Mr. Siddhant kapoor and his sasurJi (sidmin) (Promo and Suggestions)


Hey guys I’m back ??? u all know I’m a 10th student and I’m having board exams so it’s a bit difficult for me to post daily … So I apologise .. So today I thought of giving a promo … And at last there’s poll plz vote and for that I need ur suggestions guys .. And I was very happy seeing ur comments in my first episode ? im very happy that u all are enjoying my ff

So enjoy the promo ..

Siddhant meets amit in saloon and they both get into conversation about love marriage …

The conversation gets heated then amit gives a challenge to siddhant …

Siddhant agrees

Shipra goes and meets that baba Bala yogi ???

Then siddhant meets Jasmine (amit’s daughter) in temple with her mom

(Note that siddhant doesn’t know that she’s amit’s daughter)

Siddhant by mistake hits her scooter and they both get into fight

Siddhant decides to stay in Zain’s house

Armaan badly wants to get chance to act and sing in movies

New baba enters ..

His name is baba gajamukhabujakabhoooshana nanda ??? (I’m sorry if u are unable to pronounce the name properly???)

He’s a fake baba yet funny …

Armaan and siddhant meet somewhere and they become friends …..

The police arrests Armaan siddhant and fake Babaji gajamukhabujakabhoooshana nanda ????

The questions are

1)why did the police arrest Armaan siddhant and that fake baba gajamukhabujakabhoooshana nanda ???? ….

2)what was the challenge given by amit to siddhant ?!?!


Guys I’m planning to write an OS or FEW SHOTS for tei ..

Which couple should I choose ?!?!

Which genre should I choose ?!?!

Which title should I choose ?!?!
2)dil ki dehleez par pyar ki dastak
4)Jurassic baby
5)eh hai meri kahani

Plz help me guys … And I hope u all liked the promo .. If like if u don’t plz do leave ur comments and feedbacks … Chappals tomatoes and slaps are welcomed ?

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  1. Sameera

    Hahahah seems interesting sunehri
    UMm my suggestion is u make on twinj comedy one as many os r on romance based only n title 4 one ek hai meri kahani

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sameera

  2. SidMin

    Your ff is quite fun and for the Os I want Twinj
    And title dil ke dehleez par pyar ki dastak
    Waiting for it post it soon ??

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sidmin

  3. 1.Twinj
    3.dil kids dehleez par pyar like dastak or eh hai meri kahani

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks twinjsidmin

  4. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hahahaha?? that baba’s name is amazing dear !!!!!
    Promo is very interesting n so many questions r coming in mind n yaa understand ur prob …in fact same here ..tired of studying …….having exams …uffffff …but anyways have to give r best ….n about ur os n few shots so frankly I’m a big fan of twinj n combo of comedy n romance …both will Rock…….happy ending is the best ………….??
    Loved the promo n wish to have r exams goes very well

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks daamini

  5. As you said i am not even able to pronounce baba’s name 😛 amazing promo I am a twiraj fan and I prefer comedy and the title is Jurassic baby

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks pooja

  6. I am still laughing ? I choose twinj romance and alvida

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks vani

  7. 1.Twinj
    3.As you wish?

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks nupur

  8. Oh dear I understand ☺ these exams uff and promo was nice and I will choose

    3.romance hai meri kahani

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks natasha

  9. Seems interest Buni, I would suggest Twinj and the 1st title.

    Take care and keep smiling ?

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks bali

  10. 1)twiraj
    3)I liked that second one

    The promo was very nice

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks tina

  11. Sonali05

    I’m a huge fan of twinj..
    So I’ll suggest twinj & i won’t both romance & comedy.. As romedy & I like 1st title…

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sonali

  12. Sonali05

    I’m a huge fan of twinj..
    So I’ll suggest twinj & i won’t both romance & comedy.. As romedy & I like 1st title…
    & about promo…
    Too funny specially that baba name..

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks again

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome….& make twinj os….romance…..& title….dil ki dehleez pr pyar ki dastak….

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks purnima

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Sunehri ??????
    Hahah the promo ???
    Amit vs sid Wah Wah Wah
    And that baba whatever his name is ??and well my vote
    1) Twinj
    2) Rom-Com
    3)2 or 3 ?

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks jo ?

