Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 8



Today’s part is hot as well! So be aware!

It’s been two days Swara arrived Mumbai and she didn’t contact Sanskar, nor did he contact her. She was busy with her works and so was he. But today he had called her for some paper work. She as usual was on time. But then thinking about what had happened that night she wasn’t able to face him. It had been only with Laksh she had lost her virginity. She had never done anything when Laksh was on bed with her. She had never responded to him. But with Sanskar she had done so much that she didn’t really consider that to be her. She was frustrated when she came back home and thought about how she had messed up the friendship they had!!.. She was never so bold and expressive that she had showed up with Sanskar. His touch made her go wild!!.. She never losed but whenever he was near her, she would do things she never did!!.. She thought it would be better if she kept distance with him. It wouldn’t ruin anything and everything will be fine!!.. It was just a part of s*x. Though it was hard for her but she relented and thought the best!!.. It was wrong!!..

Here Sanskar was waiting for her to show up. Desperation increasing each second. Where was she? He wasn’t able to concentrate on any work these two days. He had been only thinking about their immense hot and s*xy romantic night, he never had. He had only a couple of girl friends since his college time including Ragini. She had sometimes insisted of having s*x and he had never said no. He never found a partner for himself and Ragini was after all his fiance. She had demanded and he had relied. It wasn’t tough for him then and now??..  It was too hard. It was hard to think a day without Swara, without having her onto his arms, without feeling himself inside her. He rubbed his hands to make himself patient and wait for her arrival. With every passing minute he was getting mad. She was neither picking his calls. He was optimistic kind of a person, never thinking about what was not meant to happen.

Swara was waiting outside his cabin, still thinking how to talk, how to make everything better!!.. Better was needed!!.. People around, employees looking at her in astonishment as what had happened??.. She had come here before, then??.. But then it was just about friendship not something like that!!.. After around 9 turns she took looking around the entire office, someone pulled her inside a cabin. It had to be Sanskar of course!!..

“You kept me waiting so long!!.. What were you doing there?” he moved her hair back and tucking them behind.

“No…. Nothing just looking around. You said you had some paper work to complete?” she tried to avoid his darkening gaze upon her as he pulled her more to himself.

He handed her some paper works, she had and then it was time for her departure. She pushed her chair and stood up. Avoiding his steady gaze, “Will leave now Sanky! Bye”

Before she could even reach the door, he bolted it.

“What are you doing?” she asked as if she didn’t know what he was trying to do.

“Nothing! Just thought of some time with you” he spoke pulling her closer. She tried to push him off “Not so soon baby!”

His hands went down to reach her thighs and she kept on grinding to him over his back, in the same hugging position. His cologne making her crazy.

“Sanskar, just stop!” she said once she came to her senses.

“Swara” he spoke before lifting her palm and kissing them. He claimed her lips and sucking, nibbling them. She widened her eyes at his sudden reaction. She was frustrated!!.. She couldn’t push nor she could say no, even if she wanted to!!..

He pulled her up with his arms wrapped around her and she accompanied him.

“Sanskar, stop!” she warned again. But he kissed her again and placed her on the desk. Without giving a second thought, Sanskar started devouring kisses from her mouth to neck. He nibbled her skin there and she could just ask him to stop. He undid her shirt buttons and unhooked her bra. By now she was completely turned on. She pulled out his shirt from his pants and rubbed her hands on his chest, he groaned and pressed himself closer to her. He started grinding against her.

He lifted her skirt upto her thighs and slowly moved his hands over her while her fingers worked in undoing his shirt buttons and removing his shirt. His mouth still pressing her neck and nibbling there.

“Sanskar, this is a bad idea!” she spoke biting his ear lobe. His hands travelled down and tore her panties off.

“I told you, I don’t like you wearing these” she looked at him in disbelief.

“Was it important?”

“It was” he spoke kissing at the spot behind her ear.

She moaned when his tongue darted out and flicked over each nipple. “Sanskar, please it’s office”

He smiled and started tweaking and plucking her nipples. He made eye contact as he sucked one nipple and then the other into his mouth. His teeth lightly scraped against them and he nibbled on the sensitive skin, making her lost in his touch. His saliva soaking her sensitive nipples, pulling her up and kissing her lips again. She wasn’t relenting anymore, but demanding more!!.. She wanted him to lock up in her room and have her way with him over and over again. (Asanskari Sanskar ki Asanskari Swara??)

“Don’t push me away!” he said as he grabbed her hips and thrust into her hard once.

“Sankyyyyy” she moaned loudly in surprise. He pulled back and thrust again. She leaned back on the desk, her hands holding her up as he rolled his hips then pushed back in again but slowly this time. If anyone came in, that would be bad!!..??

Her skirt was push up to hips, her bra and shirt undone and falling off her shoulders with her br*ast out on display for him while his shirt was unbuttoned and his pants down around his ankles. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and his hands on her hips as he kept up the pace, not getting as fast as she needed him right now. She needed more!!..

“Harder Sanky” she moaned and he complied. He kept on thrusting harder, over and over again. It was getting hard for her not to moan. She bit her lips and concentrated. His every thrust was just too perfect!!.. It hit the right spot and she wanted more.

“Faster” he dug his nails into her hips and thrust harder this time. She was sweating and trying hard to control her screams, with an office full of people. Her chest rising and falling, at his every thrust.

“Ah! Yes” she hissed out as he thrust again and again, she couldn’t hold herself up anymore and let her body fall back on his desk while he took her body higher and higher.

She was moaning as quietly as she could!!..  He slowed down right as she was about to reach her peak. She glared at him and his eyes gleamed wickedly.

When her body calmed down he started thrusting harder and faster and she was biting the skin on her hand so she wouldn’t scream out.

“I’m close” she spoke digging her nails into his back. He slowed down again and removed his c*ck.

“God! Damn Sanky what are you doing? I need you!” she yelled.

“Not so soon” he smirked “Okay! Tell me how much did you miss me these two days?”

“I missed you so much” she spoke shaking and wanting more.

“Not satisfied”

“I really missed you so much” she pecked his lips.

“Not satisfied” he smirked.

“I missed you these two days Sanky. I missed the way you make me feel s*xy, I missed your touch, I missed how you make me wet, I missed how you bite my nipples, I miss how you call it ‘p*s*y’, I missed how you make me beg and make me cum for you” and she pecked his lips again.

“Satisfied” he smiled and kissed her, pulling her up he thrusted deeper. Her walls tightening around him and spurting out. Sanskar couldn’t hold anymore, he too came right behind her.

“I want this Swara! Every time you’re with me” he spoke as he pulled her into the couch and rested there. She laid closer to him, curling up.

“I am with you, Sanky” she spoke catching her breath.

Minutes later, he pulled out two tickets.
“What’s this?” she asked curiously.



“What about a trip to Australia?” he smiled wickedly.

“Naughty” and she kissed him.

So what about a trip to Australia? ?

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