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Recap:- Antara spotting Aadesh in Jessy’s party and Kabir consoling her.

A month passed after that incident. I strolled out of the society looking for some cab. I was getting late for the office. Ten minutes passed but not even a single taxi shown up. Cursing my fate, I started walking to check if there was some cab at the stand when a car stopped near me. Sliding down the window, Kabir called my name, “Hi! Antara.” “Hello!”, I replied. He was the last person on the earth, I wanted to see that time. After what happened that day, he occupied my thoughts every single day. One more problem was added to my list. I wasn’t able to understand his kindness, his care for me. Why was he being so nice in a world where no one even cares a damn for a stranger! “You here?”, He asked. “Why? Can’t I be here?”, I asked sarcastically. I didn’t realize when the bitterness of my life dissolved in my words too. “No, I didn’t mean that. You need any help?”, He asked. “What do you think?

Do I look like a helpless fellow who always awaits your help, your mercy.”, I bursted out. I didn’t get it myself why was I behaving so rudely with him. Maybe my insecurities were the reasons. I was terrified. I wanted to stop myself from giving someone the rights to control me, the power to hurt me, again! I dreaded making relations with people, who knows when someone cheats you. I couldn’t deny the fact that he was different and I didn’t want myself to get attracted towards him and allow him to pass through the invisible wall that I built around myself. “Why don’t you leave me on my state? Why is it always necessary to interfere in my life?”, I continued but this time my voice was not rude but it contained pain, lots of pain. Rather, I wanted to ask, Why are you affecting me? Why do I feel strange when you are near me? “Look! I’m not showing any mercy. I know you are strong enough to manage yourself but if I drop you somewhere, it will not make you weak.”, He said. I just blankly stared at him. I didn’t find any sympathy in his eyes for me. Sympathy, something I hate the most and that’s the only reason I try hiding from the world, to avoid their sympathy. His words were genuine.
For the first time in my life, someone tried to made me feel that I’m not that vulnerable, that helpless. His words impelled me to believe that I was still strong. “It’s a strike today, you won’t get any cabs, get in, I’ll drop you.”, He said softly. I couldn’t refuse him, finally he made an impact on me.

“So, you are an interior designer. Right?”, He asked. “Yeah”, I said sighing. He tried making a conversation as I sat beside him. “Hmm. Do you like your job?”, He interrogated and I looked at him questioningly. “You must be loving what you do that’s why you chose for this job. Right?”, He said trying to explain. I got silent. Again, he made me confront the reality. What was I doing? This is not what I love to do. Designing was just a graduation subject for me, nothing else. But, now it doesn’t matter, I can’t do what I love. “My priorities are different.”, that was all I could manage to say. “Do you like your job?”, I asked trying to know him more. I realised I knew nothing about him, except his name and profession. “Of course I like designing softwares.”, He said. “But, I didn’t like my job, so I just resigned today.”, He continued. He uttered it so casually as if resigning a job was as easy as buying grocery. “But why?”, I blurted surprised. “As I said I didn’t like my job.”, He said. How could someone be so immature? Anyways, it was obvious to expect this from a person like him for whom everything is so easy. “Irresponsible!”, I mumbled.

“People often call me that.”, He said chuckling a little. Crap! He heard me. “Sorry!”, I said. “It’s not your fault. The way I choose to live my life is always considered weird. And, that’s fine, Everyone has got rights to make their opinions.”, He uttered calmly. There was no complaint in his voice. I wondered what a person he was? “Why didn’t you like your job?”, I queried. “The work they gave me to do was not the one for which I applied. I was not happy doing that and I can’t compromise my happiness. So, resigned.”, He answered with a satisfactory smile on his lips. For a while I got lost in his magical smile but then my conscious brain alarmed me, and the depressed Antara took the charge back. He must be a rich-spoilt brat who will get his father’s empire served in a plate, I concluded. Mumbai taught me one thing as soon as I stepped in this city, drawing out conclusions and most of the time they are right too. “I hope you are fine now.”, he continued breaking my trance. “Excuse me?”, I muttered confused. “I mean that evening in Jessy’s party, you were highly distressed.

Something bothered you a lot or I can say someone. I hope the problem is solved.”, He explained. I didn’t know what to say, I was a bit relaxed after what he did for me or what he said but some wounds don’t heal easily. “I’m better and thank you for all that you did for me. I forgot to thank you that day.”, I answered. “Friends should not be thanked.”, He said smiling. “May I know, when did we become friends?”,

I asked surprised. Was I ready to trust a stranger? I thought though my heart had already started knitting dreams even after getting broken once. Heart has always been stupid, but factually it’s correct though, after all it has not got brain to think. But, my brain didn’t allow me to forget my past. “I thought we were friends. Actually, I’ve a habit of making friends as soon as I meet someone, so according to that for me you are already my friend. But, still if some formalities are left, then, Friends?”, He asked looking at me. “I need some time, I don’t make friends easily. For now, concentrate on the wheel.”, I said and he nodded without showing any annoyance. “Stop!”, I shouted as the car left my office building behind. I didn’t realise I was so lost in him that I didn’t notice when we reached. “Thanks for the lift.”, I said as I stepped out. “Be ready to get rid of these formalities soon, Ms. Stranger.”, He said in a teasing tone. Passing him a glare, I headed towards the entrance. But, unknowingly, a smile appeared on my face. A smile that I had lost years before.

Precap:- Growing bonding and Antara’s past.

That’s it with today’s part. I hope you liked it guys!

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