My Mr. Stranger FS Shot-7

Hi! Here is the next one, in fact the second last part. I can’t believe that I’ve almost completed my first fiction and that too getting good comments. Thank you so much Areesha and Parul for your support.
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So, here we go-

Recap:- Kabir’s strange behaviour and the increased distances.

A whole week passed but my condition was still the same, I just worked continuously in the daytime and the nights passed listening to that unknown singer. My desire grew more and more to see that person at least for once. And, there I was, the next day, knocking at his apartment’s door. I was getting anxious with each passing minute, and finally, the door opened. A guy in some funky shorts popped out. “Yes?”, he said. I was short of words, I didn’t have any idea how to start. “Err..Hello!.. I live in the adjacent apartment, actually, I’m here to meet the person who sings at night.”, I came to the point straightly. “Man! This Sainty created a new fuss.”, he mumbled. “Sorry.”, I said, not getting his words. “I’m really very sorry if it disturbed you, actually my room-mate sometimes goes super crazy and sings whole night sticking to his guitar. I’ll ask him to stop that. You’ll not get any complain from the next time.”, he told. “No! I didn’t mean that. I’m not here to complain. Actually, I like his voice a lot, I just wanted to meet him once.”, I explained him my reason to show up there. “Really, you like his songs?”, he uttered surprised. I nodded. “But, sorry, you can’t meet him.”, he said. I felt bad hearing that. “But, why?”. “He’s not at home right now.”, he replied. “Okay, I’ll drop in some other time then.”, I said disappointed. He nodded and shut the door behind me. But, immediately opened the door and shouted, “Wait!”. I got startled by his act. I looked at him questioningly, turning back. “Are you Antara Purohit?”, he asked out of the blue. “Yess..”, I stammered having no idea what the matter was? “Hello Ma’am! Please get in.”, he called me inside. At first, I hesitated and then finally, as I stepped in, I was gobsmacked. The wall on the right side was filled with pictures of mine. But, what shocked me more was, most of the pictures were recent. Some of them were of the time when I’d started my music career. “Please have a seat, ma’am.”, he gestured. “I’m Abhay, Sainty’s room-mate cum friend, err.. Sainty, the singer you were talking about.”, he cleared as I looked at him confused. “He’s a huge fan of yours ma’am.”, he said explaining why my photos were there. “Please, call me Antara.”, I told him. I was now more intrigued by that mysterious singer. “He might be coming any time, that’s why I asked if you can wait. He’ll go crazy seeing you here. Though, he’s crazy enough now even.”, he said the last words a little lower. “Yeah, I’ll wait. No problem.”, I replied. I could not afford to miss the chance to see him now. “Can I ask you something?”, I said hesitating. “Yes, Of course.”, he beamed. “Is your friend going through some melt down? I mean, his voice carries lots of pain.”, I finally asked. “I can’t say clearly, even I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Actually, whenever he feels lonely, he just kick off his sad guitar chords. Though, he’s super cool or at least try to act cool but he brings out all his pain through his singing, he doesn’t like to share his problems with anyone.” I felt like he was talking about me, as I heard the word lonely. I got curious. “But, why? Where is his family?”, I asked. He looked like he was thinking something. “Ah! I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have asked something personal.”, I said apologetically. “I think, he won’t mind if I share his personal life with you. Actually, I don’t know much in depth, but have you heard about Suraj Raghuvanshi?”, he asked. I tried recalling where had I heard that name. “Are you talking about Delhi’s top industrialist Suraj Raghuvanshi?”, I queried. He nodded. “Yes, he is his only son. But, they don’t share a good equation and it’s all because of his wicked step mom. He was not happy there so he left everything and came here to be independent and to stand on his own. Though, he shows he’s not affected by all these but sometimes he misses his parents a lot. And, as a result, turns out as Devdas.”, he added. Now, I knew why I found another me in him. The clock paced at it’s usual speed but my patience was getting over when I heard someone knocking the door. “Finally, he’s here.”, Abhay said getting up to open the door.

