Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


-Radhe and Komila are putting flowers malas on each other to complete their court marriage. Billo’s voice is back, and she tries to interrupt, but Komila’s parents get disappeared with Billo. And court marriage is done.
-Komila’s parents think that they reached heaven and everything is good now, but God appears to them and tell that they haven’t reached the heaven yet. To reach to the heaven and to turn Komila into a human being, Komila must marry with all the rituals.
-Kaushiks come out of the court. Masa asks Komila about her parents. She doesn’t know what to so.
-Komila’s parents and Billo come there and save Komila. They say that they went to buy sweets. They give sweets to everyone.
-On a side, Komila’s parents tell Komila, Radhe, Karthik, Lovely about what God told them. They have to stop grah pravesh (house entrance of Komila after marriage) now otherwise marriage with all the rituals is not possible.
-Everyone reaches Kaushiks house now. Komila’s parents use their power and try to create issues with the house entrance, while Billo uses her powers and tries to make sure everything goes fine.
-In end Komila’s parents win. Karthik and Lovely tell masa and ammasa because they didn’t do marriage with all the rituals.. all bad things are happening. It’s God’s message to do the marriage properly. Karthik says that they can do marriage tomorrow with his friend’s marriage. Masa says no because it’s impossible to do all the preparations. However, ammasa says, its hard but not impossible. They decide wedding for tomorrow.
-Lovely and Karthik are concerned and ask Komila’s parents how they will sit in wedding’s mandap as they can’t hear prayer songs and stay around God.
-Radhe is desperate to meet to Komila, but all bahus stop him and say him that he can’t meet until marriage is done.
-Komila’s father lies and says that he got message from God and now there is no problem in sitting in mandap. Lovely finds something fishy, so she stays outside their room to hear their conversation.
-Billo tells Komila’s father that she knows that God didn’t say anything and he’s just bluffing.
-She says, if you want to burn yourself, then go ahead.. but I won’t burn myself, and that too for Komila.
-Lovely hears this and is worried.

Next week: Radhe meets Komila. Komila tells him, just in case if anything happens to me tomorrow.. I want to live one day as your wife. Radhe says, then I will also see how many tests God takes of true lovers. He hugs her. Billo watches all this.

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