My Mr. Stranger FS Shot-3

Hii sweeties! I’m back with shot-3. Thanks for commenting in the previous parts. Though I don’t get much comments but it doesn’t matter, I’m satisfied that those who read are happy with it.
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Shot 2

so, here we go-

Recap:- Antara’s and Kabir’s first meet.

I got up with swelled eyes and aching head. As I tried to sit, someone helped me. Slowly, I got a little control over my headache and my vision got somewhat clear. I was shocked to see him. “Have this, you’ll feel better.”, He said forwarding a glass of lemonade. “Did you get drunk for the first time?”, He asked. “What are you doing here? What happened last night? Erghh! I don’t remember anything.”, I asked ignoring all his questions, and holding my head tightly. “Calm down Antara.”, I heard Jessy. Her voice made me relaxed. I was really afraid seeing that stranger there. “Jessy, what did I do? I don’t remember anything.”, I said looking at her. “Not much! You just got drunk, danced like crazy holding Kabir and got unconscious. He helped me to bring you here and now he came early morning to check whether you’re fine or not.”, She said and it was then, when I noticed it was Jessy’s flat. I shifted my gaze towards him. He seemed very normal, there was no anger, neither he tried to show that he did any favour on me. “I’m sorry for whatever I did.”, I said to him. “Not a big deal! It happens when you get drunk for the first time. Only one thing was strange.”, He replied. “What?”, I asked curiously. “You behaved like an angry lioness, exploding all your anger on me while you danced.”, He said chuckling as he showed my nail scratches on his palm. I got embarrassed. Why on earth did I do that? Leave that, why on earth did I get drunk? “I’m really sorry for that.”, I apologized. “No, I’m not complaining. I just wanted to know what is bothering you this much?”, He uttered. I got numb. Observing my expressions he continued, “It’s okay! Don’t take stress. There’s no need to tell me.”, He said. For the first time I met a person who understood me, who read my mind. “I should leave now. Take rest and next time drink in a limit.”, He said and gestured to move. “Thank you.”, I said forwarding my hand towards him. At first he stared at me little surprised, then smiled and held my hand.

Few days later Jessy threw a party at her place. I was there after she insisted a lot. She tried that I mingle with people, at least get ready to make friends but I didn’t have that much courage left with me. I can’t trust anyone. I chose a corner and took a seat there. My empty eyes were getting strained by the party lights and the music was so loud. Staring into the emptiness, that unknown singer occupied my thoughts. I wondered why wasn’t I able to forget him yet. I heard him just for once but the impact still lasts on my heart. My eyes saw someone and I came out of my trance. What was he doing here? “Did you call him?”, I asked Jessy as she came to me. “Who?”, She wondered. I pointed towards him. “Hell! What is this jerk doing here?” She said as she finally spotted the person, I was referring to. It was Aadesh. “Let me check how did he come here.”, She said and left me there oblivious of my sulking state. I was resisting myself from breaking down when our eyes met, no when his and mine eyes met. It’s not our anymore. I just rushed outside in the garden. My past finding a way to come out started flowing through my eyes. Suddenly, I heard someone’s footsteps approaching me. I started quivering. The person stood at some distance, I wasn’t able to see his face. “Stay away. Don’t come near me.”, I shouted. He paused for a second and then continued moving in my direction, and then I saw his face in the moonlight, he stood a few inches apart. It was not Aadesh. It was him, the stranger. “Are you okay?”, He said resting his hands on my shoulder. I gasped due to the closeness. Taking few steps back, I wiped off my tears hurriedly. “Antara, you alright?”, He said in a low calming voice. I felt quite better in his presence, a little secured. “No, I’m not alright. I’m freaking tired of acting to be normal. I’m not alright.”, I yelled unleashing someone else’s anger on him. He went inside and quickly came out with a glass of water. I ignored as he passed me the glass, but he didn’t draw his hand back. He was rigid this time, I looked into his eyes to know his intentions, after all why was he doing this much for me? I can’t trust someone that easily. But, his eyes were so calm, there was nothing that I could find wrong. There was some spark, which didn’t allow me to take my eyes off him. “Listen, I don’t know what’s happening in your life, or what happened but, I just know one thing, it doesn’t matter how much pain you are suffering through, what matters is how much do you allow it to ruin your world. Life is all about moving on, you should not get stuck with your problems and stop moving. Try to come out of them, look at your surroundings, try to find happiness. A small ray of hope can clear a dark vast sky filled of problems.”, He was going on with his lecture when it got enough for me. “Stop it!”, I shouted. “Giving lectures is very easy, Sir! Going through the realistic problems of life is some other thing. You won’t understand, a person who takes everything as fun, can’t understand my problem. And, trust me it’s not easy for a person to face the one who took all her hopes. ”, I uttered and broke into tears. I thought he’d leave after this behaviour of mine. But to my surprise, he stayed there and passed me the glass again. This time I took it, there was no energy left inside me, I felt weak, really weak. He didn’t utter anything, just held my hand and made me sit on a chair lying there and took a seat beside me. We didn’t speak anything for a while, but his silent company felt like an ointment on my wounds. “I’m fine, you can go inside if you want.”, I said after some time. “Are you sure? Why don’t you come and join the party as well?”, He asked. The thought of Aadesh inside made me flinch. I shook my head but he held my hand as if he had full rights on me. But, I didn’t pull away, I admitted it to myself, for the first time that I needed a support. “Trust me, you’ll feel better. Just try for once to look at the positive side of life.”, He said softly. I simply nodded and went inside holding his hands like a small child. As soon as I entered, Jessy rushed towards me. “Where were you? Are you alright? He’s gone. I don’t know how he came here.”, She said all in one breath. He was still there holding my palm. “Whatever I said, think over it for once.”, He said looking at me. “I shall leave now. Thanks for the invite Jessy. Party was very nice.”, He said and waving us a bye, he left. “He’s so nice, after he helped that day, I thought to call him too.”, Jessy said as we looked at his retreating form.

Precap:- Kabir dropping Antara to her office.

I hope you like this part.

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