My Mr. Stranger FS Shot-2

Hi! Everyone. This is the second shot. Thank you so much Parul and _areesa for commenting in the previous part. I hope you’ll continue your support.
Note:- This ff is not about any particular serial or pair. You can imagine any serial pair you like as the lead characters.

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So, Here we go-

Recap:- Antara’s introduction and a bit of her past.

It had been a month but after that night I never heard him singing. One part of me dreaded it but the other waited for it desperately. The more I tried forgetting it, the more it occupies my mind. As I unlocked my apartment’s door, my phone rang. It was Jessy, my only friend in Mumbai. She was with me along those three years of devastating journey, which I spent here in Mumbai. Actually, not three, it’s two. That one year, after I arrived here, was the best time I ever lived in my life. “Hey! What’s up?”, She beamed as I picked up the call. “Nothing interesting. Just got back from the office.”, I replied to her question. “Okay. Good. So, get ready. I’m coming to pick you in thirty minutes.”, She said. “Sorry. But, not today. It was a busy day. I’m exhausted.”, I tried making excuse. I’m addicted of this loneliness now. I feel uneasy among crowd. “No excuses. I’m coming. Be ready.”, She said and hung up. She knew everything about me and keeps trying to pull me out of my miseries.

After an hour, we were sitting on a sofa in a dim-litted club with some loud music playing around. Jessy told me some of her friends were coming. “They might be coming soon. Be comfortable.
I’ll be back in two minutes.”, She said and went to the restroom. I was left there alone among strange faces. My past almost started to haunt me when I heard someone. “Excuse me.”, A man in his mid-twenties stood in the front. “Yes”, I answered. “Actually I’m invited by a friend here. She told me, she’s at table 2 but I couldn’t find her here.”, He said little confused finding me instead of Jessy. “Yeah, actually she’s in the restroom. Please, have a seat. She’ll be coming.”, I said gesturing him to sit. “By the way, Hi! I’m Kabir.”, He said forwarding his hand. I got uneasy. The whole situation reminded me of Aadesh. He moved his hand back probably getting my uneasiness. “It’s okay! I know we are strangers and you might feel uncomfortable talking to me.”, He said calmly. I looked at him surprised.

Being a youth of this new generation, he didn’t judge me like others, rather he understood my problem. “I’ve never saw you before. I mean we have a common friend and we are meeting now.”, He tried continuing the conversation. “Are you new in this city?”, He asked which flashed the memories of Aadesh. My eyes got teary, I couldn’t control. He noticed it and got serious. “I’m sorry if I said something wrong.”,

He apologized. “No, it’s not your fault. Some memories got fresh. And, I’m not new in this city.” , I replied keeping myself from breaking down and that too in front of a stranger. “I’m Antara Purohit, and I work as an interior designer.”, I continued after a small pause. “Nice name. Well! I’m a software designer.”, He smiled. I simply nodded. Why was Jessy taking this much time? I wondered. “Though we are seeing each other for the first time but I feel I’ve seen you somewhere.”, He said trying to recall something. I got uncomfortable. I didn’t want him to recall where has he seen me. “If I’m not wrong, you are the singer Antara Purohit. Right?”, He uttered in excitement. “No, I’m not a singer. I’ve already told you, I’m an interior designer.”, I mumbled hesitantly trying to cover my face with my hairs. He looked at me dubiously.

“Sorry, I’m late. Got busy on a call.”, Jessy said as she returned. “Hi! I’m Jessy, Antara’s friend.”, Jessy said forwarding her hands to the stranger or Kabir, as he told his name was. I was baffled. “Since you are not going to introduce me with him so I thought to do it myself. Anyways, I didn’t know you have invited someone too.”, She said looking at me after a while. I was dumbstruck. The stranger whom I was talking with was really a stranger. Jessy didn’t know him as well. Weird thoughts occupied my mind, finally I focused on him. He looked confused as well. “Ain’t you Alisha’s friend?”, He asked me. I heard that name for the first time. I shook my head. At that time, his phone rang. He picked it up immediately. “Alisha, where are you?”, He asked. I couldn’t hear the person on the other side but it was clear that it was all a confusion. “But, you said table 2.”, He said a bit bothered.

“Okay, I’m coming.”, He sighed and glanced at some other table probably spotting the person he was talking to. “There was some confusion. I’m very sorry. My friends are at table 4. I thought you were Alisha’s friend.”, He said as he disconnected the call. “It’s okay. I thought you were Jessy’s friend.”, I muttered. “A funny confusion.”, He said and chuckled along with Jessy. What was so funny in this? I didn’t find any reason to laugh. Anyways, I don’t find any reason to laugh. “But, it was nice meeting you Ms. Antara or I can say Ms. Stranger.”, He smiled and gestured to forward his hand but took it back recalling the earlier incident. I just nodded. “Nice to meet you Ms.”, He paused looking at Jessy.

Jessy.”, She replied and they both shook hands. “You guys wanna join us?”, He asked pointing towards the table where his friends were. Before Jessy could reply, I quickly said, “Thank you, but we are waiting for Jessy’s friends.” Jessy’s friends arrived after sometime. Everyone was busy chatting but I felt I didn’t belong to that group, or even that place. Everyone there was so happy, full of excitement, full of joy and on the contrary, I just sucked. My gaze shifted to that stranger,he seemed so joyful. I observed how he enjoyed each and every moment. That more than happy surrounding suddenly made me more gloomy. Why can’t I be that carefree, that happy. Honestly, I was jealous with them, with that stranger or Kabir whatever. One of them offered me a drink, and I chose to have it. That was really what I wanted, to forget my pain. I gulped it all in one sip. But, it ended up in a blunder, my head started spinning and the loud music added some more spices.

I stepped on the dance floor and started grooving as if trying to get relieved of all my sorrows through those steps. My vision was getting quite blurred.

Precap:- What Antara did after getting drunk?

ps:- Please do comment guys.

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