s parents get out of that place first. Lovely struggles to take Karthik, but they manage to get out as well.
-Sunshine falls on Radhe and now he’s fine. but before they leave that place, Billo comes back and blocks their way. Billo says that no matter what she won’t let them go out.

Tomorrow: Komila’s father pushes Billo and she falls down taking Radhe and Komila with her. Radhe and Komila get up and try to leave, but Billo holds Komila’s leg. Radhe asks Billo to leave Komila.

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