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Recap:- Kabir asking Antara for being friends.

I started finding changes in me as our meetings increased. It has been two weeks since I’ve officially accepted his friendship. His presence around me doesn’t make me feel awkward or nervous anymore. A different Antara comes out when he’s around. After that day, he often met me near the taxi stand and offered me lifts. I started enjoying those forty-five minutes of journey with him forgetting my problems. We just talked about random things and I learnt to laugh, all because of him. “Will you be my friend Mr.Stranger?”, I finally said two weeks ago stepping out from his car. To which he replied, “I’ll think about it soon Ms. Stranger.” That’s how we became friends. I feel a special bond between us, there’s a perfect understanding, we haven’t yet shared our past or personal life with each other. It seems there is no place of some third thing between us and I’m really happy with that. Yes, He has taught me how to be happy. Most of our free time is now spent together at marine drive, just sitting there with him, staring at the sea gives peace.

My phone buzzed disturbing my sleep. After a whole week, that seemed like a year, it was Sunday and I’d got chance to take some good sleep but the world is full of evils who don’t let you relax even on a sunday. I got up, my mood all grumpy, to check who it was. And, Guess what? I was right. It was an evil. Mr. Stranger. My grumpiness converted into a smile. It was a text saying, “ Party at 8, Club Pamposh. Don’t get late Ant.” As soon as my eyes caught ant, my nose turned red, I was very angry. Whenever he teases me calling ant, it gets red in anger, and instead of getting afraid, he teases me more saying that I look cute with this red nose. I touched my nose and smiled again. I found a new Antara as I glanced at the mirror. I had never been like this before, never! And, I’m afraid, I don’t want this happy dream of mine to break as my every dream. It was already 6, I hurried up to get ready, when my phone rang. I knew who it was, without even looking at the caller id, I picked it up. “How dare you call me an ant?”, I shouted but as soon as I heard the person on the other end, a shiver ran down. It was Aadesh. I wasn’t left with any courage to speak. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. “Hello! Hello! Antara. Listen, please don’t disconnect.”, he said finding me silent. “ What do you want now?”, I said choking. “I want to meet you.”, He said, he wanted to continue further but I disconnected. I didn’t want to listen his voice. My sobs turned into screams. Why God, why haven’t I got the right to be happy? Whenever happiness knocks my door, someone steals it away. I stepped out of my apartment, absent-mindedly.

Someone tapped my shoulder, I turned to look back but the face wasn’t clear because of my cloudy eyes, and hugged me tightly. I don’t know for how long I sat there on marine drive, crying continuously. “Are you stupid? You’re here and I was searching you like an insane.”, The person said and then somehow I recognised, it was Kabir. “Do you have any idea, how much worried I was? You almost took out my life.”, He started scolding me continuously pulling himself out of the hug, but his words weren’t reaching out to me. I was, I was miserable. “Hey, are you fine? Why are you crying Antara?”, He said worried as he finally noticed my state. He held my shoulders and I leaned towards him, I didn’t have any strength left. “Have this?”, He said as he forwarded a water bottle which he fetched from the car. Instead of taking the bottle, I held his hands and motioned him to sit. He complied and held my hands more firmly. “Do you want to share your pain?”, He asked softly. I just stared in his deep eyes. “It’s alright, take your time but don’t repeat this stupidity again. I was so worried. I’d have called you hundreds of times but each time I got no answer, I didn’t know your address even, Jessy checked and told me you were not at home. And, finally I found you here.”, He kept on saying. “Today, he called me.”, I said in a barely audible voice ignoring what he was saying. “Who?”, He asked puzzled. “Aadesh.”, I said and a fresh set of tears formed. “You were right, I’m the singer Antara Purohit.”, I mumbled. “Yeah, I know.”, He said and I looked at him boggled. “But, how? I tried my best to avoid the media and all. Then, how did you find? You didn’t tell me even.”, I shot lots of questions on him. “Yes, you tried your best to avoid media, after all it took me hours to search online to get some clue and after much hard work, I finally got a photo of yours. I was a big fan of yours Antara, even I’m today as well. I knew it from the day, we first met but I didn’t want to force you to accept that. I just wanted to give you some time.”, He replied and I was like numb. Do such people like him exist now even? I wondered. He was so calm and so patient and on the other side I’d always been a complete mess.

“I came here three years ago. But, you know what Kabir, that Antara was not like me, she was lively, carefree and confident. I got my first break and I was very excited. My album released and it touched all the heights. Everything was so magical. And, then I met Aadesh. The same way, I met you, in a club. It was my album’s success party. You might be knowing him, he’s a well known music composer.”, I asked while narrating him my past. “Yes, he was well known then but not now. After your albums stopped releasing, slowly his fame faded. Don’t you know it?”, He asked and I was baffled. After I left music, I never turned back. I just shook my head. “He gave me an offer to join him and I accepted. Our meetings increased and we came close, his composition and my voice was a perfect combination. Soon, we started dating. I was so happy Kabir, it all felt like a fairy tale, until that darkest day of my life came. It had been six months of our relationship and I thought to surprise him. I went to his house to make the arrangements for the party, thinking he’d be in the office. As I knocked, the maid opened the door, but she told he was already at home. Signalling her to keep quiet and drawing out a fresh red rose from the vase, I headed towards his bedroom but my feet freezed as I heard him. “Why are you taking stress baby? It’s just a matter of few days, as soon as this album gets released, I’ll throw her out of my studio as well as my life.”, He was saying it to the girl who sat clinging to him. “Whatever, but do it soon, you know that I don’t like it when you go near her.”, That girl said. “Come on, sweetheart, you know it’s all fake. I love you, only you.”, He uttered unaware of the fact that his words had already broken my heart into million pieces.
My world turned upside down. My hold on the rose loosened and it fell on the floor, I barged inside. He was shocked finding me there. “Why did you do that Aadesh?”, I screamed. “Hey, listen to me, it’s just a misunderstanding. I can explain.”, He lied. “I don’t want to listen anything, such a jerk you are, instead of admitting you are still lying. Shame on you Aadesh.”, I kept yelling. “Excuse me! How dare you talk to him like this?”, That girl tried defending him. “Antara, I can explain.”, Aadesh said. But, I was not left in a condition to understand anything. “It’s all over Aadesh, it’s all over.”, I said my voice choking and turned back. I thought for once, he will apologize for his act but he didn’t even try to stop me. That smashed rose on the floor just turned into a witness of our break-up or I can say my broken state. After that, I left music, and started hiding from the world.”, I broke into tears as I completed telling him everything. He engulfed me in his arms and I don’t know how but my pain reduced. I found solace there in his arms. I just wished the time to stop there forever. “You can cry as much as you want, because from tomorrow I’ll not let you shed tears.”, He said softly near my temple, caressing my hairs.

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