My Mr. Stranger FS Shot-6

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Recap:- Antara’s past revealed.

It was near midnight, as we stood to get back. It’d started raining. I noticed some men standing a bit apart were staring at me. It made me uneasy, but before I could say something, I felt a strong hold around my waist. I glanced at him with teary eyes, I never knew that there will be someone who would care for me this much. I never felt like this with Aadesh. Now, I realise, he was never in that relationship, it was only me who was completely devoted. He made me sit and then settled himself at the driving seat. Suddenly, he leaned towards me, I flinched at the sudden movement but the next moment, I found him fastening my seat belt. My heart filled with respect for him. He captivated my thoughts, even I stared at him stealthily, the whole way back. I came back to senses as he applied the brakes and found that it was Jessy’s home. “You should stay here tonight.”, he said and I nodded. “Take care Antara and try to forget everything as a horrible nightmare.”, he said as we came out. It was still raining and as a result we were completely drenched. As I turned, he sneezed and before I could complete, “Bless..”, I sneezed too and we burst out laughing. Out of sudden, he came close to me, his hands reached upto my face and picking one of my hair strands falling on my face, he slid it behind my ears. His touch made me shiver. We shared an intense eyelock and he started leaning in. Unknowingly, I lifted my heels slightly and our lips met on the spur of the moment removing all the gaps between us. Everything turned magical instantly, I had never ever felt like that before. It was filled with passion, with love. Yes, love! The kiss lasted a bit longer, we pulled back getting out of breath. My heart was beating at such high a rate that I was able to hear it. We were breathing heavily. And, that was when we realised what we did. Surprisingly, I didn’t find myself guilty, rather, I felt heavenly, I felt complete. But, his words shocked me. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Antara. It was a mistake, I didn’t mean to.”, he muttered. I found guilt in his eyes and that left me heart-broken again. What he meant by sorry? Was it a mistake for him? I glanced at him with my wet eyes, he was waiting for me to say something, but I was not left with words. I just ran from there leaving him confused. This time, I was completely shattered. As soon as Jessy opened the door, I hugged her tightly and cried my heart out. “Hey, shh! Please calm down Antara.”, she got worried and tried consoling me. She made me sit but my tears didn’t stop falling. “Jessy”, I heard his voice. She went to him. But, this time I didn’t look at him. “Don’t worry Kabir, I’ll take care of her. Today, that wreck has crossed all his limits.”, she uttered furiously. I wondered, how did she get to know about Aadesh’s phone call. But, I didn’t care, this time it was not Aadesh who bothered me, it was Kabir who had hurted me. “How do you know?”, he asked. “After calling her, he called me to give his message to her.”, she replied. I felt his gaze on me, I knew it very well that we both didn’t care about Aadesh, he was worried about what happened downstairs and me, I was not worried, I was devastated. He expected me to say something but I just stayed there weeping continuously. “Please take her care. She’s badly hurt.”, he said sighing and taking a last glance of me, he left.

The next day passed with lots of difficulty. I kept myself locked in my apartment. I was not ready to face anyone. I forced myself to believe that I was made to be alone. I do not deserve love, care, happiness. Those words turned strange to me exactly as Kabir again turned into a mere stranger for me. Since, we became friends, it was for the first time that neither we saw nor we heard each other. I wanted to swipe away all his memories but it was not that easy, my pain kept growing along with the darkness outside. Suddenly, I heard the same old tune. I rushed to my balcony but still I could not see who was singing. His voice contained the same pain I was going through. I felt my knees getting weak, and I sat there on the floor. Though, we were not able to see each other, but I felt we knew each other from ages. I felt as if we shared a connection, a connection of pain. I stayed there for hours, listening to the music with tears continuously rolling down my cheeks. I didn’t get to know when sleep engulfed me and I spent the whole night there itself. The next morning, I decided to accept whatever I had in my destiny and turned into the Antara who’s alive just for namesake. I made myself busy in work but Kabir’s thoughts were not ready to leave me. Jessy came to meet me in the evening. “Why I’m feeling that there’s something else that’s bothering you?”, She asked as she noticed my dull state. I told her everything. “Do you love him?”, She asked. “Yes, I didn’t even realize when did I start loving him, but he doesn’t.”, I mumbled with a lot of difficulty. It was a bitter truth that my heart didn’t want to accept. “He regretted that kiss, Jessy.”, I said sobbing again. “Come on, Antara. Don’t act stupid, if you love him then confess. How can you say he doesn’t love you and that too by such foolish conclusions.”, She explained. “I don’t think he loves me Jessy, else he would have called me. And, I don’t want to make things more awkward by confessing. I will die if he says no. It’s better that I forget everything and move on.”, I uttered. “Will moving on be easy?”. I just kept quiet. I knew I wouldn’t be able to move on ever but I also know that I can’t force him to love me. If I’ll confess then he might say yes for my happiness but I don’t want that. I don’t want him to compromise his happiness.

Precap:- Antara meeting the mysterious singer.

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    But kabir??????
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      I’m glad that you liked it, tysm dear? and you’re guessing it right? .
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