Mr. Sports Teacher and Miss. English Teacher (RagLak OS) by Dharu for Mintu

Mr. Sports Teacher and Miss. English Teacher (RagLak OS) by Dharu
Hey guys this is Dharani and this is my first ever OS and this is on raglak. This is for the birthday girl MINTU. A very happy birthday to u Mintu.
XYZ School
A girl is walking looking down and murmuring something
Girl: (murmuring) why god why did u made me to dream to work in this school as a teacher see this is such a big school that i can’t even find principal’s office and i am damn sure that on the first day itself i will be late to my class (she is murmuring to herself and walking while looking down suddenly shecollided with some one and was about to fall but the person holds her through waist both of them were lost in each other’s eyes. They both come to senses due to some sounds he makes her stand properly.

Girl: (smiles) thank u (forwards her hand)I am ragini new english teacher
Man: (stern face) sports teacher (and goes away for there)
Ragini: Greek god (smiles like an idiot remembering how he held her preventing from falling but composes and goes from there in search of principal room again)
After sometime she finds the principal room and gets her appointment letter and principal asks a women to accompany ragini to staff room and ragini reaches staff room and gets introduced to her colleagues.
Nisha: (one of her collegues) hi ragini my self nisha biology teacher
Ragini: (smiles) hi nisha

Tarun: (a man comes from behindspeaks to nisha) so sweet heart another new staff
Nisha: (smiles) ha Tarun meet her ragini new english teacher and ragini meet tarun, my husband and physics teacher.
Ragini: hi tarun u both are looking good.
Nisha: thank u ragini
At that time the man who collided with ragini comes to them seeing him ragini again starts smiling like an idiot and keeps staring him
Man: arrey love birds phir sey romancing

Tarun: (glares him) shut up laksh and meet new English teacher
Laksh just looks at her goes from there
Nisha: (confused) what happened to him he never behaves like that
Ragini: (smiling like an idiot and murmurs) Greek god

Bell rings so they all disperse to classes. Ragini goes to her class and all the students really like her. She is a teacher for 2nd class students as she loves kids she chose to teach kids and became a English teacher for primary school students. After her class ragini came out and saw laksh teaching basket ball to some high school students. His face is full of sweat and sweat drops are dripping from his forehead. He is looking so hot in that appearance ragini is just staring him without blinking her eyes. When Nisha disturbed she went along with her. From that day ragini started following laksh.

Now it is been a week ragini joined the school. One day due to some work ragini had to stay in school late in the evening. After work she is going home. Her home is just ten minutes away from school but the roads will be isolated and today it is dark as well. She is going alone when some drunkard goons started following her.
Ragini: (to herself) oh god they should come now only. They could have come after i went. Now that is not u need to think ragini run

She started running but they are too fast and came in front of her. She started moving back but they did not allow her to move one of the man was about to touch her but he got a tight punch on his face before he could touch her. She look towards the source of punch and smiled looking at the man. The man is none other than laksh. Helooked at her and started fighting with them. They got afraid and started running in process of running one of them pushed ragini she is about to fall down but laksh hold her preventing from falling. Ragini grinned widely seeing him. Laksh glare her and left her making her to fall
Ragini: (winces in pain) ouch u idiot will anyone leave their girl friend to fall down
Laksh: no that is why i left my fiancé to fell down
Ragini: (gets up) arey laksh now tho forgive na it is been one month u spoke to me i am missing the warmth of ur arms (she pouts)

Laksh listening this smiles and spreads his arms ragini smiles and hugs him
Ragini: i love u Mr. Sports Teacher
Laksh: I love u too Miss. English Teacher but that was ur mistake if u did not take that idiot to that party that would not happen i would not get angry on u
Raglak are in love from two years. They are neighbours. They got engaged a month back. Ragini used to work in some other school as a teacher. Knowing that raglak got engaged ragini’s colleagues asked her a party. So she took all her colleagues to a cafe and all are enjoying. One of her colleagues has a bad intention on ragini and laksh already warned her to be far from him. But as she is giving party to all her colleagues she cannot deny alone that person not to come to party. So even he attended the party. In that party he mixed some powder in ragini’s drink and made her drink it. It shows the effect slowly. When it is the time to end the party and all dispersed ragini felt weird and her head started spinning.
Samar: (the one who has bad intention on ragini held her) ragini are u ok?
Ragini: (removing his hands) ya i am fine

Samar: but u seem to be not well come i will drop u
He held her and made her sit in his car and as ragini is now losing her senses not able to do anything. He smirks seeing her and starts the car. Laksh who came there to take her follows the car by his bike and takes over it. He stops in front of samar’s car and brings him outside the car and beats him black and blue. He then takes ragini from there.
Fb ends
Ragini: what should i do he is one of my colleagues and i cannot deny him from coming right
Laksh: ok leave that by the way why are u late today
Ragini: woh some work is there so i was needed to be in school
Laksh: u could have informed me na
Ragini glares him and he understood that he did not even speak a word to her because he is angry on her and that is the reason he did not speak to her in school also.
Laksh: ok ok sorry
Ragini: (smiles) waise u were looking like a Greek god when u were sweating while playing
Laksh: (pulls her towards him and smiles naughtily) acha
Ragini: (pulls his cheeks) yes my cutie pie
Laksh: (makes faces) dont call me that
Ragini: (frees her from him) ok cutie pie (immediately runs from there laughing)
Laksh: (chasing her) wait ragu i will not leave u now wait
Ragini: hahaha catch me if u can laksh
Laksh finally catches her and holds her through waist
Ragini: laksh chalo we should go home we are getting late.

