Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 7

Thank you Monica for writing this! πŸ˜‰
Thanks for the comments in the last chappy! Warning again: a bit hot!!.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


Third person’s pov

(Written by Monica Kapoor)

Sanskar didn’t budge and made her lay on the bed. It was during that brief time that Swara had relented over a much repeated request from Sanskar, who was after all, only a man. A few drinks had loosen Swara’s tongue today night and she described in arousing detail of her alone childhood. He played gently with her skin while she told the whole story, from her parents death to her sister’s rude behaviour because of her grandma. People dominating and ignoring her life time and how those people mind her now!!..

By that point, Sanskar has been as hard and ready as Swara had ever known him. He quickly opened Swara & slipped inside her, thrusting slowly while she told him everything. She couldn’t stop; it was as if every new relevation brought her closer to the giant orgasm she knew was approaching, but yet each time she approached the brink, a new level of pleasure opened up as Sanskar explored her innermost secrets with his probing, plunging hardness.

Sanskar-Your nip*les stood out like soft candies.πŸ˜‰

As he spooned with her, side by side in her big bed, his thick hardness buried in Swara’s s*x.

Sanskar POV

“She moaned whenever I sucked them, as though she might cum just from my mouth on her.”


Sanskar found Swara’s own firm nip*les & tweaked them between thumb & forefinger, bringing more wetness to her swollen lips.

Sanskar’s POV

“As I was sucking them,she brought my hands down to her… ”


Swara paused, feeling Sanskar’s steady thrusting.

Sanskar-How should I call it, baby?

Sanskar chuckled with unconcealed enjoyment as he slowly sightly, rolling around his favorite words in his hand.

Sanskar-Do u like to call it ur p*s*y?πŸ™ˆ

Swara-Yes…that’s nice.

Swara did love that name for a girl’s s*x.;it even made it sound a little wet, somehow!!..

Sanskar’s POV

“She place my hand on her p*s*y and I could feel how slick & wet her lips were.”


Sanskar reached around to stroke Swara’s mound, giving her clit a series of firm circles, matching the pace with that of his c*ck sliding in & out of her.

Sanskar’s POV

“She let me touch her, told me how to stroke her clit”


Sanskar kissed her neck & shoulders, licking across her shoulder blade & gently biting where her neck met shoulder,thrilling his young,blonde lover.πŸ˜‰

Sanskar’s POV

“and after that she helped me to make her cum, she told me to kiss my fingers, to taste her”


The deepest thrust yet filled Swara’s soaking vagina.

With that unable to control back, Sanskar gave 2 more thrusts & then held Swara tight as he groaned & spurted his joy into her body.

Sanskar gave Swara a slow, delicious tongue-bath from her mouth to her feet and back again. After few seconds, he massaged her shoulders & back with warm oil, finishing by kneading her sensitive buttocks and then he led him between her legs, a selfless 20 minutes of p*s*y kissing which brought Swara to a series of stomach clenching orgasms.

Sanskar was enthusiastically fingering & licking Swara’s bottom while sliding a vibrator in & out of her p*s*y. Swara found herself being loved so hard, so intensely, that she cried out & came in a rapturous spasm of pleasure as Sanskar endlessly poured his cum into her body. It was her fourth orgasm this night and no doubt she was tired!!..

(Written by Anisha)

“Sanskar, please no more” her state got vulnerable. But he was adamant. He had his challenge and he had to complete it.

“Sanskarrr… I beg” she yelled in between her labouring breathes “Okay! I agree you’re too good. Just then what I said. Now please let me go off!”

“Oh baby I told you I’ll make a six and definitely I’m going to make it a six” he smirked and made himself busy.

He went down, his face touching her bottom and sucking it out, everything!!.. With every single passing minute she was getting wetter.

“Ahhh! Sanskar, harder” she yelled. If he wasn’t going to stop why not enjoy it, she thought.

He kept making it leisurely and slowly, exploring her. She dugs her nails into the sheets and cried aloud.

“Sanskarrrr” she cries, shattering in his arms. The second last, she reminded.

She arced her back and he held her bottom tight. He positioned himself again and entered her softly yet swiftly, enjoying every moment. He held her hands up and locked them with his! He pressed his body to hers and moaned out her name..


“Sanskarrrr….” she moaned back. They kept repeating their names and kept grinding and rubbing, in the throes of passion. Sanskar felt hard. He was close but he didn’t want to lose. Swara was close to but she wanted to tease him more.

“Let go, love, let go” he whispered. She knew he deserves it and within seconds she exploded like grenades, moaning his name over and over again. Sanskar came after her and their fluids mixed.

His breathing laboured and he rested his head on her chest, panting. Moments later he drifted on to his side, and she rested her head on his tough, muscular body, the most comfortable place for her!!..


Tell me how’s it? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


  1. Sree

    Awesome it was.. Intense romantic s*x track.. I just loved it.. Was hot like hell.. Hoping for more from you.. Wont get tired reading ur hotter updates i guess..

  2. Bresh

    Omg…is this real😱😱😱…it was soooo hot….seriously it was too good…u both r awsome😘 Plzz don’t seperate Swasan here a humble request plzzπŸ™

  3. Sanswa


    |Registered Member

    Soooooo hhhoottt chappy dear,i just loved it more,i’ve not any words to describe ur chappy.., its just beyond amazing,

  4. navya

    too hot dear..reading again and again.aww temp. increased.want more swasan sizzling romance..too hot..plz post nxt part today..i miss swqsan hot romance in kuch toh wass a big treat for swasan fans..
    r u posting this on fb??if yes which page??once i see ur meri pehli mohabat on nehaz page swasan ff/os.
    if u post in fb plz tell

  5. ragini__teja

    what the crap are u writing..swara is already in relation with laksh and she make out with him many times and she make out with sanskar???then what about ragini???raginiz marriage fixed with sanskar naa???then what u showing swara and sanskar make out that tooo very tempting way…plz if u cant give importance to ragini..then why u add her???why u swasan fans always do like this??if u want swara as centre of attraction den dont need of raginiz character..

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      you can consider as one of Star World serial…it’s bad from our eastern view, but night stand, friend with benefit.. huuffttt
      btw, this title is Mr Stalker & I dear ! so, obviously it’s about Swara and Sanskar ?

      oh Anz! 2 chappy ??? huhuhu… when it coming to normal chappy dear ? i’m waiting..

    • Anisha



      You will come to know later….
      And about Ragini being sided lemme tell you you all too do the same thing when it comes to RagSan or RagLak ff…

    • Anisha



      Micz! I’ll tell you BTW next chappy would be same as well so…. I’ll inform you somewhere?? But where? Hmm…here itself OK?? I’ll write like Micz! You can read! Ok?

      • Mica


        |Registered Member

        next chappy would be same ??? omg..i can see Kakali, Shindura, Arshaanya, Deeksha, Sanswa start to dance πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
        it’s OK! i can see your warning…. btw, good answer !!! πŸ˜›

  6. sindhura

    too hottttt…ohh sanskar is soo naughty and adamant..he wanna to make it six..naughty boy..and i love challenge..sanskar is tooo much opposite to his name..asanskarii sanskar..
    i already upset with current track..u swasan ff writers make fans happy..thank u anisha for giving swasan hot and sizzling s**xy intense romance..
    when will u post nxt part??

    i never say dnt seperate swasan bcz smtms itz needed for story..but whatever happens unite them last with a happy ending and extra bonus of swasan intense romance like this….waiting for nxt chappy eagerly

    • Anisha



      Thank you 😘😘
      It’s really nice to know you like it!
      Yeah! sanky is naughty πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
      Next part I guess today or tomorrow

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