  15. Baby

    oh god dear d baba hehheheeheeeeeee
    n yah sunheri i thnk twinj
    romance n comedy both ll go mixd nhi toh i choose romance
    n yeah d title its ur choice dear any1 ll go luv u meri pyaaari si choti si behn

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks baby

  16. Baby

    or haan haan few shots i wuld luv few shots bcz i didnt new u askd optional btw few shots n os also c u soon dearo

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks again

  17. Awesome pr mainly that baba’s name

    I would suggest you to write an twiraj few shots comedy and title I have no idea but I liked the 1 and 2 one

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks mansi

  18. Ha ha ha ha ha ha enjoyed the promo and please write a romantic os on twinj and I liked the last title eh hai meri kahani

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks mahek

  19. Nice waiting for the episode and I choose twiraj

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks aaliaa

  20. Very funny promo

    Twinj , romance , eh hai meri kahani

    I hope you will like my suggestion

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks maya

  21. Sunehri !!!!!! Promo is just fantastic Kya naam that gajamuka ?? That’s very funny and if you don’t mind can we be friends ? And you better write a romantic os on twinj and last title and second title is very nice

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks rachita

  22. This ff is really very funny I will definitely wait for your episode and please do write an romantic twinj ff

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks kanika

  23. Awesome twinj romantic ff is better

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks maryam

  24. I loved it
    4-ek hai meri kahani
    Love ya♡♥

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks nimisha

  25. Amazing

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks kashish

  26. I loved it a lot 3 <

    1 twinj
    2 os
    3 comedy
    4 eh hai meri kahani

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sandy

  27. irhenus ✌️✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ that name is ??? You get many stupid ideas but I like it .. Twinj I don’t know about them and twiraj too but I suggest you to write a romantic ff and eh hai meri kahani will be good love you my best friend ???✌️?

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks Nandu

  28. Twinj OS please and nice promo

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks cutepie

  29. Meeta

    Everyone write TwinJs OS.
    Want a TwiRaj.

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks meeta

  30. Sanjanaagrawal

    1. Twinj or twinraj … I love both equally ..
    2. Comedy … bcoz every are on romance ..
    3 . And u can choose any tittle but do write ur name in the tittle ….

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks Sanjana

  31. Nice name for the baba???? as I am a twinj fan so I would like it to be twinj.. comedy.. and title number 2 or 4.. i liked bothe titles.. rest is up to u 🙂

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sidvee

  32. sunheri…promo was so funny dear cant w8…love u n post asap
    4-eh yah meri kahani
    4-dil ki deheleez pe pyaar ka dastak

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks sujina

  33. Nice one….
    Dil ki dehleez pr pyaar ki dastak….

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks Sana

  34. Aamu

    oh sorry m too late….
    now only read!!
    d promo made me mad yaar… just do cont…
    i m going crazy with ur ff….
    u know m also in 10 board….same pinch!!lll
    n d baba name.!! ahaa x comedy……tooo good..seriouslly i speak it in loud voice n den look around to see my small bro seeing me with wide eyes….
    N my suggestion is to write on TWINJ…
    u can write it in romance also…but COMEDY will b more enjoyable…

    1. Sunehri

      Thanks aamu ? I’m so glad that u love my ff

  35. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Sorry sunehri….itna late comment karne ke liye…I know u writers support is just us the commentors….sholly…exams thi naa yaar…kya hectic days the yeh but after reading ur promo ufffff mann kassam se halka hogaya he… Sorry once again maaf nahi kiya na toh meeehhh…um…um…kuch nahi karungi…kya kar bhi sakti hu…

    Coming to ur promos…they are just fab…mujhe to bas tumhare ff se ishq hogaya he…ufff yaar wait nii ho raha he tumhare next epi read karne ka…tum chahh gaye *hats off*…

    And for the suggestions..I’d love twinj os or ss…Twinj ke badi waali fan hu to obvio Twinj…and the 2 one it shuld be romantic..and if u want comedy bhi kyunki I love ur comedy ff…and the last one…what is it…haaannnn…yehi hai meri kahani or jurassic baby….

    Overall tum pe depend karta he….and I know tum yehi soch rahi hogi kya ladki he( acchi wali nahi re)…kyaa ladki he naa jaan pehchaan or kitna bak bak karti he…but kya karu…adat se majboor… To be honest me itni freely kisi ke saath nahi huwi hu siway sayyo appi and now u…u guys are just awesome…tum bhi ek great writer aur woh bhi ek great writer…*hats off to u*…cahlo abb yeh to I think hadd ho gayi he…bohot hi lamba hogaya he….rht?????? Um sure aap ke kaan thak gaye hoge…nahi actually aankh… Now ok bye…and Haaaannnnnnn BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS….and ho skae to post ASAP… Xoxoxooxxooxxo… 🙂

    1. Sunehri

      My god ???????????? Aksa u made my day ??? well I talk more than u ?????? thanks a lot

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