Mr. Stalker and I~Episode 10

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Sanskar and Swara were still in their world, busy having s*x. Sanskar was a good lover. ? He had his ideas of making out with her and he fulfilled her every wish!!..

“What about home? We are still here” Sanskar asked Swara looking around, they were still in the parking lot.

“Bed is nothing new. We have tried it several times. Let’s have it here. It’s fun! And I’m loving this” she spoke and slid her hand to his wedge and adjusted herself. She pulled him closer to her, placing her hands on his chest.

“My naughty girl” Sanskar was turned on by how Swara made him feel. She wasn’t among those who were shy about her s*x. She was not even satisfied easily. Only he knew how hard it was for him to satisfy her.

“Yes! Right there. Yes! Sankyy” she moaned when Sanskar storked her hard. Swara moved her hips to provide friction.

“I love these candies” Sanskar sucked her nipples, kneading her sensitive butt*cks. She grew closer at his sweet torture. His torture felt so good ?!!..

He withdrew himself from her as soon as she came. He parted her and thrusted his finger this time. A finger, two, three and stroked her again. With increasing thickness she was going mad, she was trembling, shivering with this new experience. She groaned “Oh! Please! Don’t stop”

She groaned as Sanskar kissed her and made her quiet. His fingers still inside her, keeping the pace she wanted!!.. When Swara exploded again, holding him tight, he rubbed his hands and tasted her “You taste so good” ???

“Do you want more?”

“I want more and hard this time. I want to scream so loud…”

“No ways! You aren’t going to scream” he warned. He knew it was a bad idea. It was nine at night. What if it became an issue?

“I am” she smiled “Make it so hard Sanky that I will never forget this moment” he hated how she demanded. He was going to make it even though!!..

He opened her and slipped inside her much before she expected. He thrusted himself slow and steady. A feeling arising inside her to have him in every way possible!!.. (Asanskari Sanskar ki Asanskari Swara??)

“I hate this” he knew it but he was going to do the best. The slow moves initially increased and she screamed.

His hands travelled from her br*asts to hips, down to her thighs and up again. His touch was adding fuel to fire. She stopped his hands as it flicked one of her nipples. He held her hands up and thrusted deeper and she moaned and moved forward. He kept on teasing her candies and she kept on moaning and groaning, panting heavily.

His other hand went down and reached her cl*t. He rubbed it and she moaned again, louder this time. He kept rubbing, moving his hands up and down!!..

“I love you” he confessed and kissed her. She didn’t mind him, but he meant what he said. Swara was busy in her world, neither did she reply back nor did she respond. His sweet torture in her cl*t and her ni…s made her go senseless when suddenly Sanskar slowed down.

“Sankyy” she gasped “I want you, harder” she demanded. But he wasn’t going to do that. Swara kept on pleading. She was wet and wanted Sanskar to go harder. She moved her hips in sync with his to make it hard.

“Behave” Sanskar spoke as she kept on moaning and groaning.

“I hate you” he laughed at her sentence. This was what he knew!!.. He knew how he made her feel, how these two opposite people make a perfect jigsaw puzzle! How these two needed no time, place to complete their incomplete desires!!..

Sanskar kept on slow and steady while Swara groaned. She couldn’t move anymore as Sanskar held her tight. She couldn’t hold it anymore!

“Stop!” she yelled. He looked at her and she was so angry as if she’s gonna burst out. He laughed in his crooked mind. He knew how wild she was and how angry she would go. He wanted to tease her, this was working! He wanted her dominance and this was what how he made it! But how Swara reacted made him shocked.

“I said stop. I need to go back and take a sound sleep” she almost shouted. Sanskar’s eyes widened. He never thought this will be his punishment.

“Swara but…..” he tried to compose.

“I said now, now, right now” she yelled. With no option left he moved back and dressed himself. She dressed herself and held on the seat beside him.

Sanskar started the engine and drove home. The entire journey in silence. As soon as they reached room, Swara went inside the washroom. Sanskar brought some amount of shopping they did, besides their romance. Sanskar sighed at her as she came out dressing herself in the s*xiest gown, hardly covering her br*asts and her bottom. Sanskar’s desires reached peak and Swara smirked at it. She knew what he wanted but will never express it!!.. She wasn’t shy of course but she wanted to see how much important she was for him. She took her blanket and pillow and walked off to the couch. She arranged everything there and slept. Sanskar’s mouth widened at her reaction!!..

Eyes wide, nostrils flared, he looked annoyed. Thirty days of his outing and one night spoiled. He knew he would make out with Swara and was definitely going to take his revenge!!..

Precap: Sanskar’s hot revenge ????

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