Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 4


Swara reached the venue much before Sanskar. Mr. Singhania didn’t show up because of some personal issues and Swara was really waiting for him since past 30 minutes. She hated waiting but she’s doing that! She had ordered a cup of black coffee until he shows up! She has been sipping two cups of that yuckish shit since the hours she sat on the cafeteria and staring the people around.

“Hello!” someone called her from behind. She turned to look at the person. There he was!!..

“Sanskar!!.. You took so much time” she hummed. He mumbled an apology instantly.

“It’s okay! It happens!” she kept a smile. She wanted to scold but she was weak at that! Scolding meant abusive and how could she abuse him? That too a person who had attracted her most!

“Hmm… Not bad! Black coffee?”

“I like” she smiled and he made a dirty face.

“It’s not that bad! Try” she offered and he raised his hands to make it a ‘No’

“I have a long hating list and this is included!” he spoke pointing out the coffee she sipped “I have a thought that they are really boring!”

“Who are boring?” she asked lifting her eyebrows.

“People like you!”


“Really!” he admitted. They laughed together at their new found familiarity. How much Swara tried to deny but that was a truth he was a ‘flirt’ and he was kind of expert in that!!…

She sighed at his flirting behavior when he passed a flying kiss to the waitress, serving them. She smiled at his behavior. She remembered her old days. She was the same kind of!!..

They discussed about their project for a while and later headed home. Sanskar had demanded a vacation from her shoots next month. He sounded really excited for the shots, more than her!!..

** Swara’s POV **

Sanskar! It’s been our second meeting today. But he is too friendly. The day I met him for the very first time, I thought he’ll carry his attitude but no! He’s different!!.. Mostly he’s a big flirt.

Most of the time he keeps on flirting the ladies near by! No doubt I feel jealous! No doubt I’m jealous! But I can’t avoid him! He’s so sweet!!..

I’m driving my car right now coming out of the hotel. Sanskar asked to drop me home but I didn’t approve, I knew Laksh would be home. Enjoying the wind, I’m swaying my hands!!.. Suddenly, I spot a car behind me, following me. But I ignore and drove off!!..

I enter into my room tired. I had a long shoot program today and after that this meeting with Sanskar. I really hate meetings but today’s was important because in the next few days it is scheduled to be. I opened the door of my room and someone pulled me in.

“You scared me!” I said Laksh who was holding me in his arms and hugging me tight.

“I missed you” he put his mouth on mine and started kissing me. It was no use pulling apart. I switched off the lights and turned on.

** Swara’s POV ends **


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