Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 3 (by Anisha)


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Swara got self conscious when Laksh held her in his arms tightly, cuddling onto her under the sheets. She tried removing his hands from her but his grip was strong.

“Swara! Please!!… Wait for sometime. What’s so urgent than me??..” Laksh asks rolling her over to face him.

“Laksh please! Don’t behave as if you don’t know. You know I’m busy!!..” Swara made an irritating face.

“Busy! Busy! Busy! When will you get time for me Swara??..” Laksh complains kissing her shoulder blades.

“Laksh! There’s an important meeting today. Have to go. Leave me!!..”

“But what about my morning kiss??..” Laksh knew about Swara. She never initiates. So he moved closer and captured her lips. Both of them participated and Laksh moved when he was out of breath.

“Can I go??..” Swara asked as she was getting late.

“Ahan!!..” Laksh smiles, pecks her lips and digs his face on her neck.

“Lak.. Lakshhh… Ah.. I’m getting late… Lemme….” Laksh stops.

Swara slips out of the bed and rushes to washroom.

**Swara’s POV**

In these two years of struggle lots of things have changed. I am an ambitious girl and in this process I have lost many people. My family; though I am an orphan still the people out there in that orphanage had loved and cared for me so much!!..

It was because that time they didn’t know the real Swara! They knew Shona, a innocent girl with a pure heart!!.. But I am SHONA no more!!.. I’m Swara, who gets what she dreams for. These two names may sound same, may introduce the same person but are totally different in their morals and actions.

I have learnt to be cruel!!.. Because people out here are cruel. Cruel people, cruel Swara!!.. I had justified myself!!. I had dealt with worst days and I have no expectations from this life!!.. I am what I have dreamt off!!.. And I don’t care about anything anymore.

Well a person is there whom I’m indebted to! It’s Laksh!!.. He knows about my nature, my dreams, my ambitions but he never leaves me!!.. He was the one who sponsored me first and I’m Swara because of him. It’s what he wants me to be!!.. He doesn’t know the girl he saw and loved was Shona not Swara. He may still love me, not caring about my identity but I don’t! He’s not the man for me! He was and is still the one who motivates me!!.. That’s why he’s my best friend.

The day he sponsored me he asked me for a relationship. I said ‘yes’ because of reasons, he is the only owner of Shergil industries and I am his one and only girl friend! I have no problem living the entire life with him. The thing that’s important for me is his status. Till he’s famous, he’s useful for me!!.. I never like long lasting relationships!!.. But he was adamant!!.. I agreed and now we are here…

We’re more than friends now!!.. But I am sure he’s not the one for me!!.. But he is never tired of trying. So let it be!!.. I’m loyal to him till now. Because I know how much he loves me. Whenever I see him I feel like Ya there’s someone for me but then again I take a step back! “He’s only your friend Swara!!” my conscience alerts.

**Swara’s POV ends**

She came out of her thoughts when she heard her phone beeping. She wrapped the bathrobe and came out.

“Ya Ya I won’t be late! Don’t worry Sona” she said as Sonali, who started yelling at me not to delay.

“Is it so important?” Laksh asked kissing her all over her face.

“Laksh please!!.. We had a night right?”

“Sometimes I feel you don’t love me… Why is that so?” Swara hungs her face down “Swara it isn’t that I’m doubting you. But I’m scared of loosing you. I don’t have anyone except you! You know I’m all alone after dad left! We may have a night but I love you so much that a night isn’t enough!!..”

Swara’s eyes shone in tears. She looks into his eyes and could see his love!!.. She just places her lips on his and kisses him softly.

“Laksh! Seriously, it’s nothing like that!!.. You know I love you so much” she stops and closes her eyes regretting what she is speaking.

“But for now let me go! I’ll surely meet you tomorrow” but Laksh keeps on hugging her.

“Laksh??…” she asks turning to him.

His eyes are filled with tears.

“Sorry” he kisses her again and parts when Swara pushes him.

“I am getting late. You romance later!”

Laksh hugs her from back “Not later, tonight!!..”


“Tonight baby!”

“Hmm.. Ok will see”

Swara went to change whereas Laksh engrossed in deep thoughts.

**Laksh’s POV**

I know, Swara, I know. You don’t love me. But what to do? When I love you… I have been in love the day I saw you at the park playing with those children. But I was confirmed when I saw that bold Swara giving the shots in for our company.

You think you owe me, so you’re bearing me. But I promise I’ll make you mine once and for all. I’m just waiting for the right time the write moment!!.. To ask you to be mine. I don’t know when that they will arrive. But I hope that happens soon!!..

**Laksh’s POV ends**

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