Mr. Stalker and I~Prologue


Happy Birthday Riduli…. ???
I love you ???
You want a gift?
But I’m far from you!??
Chalo take this!!…
I hope you like it!!.. ???
Dekh I wished you 1st…


It’s a dark gloomy night and a girl is seen driving her car softly and swiftly. Enjoying the wind, she is playing with the snow falling about. It’s a place somewhere at the outskirts of Dehradun. Her hair floats in the melodious wind and covers her pretty pink face. She gets irritated and moves her hair aside and flutters her long eyelashes making a way to her big hazel doe eyes. She let’s loose her scarf hanging around her neck and laughs along with the wind that touches her pretty little face, which shows lots of emotions on her. She leaves the steering and laughs again. Suddenly, she spots a car behind her and turns around. She feels like it’s following her. But ignores and drives off.

A few days later,

Weeks pass by but she doesn’t know who’s the person. She only knows she is stalked!!.. She keeps mum and thinks of enquiring about it secretly.

She is a renowned model and it’s obvious for her to be stalked but like this??… Regularly??..

Months have passed by, now she’s comfortable with it. She stops searching for the stalker….

Until a day her car gets some technical damage.

“Damn!! This car??.. Huh??..” she spats and kicks the tires of the car angrily.

Just then the same car comes and stops admist hers. The person walks out.

“You” she gets shocked that the person is none other than…..

{That’s for you to find out guys!!.. ?? I want to try something else this time. Tell me which couple do you want!!..}

“Yes come I’ll drop you. It’s already too late come” the person says and opens the door for her. She smiles and slips inside.

“Thank You” she says once the person starts the engine.

“For what? You didn’t reach home yet!” he smiles.

“Hmm… But I know I’ll reach”

“Don’t trust anyone madame!! I’m not that trustworthy!” he winks.

“No I didn’t say ‘Thank You’ for that I said…..” she stammered.

“Yes! You said….”

“I said…. For whatever you do always!” she smiles and winks.

“You know?” he smiles and scratches his hairs.

“I know” she smiles.


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    nicee 🙂

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    make swasan ff …plz

  4. Cutiie

    make swasan ff …plz …..

  5. nice start..swasan..

    1. Anisha

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    1. Anisha

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  6. Ragz_teju



    that was awesome and something different. I wish u could continue it as SwaSan. otherwise the prologuebwasbjusy beyond awesome continue soon Anisha

    1. Anisha

      U forgot me? ??
      I’m jaf

      1. IREENA

        oh jaf it’s you dear. no I can never forget you but I didn’t know that are Anisha I had just a little bit doubt but I was not sure.

        sorry dear but that was really awesome and I always love your ff. and after knowing it’s you I’m desperately waiting for this ff.


  8. Raglak please….

  9. make raglak plz thr r so many swasan ff but less raglak want to see raglak too so plz raglak

  10. raglak plz raglak its a humble request

  11. Rekha

    Amazing…make it swasan plz….

  12. Fabullous intro yaar…truely loved it…can u plz make it raglak … i know u r swasan fan bt still its a humble request make it raglak..?☺☺?…keep rockng n stay blessed dear???

  13. Hey when u r goingto update tere mre Darmian

  14. Swasan plzzzzzzzz dear it’s awesome

  15. I want swara tobe model atire& sanskar to be her body guard . im thinking !

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    Anisha being top model ? hmmm sound good

  20. Raglak ff

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    Yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat h k which couple v want ?
    Off course swasan ?
    N i knw u’l dfntly write on swasan?

    1. Anisha

      Awe! ??
      Love Ya…
      Seems like you know me well
      Let’s see… ??

  22. Aasthu

    Anisha I think u need not give any name…..just write ‘he’ and ‘she’ itself……that way no one will feel sad…and we can think of the pair we like the most…..I think this is the best idea…………rest is of course ur decision………….

    1. Anisha

      Ya… That’s correct as well…
      Let’s see
      I have posted the other parts as well…

      1. Aasthu

        if u don’t mind cud u send me the links as a message???????plzzzzzzzz?????????

    2. Anisha

      Links of what?

      1. Aasthu

        links of ur ff’s………….

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