Laksh kisses her forehead lovingly and they both leave to home.
It is been six months ragini joined XYZ School but nobody knows about raglak’s relation laksh did not speak to her in the same way in the school and ragini is very irritated about it. But still she did not say anything. One day Nisha and tarun thought to visit ragini as she is in leave as she is not well.
Ragini is sitting on sofa and doing so much of nautanki for having soup and laksh is making a lot of efforts to make her drink

Laksh: jaan please drink yaar u will become alright then only we hardly have 10 days for marriage and u are not well why dont u understand
Ragini: (making yuck face) chi i hate this soup it tastes yuck so i will not have it
Laksh: ma how did u bear her these many years

Swara: (ragini’s sister) u should bear her now for the whole life still u have time socho socho
Ragini: di (she was about to say something but got interrupted by nisha’s voice)
Nisha: (standing at the entrance) hai ragini
Ragini: (she is facing back to entrance even laksh is facing back so she turns to that side) Nisha tarun come
They both come inside and are shocked to see laksh there.

Nisha and tarun: (shocked) laksh!!!!
Laksh: (smiles) hai guys come sit down
Tarun: laksh what are u doing in ragini’s home
Sanskar: (laksh’s bhai and swara’s husband) because it is his to be Sasural
Nisha: (shocked) what!!!
Tarun: when did this happen
Ragini: oh god will u both sit or ask all the questions by standing only
They both got settled
Nisha: (excited) when did this happen say na he never speaks to u in school how say na ragu please fast
Laksh: (making faces) jaan why all are ur friends are like this only always excited for unnecessary things
Nisha: excuse me i was first ur friend later hers
Laksh: ha ha mujhe pata hai (to ragini) and u complete this and tell them our story i am going bye
Sanskar: arey lucky wait let me come with u we need to go to bring wedding cards
Swara: ha sanskar dont forget to get his and urs sherwani from the designer
Sanskar: ok bye love bye ragu bye guys
Nisha: now say na

Tarun: (hits his head with his palm) excitement ki dukhan
Nisha glares him while swaragini giggles
Ragini: arey nothing we are neighbours from three years and my sister’s is a arranged marriage with sanskar jiju and from then we both became close friends, then love, then engagement and now marriage in ten days
Nisha: then why did u guys behave like that in school
Ragini: when i joined he was angry on me and we continued same that is it
Nisha: wow great and congratulations for u both

Ragini: thank u
10 days passed and today is raglak marriage laksh is sitting in the mandap and eagerly waiting for ragini. He is continuously seeing towards the stairs.
Dp: (hitting laksh’s head) idiot have patience she will come
Laksh: (pouts) how much time papa
All laughs seeing his restlessness. His wait is over there came ragini along with swara and Nisha wearing a red bridal dress looking absolutely gorgeous. Laksh is completely mesmerised seeing her he opened his mouth wide seeing her beauty.

Sanskar: (closing laksh’s mouth) laksh close ur mouth otherwise mosquitoes will go
All laughs while he pouts and ragini blushes. They made ragini to sit beside laksh
Laksh: (whispers to ragini) looking gorgeous Miss. English Teacher
Ragini: (whispers back) u are looking like Greek God as always Mr. Sports Teacher
Raglak look at each other and share a small eye lock which is broken by pandit ji who asked them to stand for pheres. Soon they completed their pheres and laksh filled her foreline with sindoor and adored her neck with mangalsootr. Finally they got married. They took blessings from elders.

Ragini is sitting on the bed covering herself with the veil then laksh entered and came towards her, sat opposite to her and opened her veil and looked at her and burst out laughing
Laksh: why are u sitting pouting ur face
Ragini: i am hungry nobody asked me whether i will eat something just they concentrated on these rituals (pouts)
Laksh: (pulls her cheeks) oh my English teacher wait let me bring something for u till then u change ok
Ragini nods and he goes and brings something for both of them to eat they both eat happily and laksh immediately moves towards her
Laksh: (huskily) so now

Ragini: (innocently) sleeping
Laksh: (pouts) what jaan
Ragini places her lips on his lips and they kiss passionately. Slowly laksh picks her and places her on the bed comes over her and lights off
Laksh: this is our story (he looks at his cute little five years old daughter ragya sleeping peacefully on his chest hugging him he kisses her forehead and places her on her bed covers her with comforter and comes out of her room and goes to their room)

@raglak room
Ragini is looking outside through window
Laksh: (hugs from behind)what are u doing Mrs. English Teacher
Ragini: Thinking about Mr. Sports Teacher
She turns towards him and hugs him by keeping her head on his chest while laksh wraps his arms around her
RagLak: I love u
This is my first ever OS guys. Thank u so much for reading. If u like it please do comment and vote. And now i will meet u all at the end of June. Till then take care. Bye guys keep smiling.
Love u all a lot!!!!

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