I got anxious, I don’t know why but, I was nervous and I started fidgeting my fingers. “Look bro! Who’s here!”, Abhay beamed as he opened the door. I turned back to see the person. Finally, the moment had come. But, what I saw made me shocked. “Kabir!”, I blurted as I stood up in disbelief. He stood there surprised but for the first time I saw him so pale. He looked totally different, I couldn’t find any bubbliness in him. “You know him?”, Abhay asked dazzled. I stood there still. Everything that happened from the first day I met Kabir, flashed in front of my eyes. It took me awhile to accept that Kabir and that mysterious singer were one. No one could imagine seeing Kabir, that he has problems in his life as well. My love and respect for him deepened but then Kabir’s words rang in my ears, “Sorry, I didn’t mean that…” and I came back to the bitter reality where I was nowhere in his heart. A lone tear skipped my eyes. “Antara! You here?”, he asked. “Ohh! Sorry, I shouldn’t be here. I didn’t know that you live here.”, I replied somehow preventing myself from breaking into tears. I gestured to move out when he stopped me, “Wait! You’re not here for me?”, he uttered confused. Of course, he should be, even he didn’t know where I live, the door next to him and all that mystery singer stuff. But, I felt a tinch of disappointment in his voice when he said that. Was he happy finding me there? I wondered. “Is there anyone here who’s going to tell me what’s going on?”, Abhay uttered irritated. “Why were you waiting a few minutes ago to meet Sainty when you already know him? And, Sainty, you never mentioned that you know her and she lives in the neighbouring apartment.”, he showered questions for both of us. Kabir’s expressions changed as he heard that I lived in the next apartment. He waited for me to say something. Should I clear his confusion? I pondered. “I know, that you were not expecting me, obviously after what happened that night, but trust me I was not here to meet you. I really didn’t want to trouble you anymore.”, I was saying when he interrupted, “What are you saying Antara? How can you even think that you troubled me! I understand that you’re mad at me, but don’t disrespect our friendship saying that.”, he said furiously, for the first time I saw him behaving rudely. “You guys continue, meanwhile, I’ll get some coffee for you.”, Abhay excused as he saw the situation heating up. Kabir went to the balcony without saying anything further, he was highly upset, but I was not able to understand why did he say all that? Has he got to know that I love him and what he said that night, hurted me? Is he hurt with all these? He might be confused what should he do, I know him, he can never hurt me, he must be thinking of accepting me even after he doesn’t love me. What I dreaded has really happened. God! Why have I become the reason of my Kabir’s troubles. I’ve messed up everything. Now, I understand why is he reacting like this! Of course, because of me, because of whatever happened between us. I realised, I had the answers already with me. For once, I thought to leave the place and Kabir forever, that might improve everything, but I know that’s a fake solution, it will make everything even more complicated, no one will be able to live happily, my conscience didn’t allow me doing that. Before everything, he’s my friend who stood by me in my worst situations and helped me come out of them, now, it was my turn to solve all his problems, he was bothered a lot, as I heard the pain in his voice since last week, and that’s all because of me. Knowing that it was me who’s the reason behind his sadness, almost throttled me. I decided finally to tell him everything and after that I’ll move out of his life forever. I’m enough broken alone, I don’t want him to face any problems in life. With terrified steps, I moved towards him.

Precap:- Last part!! So, no precap. I’m not unfolding it now.

So, that’s it with today’s part, Please comment if you liked.

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  1. Opps! I am so sorry i was bit busy with college stuff so could not read it before.

    But girl this is soooooo amazing.
    Uk kabir is truely gem?? his character teaches that despite of problems in your life you can spread love.

    But hey why ending so soon ?
    I love reading this dont end soon plz but do post soon?

    1. Dream

      No problem dear, I can understand, even I’m busy these days because of my continuous Classes and tysm for your encouraging support.?? I’m ending it coz I don’t want to drag the story and I’m going a bit busy these days so I’d hate it to make you wait due to that.
      I’ll try posting it soon?

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